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  1. measurements look good, definitely hone all the bores if you fit new rings to all pistons. if the core plugs look good leave them alone. mine are 24 years old, I didn't replace them during my engine rebuild., using good quality antifreeze mix will keep them good.
  2. at least you found something even if it disappeared in a jet of air. fingers crossed that bit of carp was the cause. & it'll work properly.
  3. I liked my old TD engine too, but when it failed & haed 3 cracked piston, cracked head, hot stops dropping out, I thought about a rebuild, but to do a full engine would of cost as much as the new 200tdi kit I had fitted instead, a much better engine & made my 110 far nicer to drive everyday, which it still does 26 years later.
  4. Might need some primer for plastic materials, not sure what the door trim panels are made of.
  5. That new starter is the same part number that I fitted to my 200tdi a few months ago, it spin the engine over very well.
  6. All LW were made for military there was no civilian variant in UK, Spain did make a variant under licence years ago called the Santana Ligero. the military reg number should be on the military ident plate on dash or end of the seat box.
  7. I have a good black 300tdi expansion tank & cap here if you need one, I replaced it with a translucent version.
  8. You wouldn't fit & it would be to hot for you Filling with air & submerging it in water would show any leakage by bubbles escaping, not sure how you could seal the connections & get air in though.
  9. A blocked or restricted matrix wouldn't help the glow. As for the state it will only fit one way, where the struts are doesn't matter I think that stamping motorad is a parts name used by elring https://www.elringparts.co.uk/Brands/Motorad
  10. Head gasket you have is the normal composite type, so that should be fine,
  11. Which head gasket type did you fit - - - laminated steel.or the normal composite type, I used a laminated one & had oil in coolant issues, replaced it with a composite type & it was cured. I found oil & coolant between the laminated layers, this was all prior to my engine rebuild.
  12. Change the battery earth from the negative terminal to one of the main gearbox to transfer box bolts, that's where my battery earth connects, as well as another earth from engine below alternator to chassis part of left engine mounting, clean any paint & dirt off to get a clean sound connection.
  13. Most heavy duty roof racks had 4 additional corner struts to spread the load further down the body to,
  14. Yes L W Vass are still in business, but just looked at their website, they look to have moved from ex military parts & vehicles to fire service equipment & vehicle servicing.
  15. Linley had the 'linley' inlaid to the wood strip on glovebox as in this photo
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