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  1. Any of you been into the old forum today ??? I don't be able to access it at this time, taking ages to load the login page
  2. Yep, dead alternator, probably a duff diode.
  3. a very nice combination, my '89 has the same engine now done well over 260,000 & I've not had to lift the cylinder head yet
  4. well today [Fri] was successful, 110 passed & I'm
  5. you'll have a looooooooooooooooooooong wait for that list lol
  6. Converted my '89 to intermittent wash/wipe, see thread in tech archive, it was fitted from VIN MA 939976 to 90/110's, my '89 has a smooth roof, neptune cloth seats & other details as you have mentioned above
  7. Day off Friday for 110's MOT if it passes, the Saturday/Sunday out on this Rally on recovery duty
  8. all diesel 90/110 had 5 speed LT77, '89's 4 spoke RR type steering wheel, Defenders have a 2 spoke design,cloth trim on seats if it's a County all others had vinyl, side stripes, '89 County's had body colour grille/headlight trim panels, '90 ones are black even on County's, other than that and the engine, not much else was different.
  9. hope this helps, from my Husky owners manual
  10. A new gasket would be a good idea, just had to replace the solenoid & speed sensor on my OD, solly wouldn't engage & the plastic upper part of speed sensor could be rotated in the metal part -not meant to do that, this should help
  11. I believe the Disco 200Tdi filter element is slightly shorter, EPC shows 2 part numbers depending on VIN number, both below----- Upto VIN JA018272 use NTC1435 From VIN JA018273 use ESR1049 hope that helps
  12. Different elements 200Tdi uses a NTC6660 & 2.5TD uses a NTC 9238, can't remember if these are the same diameter/length air cleaner housing completely different in design & mounting it's vertical on a TD & horizontally mounted on the left inner wing on a 200TDi.
  13. Very smart, looks great with the winch in place, for a galvanised chassis look try silver smoothrite or hammerite paint,
  14. Got my forwarded archived PM's as well
  15. get another nato socket & 7 pin 12n plug and build your own adaptor lead
  16. On my '89 110 the door switch location holes were already in the front pillars, the wires were tucked down the rearmost corners of the engine bay, I was able to fish them out through the pillar with a bent wire rod, switches just screwed into place. have a look at this http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopi...=interior+light
  17. Says Broom County NY, pretty sure it's not the origanl petition HH asked us to sign
  18. I'm sure he would just supply the relay, that's all I had when it came plus connection details [way back in 2001]
  19. He's a member here with the same username, just search the members list for his details this is the gear you guys are looking for rear wiper delay kit
  20. I got one from simonb, works fine at about 40sec intervals. I'll PM his e.mail details
  21. Blowed if I know what to do next, job for Geoff/Trev to check the e.mail forwarding I think, I'm waiting for my archived PM's to arrive as well
  22. 6.5 or 7 inch wide rim would be best, my 255/85 MT's are on 6.5 wolf rims found 285 AT's --------- BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO 285/75 R16 Q no 255/85 AT's listed only these BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO 265/75 R16 S both on http://www.blackcircles.com/
  23. in the e.mail settings menu have you enabled one of the choices ? Enable 'Email Notification' by default? If ticked, choose default type: No Email Notification Immediate Email Notification Delayed Emailed Notification Daily Email Digest Weekly Email Digest Enabling this option will automatically subscribe you to any topic you start or reply to.
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