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  1. Might be worth having the system leak checked & recharged with the correct gas to ensure it operates properly.
  2. western

    RAL 5228

  3. I stuck with the original type bolts/nuts for all the running gear on my chassis change.
  4. if the both have 6 wires then both are wired for the intermittent wash/wipe, if one has 5 wires it has the flick wipe & won't work with the intermittent relay.
  5. Same wire colours on both engine looms, in fact you can retain & use the TD engine loom on the 300Tdi then you won't have to retermnate any bulkhead connectors as the 300tdi use later plastic plugs instead of the rubber cased type. the glowplug relay can be wired in to work & the alternator connections may need to be changed to suit.
  6. I would think only if the engine is worn & the oil rings are allowing excess to get past. I know my engine is good, as I rebuilt it with new pistons/rings/.020. rebore 2 years ago, just done a filter change & I still get about a teaspoon full of oil in the air cleaner filter & turbo intake where the breather hose connects to air cleaner inlet, I just wipe it out every 6000 miles, it doesn't or hasn't affected the engine.
  7. Found these worth a look https://www.famousfour.co.uk/new_parts/partslist?veh=defender&sec=susp&sub_sec=nutbolt https://www.paddockspares.com/def1susfrb-front-bolt-kit-to-ka930455.html https://www.paddockspares.com/rear-suspension-bolt-kit.html https://www.paddockspares.com/parts-and-accessories/land-rover-defender/suspension/bush-and-bolt-kits.html?p=2
  8. Yes only the diaphragm moves, I didn't know there was anything inside until I watched that video.
  9. a smear of grease or EP90 on the shaft won't do any harm & it'll give it a decent start, it will get oiled when operating.
  10. Think I would just have the panel painted black to match the windows & delete the LR oval, just have the oval on front & rear.
  11. these 2 links may be of use ------------------- http://www.range-rover-classic.com/Home/land-rover-brochures/range-rover-specials/schuler-presses-ltd---uk http://www.range-rover-classic.com/Home/land-rover-brochures/range-rover-specials/schuler---ff---service-and-maintenance-instructions
  12. That bullbar fitted by a JLR dealer wouldn't be allowed in EU/UK, main dealers are only allowed to supply/fit the soft bars with the moulded foam coverings so they comply with regs.
  13. Hopefully a quick readjust will cure it, I've been on but not posted anything lately.
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