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  1. Up to the vehicle owner to fit/use as they want, as you like your vehicle standard or close to it, then Please don't be having a go at others for their choices, anymore of this & you WILL BE put a Mod approval, which means your posts will be read by one or more of the Moderator team before it is approved to be visible to all other members. You have been warned.
  2. Nothing else needed, screw sender into adaptor, then the sub assembly into the thermostat housing.
  3. Well the 300tdi did have 111bhp as a vast change to the previous n/a diesels the military previous 90/LR's had. no secrets just down to the driver knowing the vehicle.
  4. That would work, I may have one in my garage don't click buy it now just yet PM your post address & I'll send this item but without the attached sender, I had the 300tdi green sender to drive my old temp gauge, then I swapped it out for the VDO temp gauge sender as in my photo's above.
  5. I would say get the brake pipes fitted & clipped in place it will be far easier. sorry to read you had to destroy the swivel gaiters.
  6. Tow socket wires go from the socket along rear cross member then up into right rear corner to be connected into each of the required lights wiring.
  7. Nota straight swap, the Defender spec200tdi temp sender is 5/8 unf thread,
  8. Within the width of the mirrors so reckon OK.
  9. Haven't had any problems with my Tdi.
  10. Best to use the matched sender that came with the gauge, then you know it will read correct.
  11. Lots of XD/Wolfs got trashed because the drivers weren't used to the vehicles.
  12. Welcome, Please edit your location just put Town or City & County I don't think your proposed chassis change would be legal plus it would need lots of work to change from the coil spring mounts to leaf spring mountings, getting those correctly aligned & IIRC the 110 chassis is much deeper main rails.
  13. Try Osram night breakers 150% brighter but at the legal wattage.
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