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  1. It's in my manual, Torque wrench setting Section 06, page 8, Photo of the page & a close up above the yellow pencil 64Nm
  2. This might help ---- https://www.carb.parts/pdf/Exploded_view_of_WEBER_32-34_DMTL_USD.pdf
  3. That thread you linked to was done by Les Henson not white90 he only uploaded it.
  4. I just say sod off & put the phone down.
  5. that looks like a 300tdi sender. not like my earlier version.
  6. On pre td5 gauges the gauges earth wire is daisy chained from the earth connection to each gauge threaded rod on back of each gauge, the earth wire ring terminal should sit on top of the metal U clamp & be secured with a washer & a knurled edged thumb nut. also make sure the metal U clamp is not touching the other terminals.
  7. Your welcome Vinnie, that's why the forum exists to help other owners.
  8. Not that I know of, think ABS appeared on Td5 Defender first which used the P38 type axle centre.
  9. On 90 & 110 VIN letter A is 1983 to 1984 see below B is 1985 to 1987 E is 1988 F is 1989 G is 1990 Info from this book by James Taylor
  10. Pretty much the same as my flywheel when it was removed during my engine rebuild, I just cleaned to with brake cleaner & refitted it, clutch works fine. my manual say 36.96mm to.
  11. Not on a 93 Defender, the 2wd option was dropped years before.
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