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  1. No worries Kev, if you don't know, that's what the forum is for to help & share information. 300tdi temperature gauge is AMR2631 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=AMR2631&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_dmd=1&rt=nc which will work with the 300tdi sender you have now OR the sender from the original TD engine is PRC6663 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=PRC6663&_sacat=0 which will work with your existing temp gauge.
  2. Would need to be something like this to get illumination in the right direction for reversing use https://bedazzledledlighting.co.uk/product/ba15s-24-led-tower/
  3. In my Haynes automobile electrical & electronic systems book it shows the single pole bayonet fitting bulbs as SCC BA15s. Top right on page attached also list LLB Lucas numbers
  4. That's the ones, I could only find them listed in the RRC parts info.
  5. Would be worth connecting that black wire to the earth point on engine side of the bulkhead with all the others
  6. No big loss if they don't fit, not planning on splitting the rear calipers any time soon.
  7. upper right of all 3 photo's is a disconnected plain black earth wire with a male bullet terminal, this needs to be connected to it's mate, the gauge earths under the knurled thumb nuts look clear & not touching any other terminals. I think you may need the sender unit that was fitted to the original TD engine as it worked ok with the existing gauge. the 300tdi senders have different gauges.
  8. this caliper was leaking from on of the lower inboard piston seal& found a score mark on piston, [new stainless pistons & seals fitted back in Feb] also saw some fluid staining on the upper face of caliper body at the spacer to body joint. Just waiting for these 2 gallery seals & a set of pistons/seals to arrive. on non vented calipers there is a square section O ring seal at each fluid gallery, so just 2 per caliper. & these tubular seals on vented calipers. Some other calipers on NON LR vehicles may have 4 O ring seals per caliper [2 each side of the spacer block] which is what I thought my calipers had. but once spilt it wasn't the case, I did by 4 of 17H8764L seals, but not required for my front vented calipers but might be useful if I have to split a rear caliper.
  9. The seal in these photos is split &, it's mate in other spacer is in 2 parts, so not much use anymore.
  10. Kev, on back of the gauges, make sure the live & signal wires are not touching the gauges U clamps, if it does the gauge goes straight to full scale reading when power is applied.
  11. Nope, not on vented calipers the rubber tube goes through the spacer with a metal tube in centre, I'll do a few build up photo's when all the parts are here.
  12. Success & a good call by you Now have a pair of these galley seals on the way to me, all sorted within 10 minutes.
  13. Got a reply from the ebay seller whose listing had the photo above but he said that's not a true photo of the kit, so no result there, still waiting for autopost & zeus & north west classic to reply, No I haven't tried big red,
  14. I've found this kit, see the 2 items ringed in red, these might be what I'm after. I've sent the seller [on ebay] a message for more info. Yes I'll try Zeus by email, now sent the email & awaiting a reply -- fingers crossed.
  15. Yes looked on Zues-uk website, nothing there, done lots of web searches looking for these with zero results, Can't find a LR part number for them either. still waiting on replies from https://www.northwestclassic.co.uk/ & the link in original post.
  16. western


    the output flange nut Mike mentioned is on end of the transfer box where the rear prop attaches.
  17. Yes, I have non vented which are just square section O rings & they are the wrong size for vented caliper, these [as shown above ] sit inside the spacer to make the caliper wider.
  18. Trying to obtain 2 of the fluid gallery seals for vented front caliper, only ones I can find online are these https://www.shop4autoparts.net/parts/brakes/CALIPER-GALLERY-SEAL-12-6-13-4/ I've sent messages to the supplier above & to another place, but no replies yet. on the off chance do any forum friends have or know where I can get 2 of the seals from please
  19. western


    I'm with Neil ^^^ sounds like a poor cable or part of the end square has been broken off at some point, I'd go for a new speedo drive gear FRC3310 & a new drive cable but not britpart items. Drive gear -- https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/86100/0/speedo_drive_20_teeth_blue_discovery_1___defender Speedo cable -- https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/242441/0/speedo_cable_1_piece_defender (the genuine LR item is £135)
  20. western


    You won't have that green sensor, only on Td5 with the electronic speedo. from your speedo the cable goes out into engine bay, down the bulkhead to the transfer box where you removed the drive gear from.
  21. XD/Wolf were fited with 300Tdi engines, as the electronics on Td5 were deemed to be suspect from military radio signal interference on operations, the only Td5 defenders in service are or were contracted from Lex leasing for non frontline duties -- bird control units on airfields for example.
  22. All of my parts were bought new already galavinised, everything is in my chassis change post --- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/85416-new-chassis-for-my-1989-110/
  23. western


    Kev, check the cable is fully seated & clicks into place on the speedo head.
  24. western

    Rear Wiper

    OK on the red wires, wasn't sure what they were for. try not to make the hole bigger as another motor maybe a sloppy fit.
  25. western

    Rear Wiper

    That's good the front wipers are sorted, maybe that green/red in engine bay is just a length of wire used for something else, where do those red wires in photo go ? still don't understand why the rear wiper motor won't come out of the door, unless some bright spark has some how managed to get a nut on the shaft when it was fitted. th if that motor won't come out, it may have to be sacrificed & a new motor obtained to replace it
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