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  1. looking on lrcat, under the gearbox parts, the nuts that secure the pipes into oil cooler look to be part of the pipes & not part numbered as seperate items.
  2. I cannot see anything in the 110 parts book or online in LRCat that looks like that plate,
  3. Never noticed any pad rattle on mine with the coil springs on the pins.
  4. Any crystal type remains below the water pump spindle, there is a drain hole between the 2 water pump bearings & seals in one gives up the coolant can escape through this 'tell tale' hole
  5. I can't remember what was on there originally as I retro fired vented disc & calipers years ago.
  6. The VDO gauge I have is in degrees C, got it from www.defendet.com in USA you will need a matching sender as well.
  7. Mine has the coil springs on the clips on front & rear calipers they work fine.
  8. My 200tdi VDO coolant gauge is wired direct from the sender, a VDO gauge & matching sender might be the best way to go, then it's independent of the ecu driven standard gauge.
  9. western

    MOD Sales

    Withams are the current MOD surplus disposal agents, those engines would have been through the base repair organisation, & ready for reissue as a direct replacement. I wouldn't to to worried about the finished condition. it would have been through a approved process & inspection regime.
  10. Brooklands Books via there Amazon link can supply a hard copy of the Discovery 1 parts book https://www.brooklandsbooks.co.uk/product/land-rover-discovery-parts-catalogue-1989-1998-my/
  11. For the side facing seatbelt anchor bars which bolt in being the side facing rear seats, IIRC they are in the seat/seatbelt part of the parts OK.
  12. Think it would have to be well abused in a harsh environment for the galv to be worn off, a unpainted galv chassis on a daily use vehicle should be good for at least 20 or more years, Buzzweld do a straight to galv black finish IIRC.
  13. 110 is actually 119 inch wheelbase so it would of made more sense to call it a Defender 120 instead. Then the 130 monocoque could of been made 10 inches longer to be exactly 130 inch wheelbase.
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