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  1. western

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    That's disgusting, can't be road legal. says --- Price Reduced Space Needed in the actual advert, if they want the space just crush that 'thing'
  2. western

    indicators and hazards flashing too fast

    each set of rear lights should be earted to the body behind the corner cover panels eacg set of front lights should be earthed to the inner wing forward vertical edge behind the lights. make sure the bulbs are correct for each light & properly seated in their holders, led bulbs in normal lights are not legal, only full led lights.
  3. western

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    If LR stayed with the normal wiring colour codes, glow plugs wiring should be Yellow with a Black trace, to dash light & relay to glow plugs.
  4. western

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    have a look here https://www.s-v-c.co.uk/category/wiper-systems-and-part/
  5. western

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    the darker green/blue trace joins a lighter green/blue trace & goes to the temp gauge light green/slate goes to the alarm ecu the yellow/pink goes to instrument pack all shown on the td5 wiring diagram page 36 https://www.landroverweb.com/Pdf-files/Defender MY2002 Wiring Diagram.pdf
  6. I've seen Discovery with failed alternator diodes a few times, the red charge light was on.with no keys in ignition, had the fault confirmed by a rac patrol, we both had the same answer new or rebuilt alternator required.
  7. western

    Exhaust manifold

    These links should help http://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di.htm http://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di2.htm
  8. western

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    Yes Transmission over heat, if it comes on your meant to stop & let transmission cool down, when the light is off its ok to carry on driving. handbrake wire is white/yellow trace & should be a connection in the dash/main loom near the clutch pedal assembly.
  9. western

    Defender Alternator ADVICE needed

    100amp from a discovery 300tdi will be a straight fit, just double up or replace the thick plain brown wire with a much thicker item.
  10. western

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Today saw one of these USB 2 port charger/power socket https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/electrical/sockets-and-plugs/fast-usb-socket.html added to top right corner sits in nicely above the LR badge,
  11. western

    Rear flood light

    Yep, bought it from RDX when I bought the lights.
  12. western

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    New cb is a Albrecht AE-6891, it arrived today, bought from http://www.kcb.co.uk/shop2/contents/en-uk/p1362.html
  13. western

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    moving on from the above postings I recently decided on a bit of a dash tidy up, replace the cd/radio as it jumped on some cd's & make the dash look a bit more modern, so I bought a Mudstuff centre console, a new cd/radio more here so a few pics of how it is so far, also got a new CB unit which has a detachable front panel, to fit this week too.
  14. western

    2.4 tdci dash warning light

    lift the gaiter around the bottom of handbrake & see if there is a switch there, if not, it'll have no affect on the dash light. if your brake pads have wires coming from them, it could be low pads which are operating the light.
  15. high mounted turbo is the Defender spec like mine, use the TD exhaust with the 200tdi downpipe, thats what I have [Double S] stainless steel right through.

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