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  1. Yes a large flat blade will help pop the fasteners out of the door.
  2. handbrake light is also the low brake fluid warning light on later vehicles.
  3. Did you get a 88 degree stat ? or a 82 degree as used in the older TD engines ? a 88 stat should open at that temp not lower. it is normally stamped 88 in the bottom of the stat centre body.
  4. Wonder how insurance will work who will be the responsible person if no driver is required, I'd say the vehicle registered owner or whoever is in the 'command' seat & able to stop or override the vehicle. sounds like a nightmare to sort out.
  5. Defender spec 200tdi BHP 107 &Torque 188lbft Discovery & RR spec 200tdi Bhp 111 & Torque 195 lbft same as all 300tdi except the Auto trans mission fitted versions of both engine which have 120bhp to compensate for torque converter losses. these should be in the engine specs in the respective workshop manuals For non turbo 200tdi have a look on the glencoyne website http://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di.htm
  6. I can vist them, up in Wiltshire now & next week, not to far from another member roverv8 whom I am hoping to see before going back to deep south west reckon the temps are OK, engine thermostat on Tdi is 88 degrees.
  7. I'd say that new VDO temp gauge is spot on correct going by the thermal image temp reading, May just get the same temp gauge for my 200tdi as the Td5 version doesn't seem to move very much. I feel a phonecall & visit to merlin motorsport at Castle Coombe during this week, as I know they are a VDO vision gauge stockist. 200 & 300Tdi engines are cooling running anyway.
  8. Normal, its from the crankcase breather which feeds into the air filter casing.
  9. the fixings are noted in this post https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/68068-part-number-required/#comment-583562
  10. Minimum rim width for 235 is 6.5 inches according to BFG website, I had 235/85 on my 6..5 inch wide wolf steel rims with no problem, but a 7 inch rim would be better
  11. accidentally on purpose glad it was a cheap fix.
  12. Start fault finding with this thread https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/25376-hazard-switch-indicators-fault-diagnosis/ but I suspect a dirty switch as the first thing to look at, as it's had almost no use for 12 months.
  13. I have the same on my trailer after swapping all it's lighting to led. either as Arjan has done or a suitable resistor in the trailer indicator wiring.
  14. Got one on my 110 too, my fit post is in our tech archive. one of the best mods out there.
  15. note 10 & 14 in https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/38064-galvanised-bulkhead-pointers/ might help