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  1. Don't know why your seeing a different video.
  2. Only need a 3 groove pulley if air con is fitted.
  3. I had to do that with my Marsland chassis too, simply because I removed it as I wanted the entire chassis painted.
  4. My 110 has a galv Marsland/gkn chassis, it was faultless during the change, didn't have any alignment problems, best buy I ever made, I would definitely recommend & choose again if I needed another.
  5. That's the same video as the original post
  6. Possibly from a Car variant of the V8.
  7. Lets NOT forget that Britpart is just a wholesaler, not a Manufacturer like LR/LEP/Wipac for example.
  8. western


    300tdi wiring diagrams here, shouldn't be much difference between disco & defender as they both use the same engine
  9. As you have reposted as a new post, your previous post in the other thread has been deleted to avoid lots of duplication of replies
  10. western


    Rubber moulded connectors are pre 1991 200tdi vehicles they changed to plastic casing when 300tdi came in, just buy some new male & female connectors & replace the ones that don't match, have a look at Land rover-connectors ebay shop, you can message him via ebay for advice.
  11. It's all CGI made, note the rear suspension does not move when the weight comes of the roadwheels & no movement when the weight goes back on. that video is all over facebook LR pages
  12. stamped arrow goes to front of the engine. just checked my 300tdi engine book.
  13. no engine number recorded on any of my MOT certificates, only on the V5, just write the 'new' engine number on & send it in. if that's already been done, have a chat with a local garage & ask them to check over the install for safety reasons & write a letter on headed paper, that should sort it.
  14. I used that wire on mine to supply 12v ignition switched power to a relay, if you don't need it just ensure it is safely taped to the loom.
  15. PDWA unit below the steering column, it was deleted for the 1991 model year, the system got a low fluid level float cap/switch unit instead.
  16. Then there is 2 black and white with male and female connectors, I’m thinking they go to the brake fluid to brake PDWA unit or low brake fluid float cap. 1 white and orange with a female connector. air condition feed 12v ignition switched
  17. not easy at all, without a bearing press, much quicker to buy/fit a new or recon alternator & could be used as an excuse to upgrade the rated output i'e' - 65amp for a 100 or 120amp plus increase the wiring diameter from alt to starter/battery.
  18. 'dancing' rear lights is a poor or missing earth connection to the body, just remove the big grey bullet connector, fit new end terminals & new 4 or 6 way common connector & clean up the body earth point in the left rear corner. you don't need to worry about amp rating
  19. But they still have no idea what it looks like without the camo applied. All guess work.
  20. Any of the LR independent parts places can sell you some,
  21. Glad the info was useful, on the standard set up, the dash light provides a earth path for the side that is not selected, the B. O. B part will sort it.
  22. Temp sender on the left of rocker cover is for the egr system not the coolant temp that sender is at the thermostat
  23. Boost only works when driven, checks just revving it while stationary won't tell you if it's working under load.
  24. Better to run the upper additional indicators via a relay for each one. Also swap the indicator dash light for one of bolt on bits modded items that stops the one side feeding the other side, common on older single dash ind light systems, some late 300tdi have separate dash ind light as does td5 models & newer vehicles
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