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  1. Do you have a website link please, as others may like to add one of these to their tool stash
  2. Start with having the alternator & charging system tested by a auto electrics place.
  3. voltage regulator is part of the alternator, try raising the idle rpm to 750 to 850, the fan only needs to be on when required not all the time.
  4. Just spoken to Ram Gaskets, yes they can make more gaskets but would need material type & measurements, Reb78 you have a PM
  5. Yes, as it shows low or no oil pressure
  6. the in loom charge light resistor looks like this out of its covering & loom, it located in the dash/main loom, to left of instrument pack about halfway along to where the Radio, rear wash/wipe,cig lighter wires come out of the loom. usually taped inside & covered with a insulating sleeve. It's not easy to access & the resistor inside looks like a glass fuse with a wide ridged strip inside. [it is NOT a fuse]
  7. Charge or more accurately the No charge light is the red battery light in top line of the warning light panel The choke is the butterfly valve symbol in lower line, looks like this [/] lights up Amber when glow plugs are in use Brown/yellow trace line is from alternator, Glow plug wiring is yellow/black trace line on it.
  8. the brown/yelow has to connect to the charge light [in your case its the Choke symbol] as it was on my original warning light panel.
  9. That appeared on facebook, posted by someone who had seen it on Smyth's toys website, it got pulled, I guess LR weren't happy for it to be posted on Smyth's website.
  10. the ring terminal is Earth to a screw/bolt on engine side of bulkhead adjacent to the clutch pedal unit. the others go direct to the gauge wiring to match up with a bullet conection for the green/white the white/purple is not used on a diesel engne vehicle the white slate goes to the warning ight panel low fuel light
  11. Agreed, would be looking at the oil pump internals as well.
  12. remove it & the 2 UJ's, then you'll be able to see if its good or not. looks like the collapsible joint has moved apart, mine is closed up.
  13. Red oil, red charge, Amber glow plug, and red brake check when key is twisted to start position
  14. & the track rod for straightness.
  15. must've been typing our replies at the same time.
  16. Glad its running just reproduce what worked previously &/or add a connection to the starter soleniod white/red trace wire, then No fuel & No starter action when the secret switch is in use.
  17. Got mine from E H Douglas in Wardington near Banbury,
  18. Happy with my Double S stainless system fitted for over 18 years, they repaired the rear box/tailpipe when I found a crack in the weld. I would by another if I had a 2nd 90 or 110.
  19. 200 & 300tdi glow plug relay the thich brown goes to battery +ve yellow/black with ring terminal to number 4 glowplug stud all the other wires in rubber plug connect to the main loom matching socket
  20. Keep the yellow volt sensitive relay, it stop rear screen heater operating when engine is not running & alternator is not charging. One relay should be brake fail light check on start up, not sure of wire colours as I am not near my wiring diagrams
  21. https://bearmach.com/crystal-led-halo-headlight-set-crystal-rhd-not-e-marked-ba-070hc Suitable for Fitment All RHD models RHD - Non E Marked says RHD variant are NOT E marked
  22. Possibly wrong slave pushrod or the socket on the operating arm is breaking away, have you set the clutch pedal end float & tightened the 2 nuts.
  23. Should be in the td5 wiring diagrams link I sent you too, the connector & pin reads like this C1065-4 The first 5 digits being the connector & last number after the - is the pin number
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