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  1. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Yes my kit from Devon 4x4, the led I think can be wired into the switch, so it lights when switch is operated to engage OD, I've been thinking of doing it to my gearknob led.
  2. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    or leave existing sensor in place & use this to switch manually speed sensor/control box override kit got one on my recently refitted OD & it works fine. scribbles are mine.
  3. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Have a read of this Note the DATE & poster
  4. western

    is there a minimalist 2 Din console for MY00

  5. western

    squeeling noise at high revs

    Check your prop UJ's too,
  6. western

    VDO Vision Speedo - Mileages correction

    I had my Td5 spedo mileage sorted by https://digidash.co.uk/
  7. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    My complete exhaust system is stainless steel so putting ome wrapon it won't/shouldn't give me any issues.
  8. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    checked the fluid level earlier, it was down by about 100ml, so level is restored & will see how it behaves on the drive to & from work tomorrow.
  9. western

    300Tdi Conversio Exhaust

    Stay with the original type but with the 300tdi downpipe, if you change all of the system to 300tdi you will have to change the chassis brackets to suit the rubber ring hangers
  10. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    It's getting better with use, most likely the new clutch parts beginning to bed in, I'll check the fluid level on friday & have a good look around for any leaks, but haven't seen any telltale spots on the ground. I'm happy with it & my 110 seems a bit queiter even without OD engaged.
  11. western

    Steering cowl shroud twisted

    That looks much better.
  12. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Not had chance this evening to try any measuring for a spacer, overdrive seems to be working OK, it did slip initially when moving off from traffic lights on a hill when road tested yesterday & did slip on move off this morning on a level road, but seems to be working ok during driving [OD not engaged] & operated fine when selected in on a nice long section of road, need to checkk/topup the oil tomorow afterwork, couldn't do it today due to change in weather & no undercover work area.
  13. western

    Steering cowl shroud twisted

    Yes just slacken the 2 vertical bolts & the column outer should move.
  14. western

    wiring diagram dutch marines ladrover 110

    Dutch Marine Defenders are basically the same as a normal 300Tdi defender.
  15. Ring or email, they may be able to source one
  16. https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/89733/0/fuse_board___300tdi___defender also on a LR loom the fusebox is actually part of the main/dash loom, not seperate.
  17. western

    Superwinch H14 information?

    Superwinch at Tavistock have ceased trading, been bought out by another company.
  18. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    According to the makers webpage it fits ----Deep Sump, Larger than any other on the market. It will work on J&P type overdrives.
  19. western

    Steering cowl shroud twisted

    Have a look at the engine bay end of column the column & mounting should look like this if correctly fitted
  20. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I think a spacer is another option to VB's proposed sump, I'll have a better look next week to ascertain how deep a spacer will need to be to prevent the GKN sump & TB sump hitting each other. just a shame that MO hasn't looked at non USA vehicles & options to enable fitment to vehicles like ours with the LT230 big sump & a OD.
  21. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    the MO sump if I can't use it would be sold on ebay or if anyone on here wants it I would be willing to sell but I would want what I paid for it. I would be happy to trial one of your sumps
  22. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Missed replying to this reb, the existing filter is reused, it sits in the machined area inside the big sump & has a extension tube & 2 'O' ring seals.
  23. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    There are no support or baffles beyond the filter housing, just took these 2 photo's Checked this sumps capacity with water it holds 1100ml or 1.1litres when filled level to the machined face.
  24. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Oh sounds good, on another thought if my existing sump was cut down by 50mm & the existing end was welded or bolted back in place, would that work? The total oil capacity would still be more than the overdrive existing oil capacity.
  25. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    A spacer would be a solution, There is a place where I could get one made, would need it puting on a CAD file though,which I know nothing about, I'll have to measure & see how deep a spacer would need to be to obtain a small amount of clearance between TB & OD sumps. also the oil filter extension tube that comes with the sump would need to be longer to ensure it pickes up from the bottom of oil contents.

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