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  1. Found this says that plate is FRC8561 fitted to RRC/Discovery & 90 autotrans vehicles, not manual transmission, is it a 90/110 transfer box or a Discovery one ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-LT230-CDL-Shift-Linkage-Gear-Lever-Retention-Plate-FRC8561-/201606082252
  2. Yes that's how I do my 200tdi's timing belt.
  3. Think that plate is part of the rubber gaiter.
  4. Slacken off the 3 small bolts that hold the timing gear to the injection pump hub & take the timing belt tensioner off.
  5. LR part 577643 item 22 in page 573 of Retroanaconda's 90 parts book http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/90/6_axles_suspension_engine_controls_p475-580.pdf https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/95716/0/clutch_slave_cylinder_to_flexi_metal_pipe___range_rover_classic___defender
  6. At a total guess near or on the oil pump or filter head, item 6 on here
  7. top row in left bank of warning lights, maybe its controlled by the ECU
  8. Happy to help, its handy with my own 110CSW sat outside.
  9. It's a fixing point for the rear window surround trim panel lower forward edge one of the large head push in fir tree fasteners goes there, just looked at my 110CSW. Hold your rear side window trim up in place & all will be revealed.
  10. the bolt/nut & round plates go each end of the tube hole in the lower panel, the plate with the 2 captive nuts goes behind the raised area & the black part goes on the outside so it faces into the vehicle, with the long leg up & the short part between the lower & upper panels with the bolt through, the stepped plate on top. pages 865/866 in here might help http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/9_body_and_chassis_p741-909.pdf
  11. Taken this for you, approx 30mm diameter.
  12. None of the above, the old caliper was to rusty where the hose fits & couldn't get the copper washers to seal, I changed the front hoses to get rid of the short rigid pipe, so my front hoses come from the chassis bracket/pipework direct to caliper inlet via a banjo bolt & washers, I have some Dowty bonded washers coming so going to fit them to both sides instead of the 10mm inside diameter copper washers. I bought some new copper washers but the outside diameter is to bigger than expected but they work.
  13. After trying to get the original calipers fluid connection to seal which I couldn't make it dry, I decided to use the new vented caliper I bought but swapped over the stainless steel pistons, now it's leak free & fully working.
  14. IIRC that indicates a immobiliser fault.
  15. I would expect a diesel specialist to know what they are doing & the pump should of been bench tested.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=british+restoration+300tdi+timing
  17. YRM do assembled galvanised side frames for 110SW https://yrmit.co.uk/product/lhs-complete-side-frame-assembly-assembled-lr-defender-series-4-5-door-2/ https://yrmit.co.uk/product/lhs-complete-side-frame-assembly-assembled-lr-defender-series-4-5-door/ on my 110CSW a few years ago, a friend & myself made some new lower channels using 50mm x 30mm x 3mm rectangular box we retained the original B posts & repair the lower part of the angled C posts.
  18. extracted from my 200Tdi rebuild thread, ------------------ hardly any change it pressures since 2017. oil pressure stone cold just after start up 65psi after a 15 mile run home oil pressure while driving 55psi at idle 25psi oil temp 65/70 degree C coolant temp 75 degree C Defender workshop manual only gives -- Oil pressure engine warm at normal operating speeds 1.76 to 3.86kgf/cm2 = 25 to 54.9psi
  19. Worth checking, the TD/200 & 300Tdi use the same flywheel, IIRC the wider slot is timing point for the Older TD engine.
  20. Be aware there are 2 slots in the flywheel edge, Wide & Narrow, for timing use the Narrow slot, both should be visible through the clutch housing wading plug hole.
  21. Later models have the capping in one piece, check the last 8 digits of your chassis number & see which range on that page it falls, you can use 1 piece capping on early vehicles.
  22. Would the diagrams from 110 upto 1986 parts book help?
  23. The new gallery seals & pistons/seal kit arrived earlier this week, so later today I will be rebuilding the caliper ready for refit.
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