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  1. Please some give me some good news

    Lets hope its fitted to stay for a long time then & doesn't have to come out again.
  2. Please some give me some good news

    That's the one I have used, the rubber boot just wiggles through the hole without coming of & my current one is a TRW item
  3. 200tdi brake servo pipe

    Good to read your all sorted, ring & talk to David at Llama4x4 & discuss your exact needs, he will want to know how long you need each flexi hose & the angle of the connections to slave cylinder.
  4. Dim dip transistor - where does it mount ?

    nope, just unplug & remove it from vehicle, nothing else to do with it, took mine out about 8 years ago. I've had 6 of those units over the last 24 years, they are very unreliable.
  5. An tips - seemingly impossible refit of fuel tank

    I found a new galvanised guard for my 110's tank, it got painted before fit, so not much chance of it corroding away., also sealed the gap between tank & guard to keep water out.
  6. An tips - seemingly impossible refit of fuel tank

    try fixing the stone guard to the tank with some cable ties [ty-wraps] they can stay in place once its fitted.
  7. 200 tdi 110 prop

    Lengths are shown on LRSeries web pages :- Part number:FRC8389 Product Description: Rear propshaft assembly, fits 200Tdi and V8 models. (107.5cm closed / 113cm open) Applicable Models: Defender to vin LA937639 Range Rover Classic LSE models. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part number:FTC3245 S/S FRC8391 Product Description:Defender 110 rear propshaft, for 4 cylinder engine models (NOT TDi) (101cm closed / 108cm open) Applicable Models: Defender 1994 on Land Rover Series 3 1980 on 109" models.
  8. Early defender 110 second row seats

    Tidy result have you got buffers below the the seat back bottom face, they might need adjusting to get rid of the play.
  9. Please some give me some good news

    try magnet on a bent wire coat hangar, just make sure the magnet cannot fall off the wire or your defo loking at a engine/gearbox split. have a beer anyway to ease the days pains
  10. Accessories

    Rear spot [work] light via a fused feed & switch with a warning light [for when it's on,warning light can be seperate from the switch] oh by the way double post has been deleted.
  11. Early defender 110 second row seats

    Yes backrest catch fits the same as on outer seats the slide bolt to keep seat in down position is not required on the centre seat as the outers keep that in place when seats are down ready to be sat on.
  12. 200 tdi 110 prop

    Parts book only shows it for V8, as you can see on the linked page on retroanaconda's site. but it will most likely fit unless the open/closed lengths are a lot dofferent to 2ootdi vehicles.
  13. Early defender 110 second row seats

    backrest latch on centre seat is exactly the same as the outer seats. bottom spring clip is in this photo, the longer one is used on my hi back rears as I also have the Trakkers extension brackets to increase hieght of the seat back & it moves it rearward to increase legroom. the short one below but above the spring seat latch is the LR original part.
  14. 200 tdi 110 prop

    look at the VIN number range in page 400 of http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/5_axles_suspension_steering_p398-471.pdf for item 1, mine is FRC8391 [1989 110CSW rear salisbury drum brakes] but converted to rear disc a few years ago, according to LRSeries website FTC3245 supersedes FRC8391 http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/6964/FTC3245-REAR-PROPSHAFT-4-CYLINDER.html?search=frc8391&page=1 So either will fit. last one in your list is for V8 110.
  15. ibex 300 build

    Best wishes for a successful result.