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  1. Ok.... Axle disc brake, hub conversion

    Defender has single hose calipers up to & including Td5, not sure what the Tdci models have. converted my rear drum to disc & kept the original master cylinder/servo not had any brake problems, passes MOT brake road test fine.
  2. Stage one v8 decals

    Found this http://www.pegasusparts.co.uk/ourshop_90073/prod_3757693-PSK-1308-Badge-Kit-109-V8.html
  3. Defender doors and frames

    most door frame unfortunately rust out, you might fine some decent doors on ebay or one of the facebook LR groups. add your location [nearest town/city & country] will be sufficient then if anyone can help they have some idea of where you are.
  4. Ok.... Axle disc brake, hub conversion

    the drive shafts are same diameter but longer on drum braked rear axles, as far as I'm aware, the depth of the drive member is different as are the hubs & stub axles on 300tdi or later, the hub bearings are closer together, drive member difference can be seen in this thread https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/59339-axlehubs-weirdness/ 1st photo is the thick drive member which we both have, 2nd photo is the later thin version as fitted to 300tdi onwards, copied from the linked post above 2 parts numbers for 90/110 hub driving members in all my parts info FTC859 now superseded buy RUC105200 [300tdi on] FRC5806 everything inc 200tdi vehicles also the rubber hub caps are different to, ours are deeper, 300tdi onwards shorter, both in the photo's above.
  5. Ok.... Axle disc brake, hub conversion

    alloys will only fully fit compete with centre caps to axles with the thin drive members as on 300Tdi or later,
  6. Some landy po*n

    Photobucket has closed linking to websites just use the 'chose files' & upload direct from your pc to your post.
  7. mach5 wheel mod

    DOT is USA dept of transport, it would need a careful read of UK construction & use regs for wheel types in UK. road wheels/tyres http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/part/II/chapter/C/made an earlier thread about beadlocks, but no one has found any government info to back up the not for normal road use
  8. Spacers, Wheels, Tyres etc etc

    my 255/85 MT KM2 on wolf steels with no spacers sit well within my arches even before I converted the rear axle to disc brakes, so you should be fine with that combination, just make sure the spacer to hub nuts are torqued up fully & maybe add a line of paint across stud/nut so you can see if there is any movement between the spacer nut & hub stud, a visual check would mean just removing each wheel say once every 3 months.
  9. clutch slave cylinder hose/pipes

    I didn't test if the long bleed hose would fit at the pedal box, might give it a try over the weekend, it's only 1 bolt to undo. I've got a one man bleed kit, so about 8 strokes on the pedal left some fluid in master cylinder during bleeding,
  10. Wheels

    They were only ever fitted to 110 with rear disc brakes & the later thin drive members [as on 300tdi onwards] the thick earlier drive members might fould on the inside of the wheel, only way to know for sure is to try a boost wheel & see if it fits with no problem, I suspect your rear drum brakes will prevent it though.
  11. Wheels

    Correct Mike, LR's own Boost alloys, the 5spoke Dual finish & the latest Blindo & LR Sawtooth are the only alloys rated for 110's, those Tornado's are Disco/RRclassic only, not rated for 110 use & were never a factory option, OK for fit to 90 vehicles -- found this Personalise your vehicle with a selection of alloy wheels featuring a range of styles and designs. For 90. From VIN TA998910. from http://gear.landrover.com/gl/en/defender/wheels-wheel-accessories/wheels/anr5307mnh-alloy-wheel-16-tornado/
  12. clutch slave cylinder hose/pipes

    Total cost was £72 inc VAT, David just put misc hoses & fittings as discussed on the invoice/receipt paperwork, I discussed it over the phone, we decided on the end fittings/adaptors & hose lengths, I'm sure David would produce some more but you'd have to discuss with him your exact requirements.
  13. clutch slave cylinder hose/pipes

    Finally got time to get these fitted today, all went together very well. the new hoses are well clear of the exhaust, made a bracket for the bleed screw end, it's just a temp one for now, probably make another to drop the bleed screw end down a bit lower, but as it is now, doesn't touch when bonnet is shut., so quite happy with the result. 1st pic hoses at slave cylinder end, bleed hose is upper. 2nd pic homemade bleed point bracket, hose come up under the air intake trunking & behind the washer tank. 3rd pic pipe from master cylinder through adaptor to slave cylinder, viewed from under vehicle, exhaust downpipe on left 4th pic view of hoses from above, heater box on right.
  14. Rear near side and towing electrics

    Chassis loom comes out of the inner face of right hand chassis rail, goes up into the right rear corner for right rear lights [tail,brake,indicator] the right rear fog & reverse light wires are behind the rubber flap, wiring for the fuel tank sender [110 only] & left rear lights runs across the forward face of rear cross member left rear fog & reverse do similar to the right set & the tail,brake, indicator & number plate go up into the left rear corner again all tucked behind the rubber flap.
  15. Popping back in.. just to annoy HfH :-)

    Welcome back.wondered what had happened to you.