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  1. 200TDI won't start

    possibly looking at a injection pump rebuild then, the cam/roller inside the chrome plating comes off, & blocks the pump.
  2. Rear Wash Wipe Woes

    No need to pull the complete headliner out, just remove the left sunvisor & its 2 screws, pull the plastic rivet fir tree fasteners from above the door & ease headliner down, take the screen pillar trim off & ease the washer tube out from behind & from roof, Non Return Valve [NRV] just pushes into the tubing.
  3. Rear chassis grommet/bung

    There isn't a bung for that side, but these guys may have something suitable https://www.sinclair-rush.co.uk/ https://www.sinclair-rush.co.uk/category/765/flexible-blanking-plug
  4. Defender 200tdi - Clutch Low Biting Point

    have you looked underneath to see if clutch housing easing plug hole is damp or dry,
  5. 200TDI won't start

    fuel solenoid wire is Plain White, White/red goes to starter motor solenoid from ignition switch. my [ex 2.5TD to 200tdi] ignition switch connections in my first reply in https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/9354-wiring-diagram-200tdi-starter-switch/
  6. Defender 200tdi - Clutch Low Biting Point

    I'd change both master & slave cylinder the slave is possibly leaking into the clutch/flywheel housing, can't be any other reason, its a very simple system.
  7. defender heater controls

    no to a new strip, only the complete stick unit, try a cable adjustment, it could be to tight & preventing full down travel.
  8. defender heater controls

    the fan fast speed [lever fully down has direct 12 v power feed] the slow 1st speed goes via the resistor, simonb on here has a resistor kit which increase the slow speed there is a contact strip inside the cream coloured casing, but to access it to examine/clean you have to drill out the rivets you can see the subject switch in https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/heater-control-switch-stc4848.html
  9. you need the later type lever then.
  10. depends on the cable end fitting that attaches to the handbrake, pre 300tdi 90/110 had a fork end with a clevis pin & split pin connection.
  11. Front wipers

    Yep, that would be worth the time. PaulMc on here might be able to source a new plug if you decide to replace it.
  12. Front wipers

    that's a nice easy fix then, good find.
  13. Damaged tyre

    I would be scrapping that tyre, any sidewall damage is not good, tyre suppliers won't touch sidewall repairs.
  14. Immobilisation Spider

    wiring diagram on here [300tdi] might help http://www.legionlandrover.com/manuales/electrical schemes - defender 300 tdi.pdf
  15. Front wipers

    have you got the correct stalk for the intermittent wiper system? Should be PRC7370, the older spring loaded flick wipe stalk won't work, also check the 3 wiper motor wires are in the correct place see photo below