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  1. Not required for the Tdi engine, it's redundant, the glowplug timer relay now controls the glowplug operation.the thick yellow/black wire on relay socket goes to No4 glowplug.
  2. Put the reg from a RAF 110HT I used to drive/look after at Brawdy backin '90 to '92, its out of service now, sold by Withams 31 KG 51 Any one on here know this vehicle as I,m able totell the current owner what it was used for, prior to going to the supply Sqn. 28-May-1987 1 TWU BRAWDY 16-Feb-1994 RAF BRAWDY SUPPLY SQN 05-Aug-1994 RAF ST ATHAN SUPPLY SQN 02-Feb-1995 4 FTS RAF VALLEY 25-Jul-1996 CONTRACT MONITORING TEAM 13-Jan-2006 WITHAM (SPECIALIST VEHICLES) LTD Date Not Recorded RAF BRIZE NORTON
  3. ERR1605 cylonic breather to sump hose, same part for Defender & Discovery 200tdi.
  4. maybe you've pushed in one of the speedo socket pins. or the fuel gauge damper circuit is dead & causing the problem.
  5. Route it inside from seat box under the mats then upto dash, As you had to fit a new wire, the vehicle is not prewired for a rev counter.
  6. Most vehicles low or no oil pressure dashlight is on at start up/engine not running/engine cranking until the oil pressure is built up & at the correct pressure then the light goesout.
  7. does seem a bit strange not to have a thermosat in the housing.
  8. make sure you have not got the fuel sender to gauge wire & the sender to low fuel light on the wrong sender terminals, the ridged stud in centre of sender plate is the earth, if these are correct, the fault lies at the instrument pack end. the fuel gauge circuit in my speedo doesn't work so thats why I had to go direct to the fuel gauge.
  9. Just wire the fuel gauge wire direct from sender to back of fuel gauge, it wil work fine, that's how mine is done, do the same for the low fuel light as well.
  10. Have you got the transducer wires in the correct location in the transducer plug? Pin 1 nearest transfer box Pin2 centre Pin 3 rear This is how mine 8s connected, black/red goes to top pink plug on back of speedo.
  11. Ashcrofts do an adaptor similar shape to genuine item for adding a oil cooler to R380. https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/miscellaneous/r380-oil-cooler-kit/r380-oil-cooler-kit.html
  12. Good you found the cause.
  13. Will he be visiting the deep southwest of the UK. ?
  14. Ftc2687 for use with oil cooler fitted, no facility for a over temp warning switch to put dash red light on.
  15. Ftc2104, operates gearbox oil temp warning only, may already be a none switch fitted housing on your gearbox, there is on mine.
  16. Old Post same subject
  17. Transducer black/red goes direct to the speedo matching color wire via the grey big multiplug behind instrument pack, that's how mine is done & it works fine.
  18. Thought so, anyway my Transducer black/red signal wire goes the speedo upper plug c1060 pin 2. White/green to pin 10, & black to a suitable earth point. Mark yours needs to be the same.
  19. Yes on my 200tdi, but I guess the question is for Green200tdi
  20. My speedo transducer is directly connected to speedo, a 12v ign live, a earth & signal wire to speedo plug, I'll dig out my connection info.
  21. Would be better on ignition, otherwise its live all the time even at rest.
  22. Design chassis do 100 inch wheelbase chassis I believe
  23. https://yrmit.co.uk/?s=90+sill+&post_type=product
  24. YRM metal solutions they can supply a galv version
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