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  1. OK, they are in the garage awaiting call up if required, 👍
  2. Found the 2 spare in my garage, complete with the hex head 10.9ht bolts & spring washers, willing to post all or just the bolts if you want to try them on your rear axle, some photo's
  3. I might have 2 thick early drive members in my garage with bolts. I'm heading back home tomorrow so can have a look & let you know.
  4. The bolts in that have 10.9 on the head & look the same as mine, maybe the bolt holes just need cleaning out for the new bolts will fit.
  5. Wondering if your rear drive members are undersized non genuine lr replacement parts, can you add a photo of the rear drive members.
  6. Never noticed they are 10.9, sorry for any confusion.
  7. Why can't you measure the rear drive members?
  8. Look the same as my thick drive members to me, IIRC the older plastic caps won't fit the thinner members.
  9. pic of a thinner drive flange.
  10. western


    Corteco seals are probably the best.
  11. Now it stopped pouring down, just took these. Rear drive flange & overview of the plastic hubcap.
  12. If the plastic hub cap has a external ridge at the base they are for the older thick drive flanges, the later ones don't have a external ridge. I can add a photo of my thick flanges in morning, if it helps.
  13. Has it got the older thicker drive flanges on all 4 hubs? AFU1181 listed here https://www.advancedfactors.co.uk/afu1181-br3613-bolt-driving-member-91564-p.asp
  14. They are nothing special just 8.8 high tensile bolts, An example https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?q=8.8ht+bolts+50mm+long&client=ms-android-vf-gb-revc&biw=360&bih=654&tbs=vw:l,ss:44&prmd=sivn&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:740246495680115981,paur:ClkAsKraX0-tmhvmiUAhcW6U_ceGOit95zTm1i07SSSHvR4Il8oUdVD-XlVYLHjggs6ShJpdN09j2xxzwWQ9zoVdSV-HV3j8R4J7m3D9ZeLT0Hm0Yopbp38Y6hIZAFPVH73TPVUp2GbXwm0VDkTtFP93nKpvxg,prmr:1,pid:740246495680115981,cs:1 The reason for changing to flanged head is for the production machines to hold the heads as a normal hex head would slide deeper into the production tool socket, whereas the flange stops that happening.
  15. The later number I posted, has superseded the afu number & that FC110107L has been superseded again, just get some. 8.8ht 50mm long bolts from a engineering supplier.
  16. Floor plates have a sponge strip around the lower faces so that keeps water out if the are fully screwed down properly.
  17. They will fit, I didn't replace them, thats not rust on the bolt just copaslip.
  18. Just pulled from my rear hub, 50mm long from under head to end of thread.
  19. Suspect the 5mm longer is for the older thick drive flanges, whereas the thinner ones would use a shorter bolt. I can pull one of my rear drive flange bolts & meadure it, they are the originals as part numbered above.
  20. Do not use Silicone sealant, the paint will not adhere to it, use a body seam sealer or non silicone sealant for vehicles.
  21. Mine is a 1989 110CSW it has separate spring washer under the 17mm hex head, You need FC110107L was AFU1181 BX110095M is for rear disc braked Salisbury axle, but if yours is converted to rear disc, stay with the FC number, I have, with no problem.
  22. On my 1989 110, I converted to intermittent wash/wipe a few years ago, IIRC the screws were reused. Current stalk in prc7370 as on later vehicles with front intermittent wash/wipe
  23. I was able to extract one machine screw from my wash/wipe stalk, they are 1/2 inch long from under the head, 1/4 hex socket fits, suspect the thread is imperial as its to small to be 4mm & to big to fit a 3mm thread die, Hope that helps.
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