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  1. Allows 2 wires into 1 terminal connections
  2. it's a 15 amp piggyback spade. Halfords sell them & do most car shops in packs of 10 or more
  3. I would still run that black to earth, the white I would go as I mentioned above, I can't remember how my battery gauge was connected on the old instrument pack, I swapped to Td5 gauges a few years ago. the plain green being disconnected can just have a single female bullet connector fitted & it won't cause any problems. the wiring diagram as you can see above shows the battery gauge connecting to plain white wire, so don't know why its on the green.
  4. Hiya Trev, Don't know if the D2 items will fit but this is the Discovery 1 & RR spring isolators which will fit straight on.https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/82070/0/isolator_upper_rear_springs_discovery_1___2___range_rover_classic
  5. Yes or piggyback it off the back of ignition switch plain white wire, but there should be a spare female bullet connect with a rubber covering to plug into. if you go with a new plain white from ign switch use one of these to connect it & ensure its well covered to aviod anything else touching it
  6. No, it needs to go to another plain white wire, Item 75 lower right in the diagram is the battery gauge
  7. the later axle use the sealant all pre 300tdi should have the gasket.
  8. Yes I had seen he had closed his ebay pages, but I'm sure he would respond on here or to a PM. Sorry I don't know enough about the factory alarm system.
  9. OK, just replied to your PM too. hope the temp fix goes well.
  10. Oh well I can still post them for tuesday's collection.
  11. I have 2 of these I can post to you FTC3646 swivel ball to axle gasket Just PM your address & they will be in post tonight for tomorrow's post collection
  12. PaulMc is great on these later looms, I bet he would know what its for. Yes just join the 2 blue/red wires to retain the normal dip headlight function.
  13. All the battery gauge needs is the plain white [ignition switched] which you have connected. a plain black earth to a good earth point just check these are on the correct gauge terminals, White to 12V + & a the Black to the negative -ve & the gauge illumination which is connected. it doesn't need anything else.
  14. the plain brown comes from a joint off the main light switch & the brown/green goes to the dim dip relay from the resistor. see page 20/32 in http://www.legionlandrover.com/manuales/electrical schemes - defender 300 tdi.pdf upper part of diagram, the dim dip relay is on this page as well. I don't know what that red 3 pin connector is for, can't see anything like it in the above 300tdi wiring diagrams.
  15. I still think that plain black has to go to a earth, if you can't find the 4 way connector just run a new same size or thicker wire to the earth point on bulkhead, the battery gauge will sit to the left of centre when engine/alternator is not running, with engine/alternator running it should move up &sit around the vertical while driving this then shows the battery charge state.
  16. The speedo lighting is the only bit on the speedo that needs the black earth wires. the female earth connection should be in the main loom & be a 4 way common bullet connector [see photo below] on the other gauges it's only the gauge earths & lighing that's daisy chained then to the main loom.
  17. I just have a old Sharp portable stereo radio/cassette player, [the cassette bit doesn't work anymore] one of these I just have it on the FM local independent radio station.it runs off the mains so takes up 1 socket in garage. I have 2 more sockets for power tools. as for via your phone/internet depends on how consistant the signal is in your area & your contract allowance for streaming services.
  18. Just keep the original serial number, adding a 2nd number could cause untold problems if DVSA/Police ever had to get involved with the vehicle, but you could stamp something like rebuilt with the date it was completed.
  19. The 2 ring terminals on the bigger stud where the thick red cable is. the thick brown is from battery, the thinner brown is from altenator once connected & running these supply the current for the vehicles use & charge the battery. the female spade terminal on the male spade terminal on solenoid
  20. Yes, there's been lots of LR use of that since it came out, I didn't know about it when I did mine.
  21. On mine I did this - - - Degreased chassis with hot soapy water, rinsed with clean water, hand dried. A few coats of Mordant T solution, rinse off to neutralise the acid & dry, A few coats of vehicle coach paint primer, A few top coats of vehicle chassis gloss black paint, bought from a local motor factor in 5 litre tins, that was 7 years ago & it's all still in place.
  22. Led charge light works OK using a td5 instrument pack in a older 90 or 110 with the existing charge light resistor remaining in place, so a similar set up for the 2nd alternator should work.
  23. Not sure if the thread is common, may need an adaptor.
  24. 382 is at bottom of the LLB list on the attached page, 382 relates to the Voltage & wattage 12v/21w
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