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  1. Happy Birthday Mate, hopefully see you next Friday
  2. for 300Tdi only on the 10 x M12 bolts That'll be this page then
  3. western


    Spot one mines just great, wouldn't use anything else B) that should stir things up
  4. See your other post --- water in engine
  5. western


    A minimum of 8000lb/3000kg/3 tonnes capacity for any LR other than Freelanders a 6000lb would be OK for them
  6. Dave, Shove this --- 'P3 rover owners club' ---- into Google, just tried it and got about 10 pages of website links a good clean out and new filters will sort the engine
  7. My old TD engine went well, much better than the n/a diesel I test drove anyway, if it's looked after with on time oil/air/diesel filter changes and it doesn't get thrashed while being driven, it should see 100,000+ miles easily --- but the suffer from heat stress due to not having an intercooler, so it will die at some point, I don't believe it's worth spending that much on a TD, you'd be much better off with a Tdi
  8. Ok, Cheers for letting me know they arrived
  9. Cheers, Yes you did send a PM, I've just replied to it
  10. The Lockheed now Delphi, rear pads I have here are complete with shims,pins,anti-rattle spring and splitpins, ready to fit Delphi part number LPO777 coresponds to LR part number SFP000160 Have the split pins arrived yet ?
  11. So is it? sorry couldn't resist looking at my Defender manual, the gearbox,clutch,flywheel housing,sump,ladder frame,rear main bearing cap all have to be removed to gain access to the 'T' seals, All those bits would have to be removed [except gearbox] if you took the engine out, so I reckon it's a 50/50 decision
  12. Have a look at this LRO post Hosted manuals
  13. Still running at the moment
  14. Very smart truck sorry I can't be of more help.
  15. Looking at the all models [Defender] 1986 to 1991 wiring diagram in my workshop manual, it tells me the WO = White/Orange trace wire is for--- Norwegian daytime running lights, the wire is shown connecting into the warning light cluster connectors, also a power feed for the radio, common connector into the engine bay, air condition feed when fitted -- you should be able to find this one in the engine bay adjacent to the big connectors near the clutch and brake pedal boxes goes to ignition switch, and to the fuese box to power the heater connections. tracing that lot should keep you busy, looks like a previous owner has added that light for something.
  16. as in a keyboard error didn't mean anything else
  17. A slippy finger on the keyboard was it then, me thinks a secret agent got in
  18. Best not tell him then, cos he'll find out how naughty you are
  19. No I'm not, if it's genuine, good luck,
  20. IT must be them secret meetings in travel lodge. Got me coat and gone in to hiding B) ROFLOL
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