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  1. western

    Defender 200tdi part left over from engine build.

    at a guess I would say on Disco 200tdi the rear engine lift eye is mounted on the side because the rear of the head is covered by the scuttle panel, so a eye there wouldn't be accessible.
  2. western

    reversing alarm

    reverse alarm must switch off when the side/tail lights are on. IIRC it's covered by the same hours of use rules as the horn.
  3. western

    Heater........V irritating

    if you use the plain black earth wire & the fast speed wire as in my reply above, motor should run.
  4. western

    Defender 200tdi part left over from engine build.

    Haven't got that bit on my Defender spec 200TDi, I reckon it fits the lifting bracket item 21 in diagram in the parts book, probably between head bolts & under the bracket.
  5. western

    Defender 200tdi part left over from engine build.

    on Defender 200tdi the lifting eyes fit on front & rear faces of the cylinder head NOT under the head bolts. you can see both lifting eyes in this photo of my cylinder head.
  6. western

    Loom identification.

    Rear heated screen & wash & wiper for a pre 300tdi 90/110. mine[1989 110CSW] has the same rubber cased plugs & fuse box.
  7. western

    trailer insurance

    Try your local NFU agent https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/branches/ or one of these https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=TRAILER+INSURANCE&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjjqa3YsobeAhVJI8AKHdSqB0IQBQgoKAA&biw=1366&bih=634
  8. western

    Diff pinion oil seal, which one?

    Yes for front & rear output ends
  9. western

    Bolt size for 2nd row seat seatbelts

    Those bolts are sitting on a shelf if you need them just PM me.
  10. western

    Bolt size for 2nd row seat seatbelts

    Got some spare seatbelt attachment bolts here, [see photo] the longest are approx 32mm from under the head to end of thread. happy to post if you can't find any.
  11. western

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I believe it's a proposed Short wheelbase variant for the Defender replacement.
  12. western

    Vent repair

    Foam seals came in with 300ydi IIRC.
  13. western

    Defender 90 front mounting bolt

    These might help, from Defender workshop manual, 90 side mount tank. 11/12 7 23/24 on diagram relate to the 11/12& 23/24 in text on 2nd page.
  14. Any of the independent parts supplier would be able to get one, but you best sit down before looking at the price of a new sump https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/101085/0/sump_pan_assy_td5_def_disco11 or from a engine being broken through ebay, some on ebay ---- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=Land+Rover+Td5+sump+pan&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Land+Rover+Td5+oil+sump+pan&_sacat=0 2nd hand would be fine BUT having a good look at it before buying would be a good idea, that thread kit you mentioned would work & be the cheapest option to fix your sump, but making sure it's re-tapped properly & sqaure to existing hole would be good too, I would suggest removing the sump to sort the thread out & then you can be sure there is no metal swarf left in sump.
  15. is it the actual sump drain plug thread or one of the bolts that secures the sump pan to the engine block ? if it is the drain plug, if it was my engine I would get another sump & drain plug.

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