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  1. Heat Hose?

    try these places https://www.jlroriginalparts.com/oem-parts/land-rover-hose-heater-wa-peh000224 http://www.2040-parts.com/02-05-freelander-coolant-water-tube-pipe-line-cooling-heater-oem-i820176/
  2. Roll cage fitted by Land Rover?

    Not quite correct LRSV is just a sub part of the LR factory & any vehicle that passes through the SV dept is deemed by LR to be as built in house prior to release from the factory.
  3. Fitting Wolf Rims to my 2001 Defender TD5

    If you can't get new wheels nuts for the new steel wheels I have 22 used ones that I would be willing to part with.
  4. 2001 Defender heating controls jammed solid

    Glad your toasty warm, nice colour & looks very tidy.
  5. New Project, Have I gone to Far

    I'd love to come & see it, just one problem I'm in deepest south west, so it would take a few hours to get there. but happy to pass on info/advice via here
  6. Fitting Wolf Rims to my 2001 Defender TD5

    Most defintely requires new wheel nuts for steel wheels, as for the nut/stud fit, military 90/110 with these wheels get torqued to 120 to 130lbft --- refer to LR info sheet attached
  7. Oil temperature thermostat

    the disc on end of the pin should be square to the sender body, not bent, just take care when sliding the spade terminal on, pretty sure the question on how does it connect has been asked before.
  8. 300tdi backpressure at air filter

    Video is not working
  9. New Project, Have I gone to Far

    Have a read of my chassis change thread & Retro's 110CSW rebuild thread looks pretty good on the colour/stripes I'll follow the build & help if possible
  10. Gwyn Lewis mud shields and mud flaps

    I fitted the front & rear splash guards to my 110, still got to fit the guards in front of the rear wheels, made my own mud flaps from HGV spray mats, pics in my chassis change thread.
  11. A bit of fellow truck appreciation...

    It's called 'parking rules' so you had it applied by the other owner.
  12. gearbox box problem

    this is the in cab notice on 90/110 which states a single axle roller tester can be used upto 5kph
  13. Headlight Wiring

    Engine is going very well.
  14. Headlight Wiring

    built my own loom, powered the 2 relays [1 for dip beam & 1 for main beam] direct via suitable fuses from the alternator, my relays are attached to the left inner wing edge just forward of the screen wash tank. my loom goes across the front of my 110. shortest cable run.
  15. 2001 Defender heating controls jammed solid

    read my post titled 'feeling cold in your truck,