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  1. Same as for rear drum braked vehicles, no shim under circlip as far as I can find in 300tdi workshop manual. & no end float measurement given.
  2. The shims set the shaft end float. On rear drum braked vehicles there is no shim on shaft just the circlip at outer end under the dust cap. On the front axle the shims set the end float for CV joint. End float on front between 0.127 to 0.254mm
  3. Had my 200tdi head skimmed to make sure it was straight, used the same 2 hole head gasket, not had any problems with having the head done.
  4. Just a head gasket replacement cured it
  5. All in the 1987 on parts book http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/02/land-rover-defender-110-parts-book/ Axles & suspension page 414 to 417
  6. Yes Tdi head gasket thickness comes in 4 variations to take account of the piston height. there is a Tdi engine head gasket chart in our tech archive, in the engine section IIRC.
  7. More here https://www.xdchassis.co.uk/ Not heard of this place before.
  8. This video is on Facebook, doesn't tell any new info. But you can click follow to see the story of Grenadier as it progresses https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=462430078024102&id=1232644253547734
  9. Been there, my front prop forward UJ yoke let go & the prop smashed the oil filter head & the oil pressure switch side off, dumped the sump of oil on the road. prop sliding joint seperated & prop dropped on the road behind me. Nobody except my engine was hurt. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/94143-not-a-good-day/
  10. you could do the change yourself over a weekend, doesn't take long.
  11. look at the rocker arm pads that work on the valve stem caps to,
  12. White inside as outside it will get scuffed & look carp
  13. Remove the flywheel housing before mounting on the stand, see my engine rebuild thread.
  14. most engine stand have a rotation facility so you can work on bottom end of block without getting on the floor, the stand I had on loan would allow rotation & it can be locked.
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