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  1. on your existing speedo red/white trace wires = gauge lighting thats all it needs, on the td5 speedo your red/white can be connected to pin 4 of the upper plug/socket for gauge lighting signal from transducer goes to pin 2 of upper socket, the other 2 wires on the transducer = earth & 12v +ve feed from fuse box/ignition controlled permanent 12v feed to pins 6 & 9 of upper plug/socket earth wire to pin 7 of upper plug /socket ign controlled 12v feed to pin 10 of upper plug/socket all the above go to the pink plug C1060 in the 'wibbly wobbly speedo' thread on here you should/don't need any connections to the lower plug/socket C1061.
  2. easy just extract the relevant info from the how to fit the full instrument pack thread on here, you will need a Td5 insntrument pack wiring loom or buy the plugs/sockets from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-Connectors?_rdc=1
  3. we used 50mm x 30mm x rectangular box 3mm wall thickness on my 110 just drilled & tapped the box for the floor plates & sill panels.
  4. on my 110's rear side facing bench seats there were just 2 thick plates for each side with welded on nuts under the rear arches. for 90 side facing seats have a look at pages 990 onwards in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/90/10_trim_seats_paint_extras_p924-1042.pdf
  5. bottom sill channel should be straight, the B post should be vertical & C post is angled from sill then goes vertical to match rear side panel.
  6. loose the long coil spring, mine just has the later type, but having both probably doesn't matter.
  7. Try here http://www.paintmanpanels.co.uk/shop/land-rover-series-2-radiator-panel-330950/
  8. I prefer to have the guards on.
  9. me 😎 what do you need ? Also I'm heading up to Swindon on Friday morning
  10. those are just factory standard front seats as fitted to the 300tdi/td5 vehicles. only the material change for different model year updates. early vehicles had a hard shell to the rear of backrests, some have a map pocket across the back, mine 1989 are soft backed with no map pocket, so yes there are variations.
  11. Wouldn't worry to much about it, my 200 was new in 1994 it has in excess of 360,000 miles on it with the factory standard breather hoses in place & still pulls very well.
  12. is the cup on bottom of gear lever tight on the selector shaft ?
  13. from VIN 1A onwards front brake pads = SFP000010 up to VIN YA999999 = SFP100360 check the last 8 digits of your VIN then buy the relevant parts
  14. my galvanised one from YRM has those holes in it on the top & bottom surfaces. http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.co.uk/epages/BT4822.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4822/Products/053A
  15. most likely those are tooling holes when the metal is folded in the press tool at the factory, nothing else fits in them.