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  1. & the track rod for straightness.
  2. must've been typing our replies at the same time.
  3. Glad its running just reproduce what worked previously &/or add a connection to the starter soleniod white/red trace wire, then No fuel & No starter action when the secret switch is in use.
  4. Got mine from E H Douglas in Wardington near Banbury,
  5. Happy with my Double S stainless system fitted for over 18 years, they repaired the rear box/tailpipe when I found a crack in the weld. I would by another if I had a 2nd 90 or 110.
  6. 200 & 300tdi glow plug relay the thich brown goes to battery +ve yellow/black with ring terminal to number 4 glowplug stud all the other wires in rubber plug connect to the main loom matching socket
  7. Keep the yellow volt sensitive relay, it stop rear screen heater operating when engine is not running & alternator is not charging. One relay should be brake fail light check on start up, not sure of wire colours as I am not near my wiring diagrams
  8. https://bearmach.com/crystal-led-halo-headlight-set-crystal-rhd-not-e-marked-ba-070hc Suitable for Fitment All RHD models RHD - Non E Marked says RHD variant are NOT E marked
  9. Possibly wrong slave pushrod or the socket on the operating arm is breaking away, have you set the clutch pedal end float & tightened the 2 nuts.
  10. Should be in the td5 wiring diagrams link I sent you too, the connector & pin reads like this C1065-4 The first 5 digits being the connector & last number after the - is the pin number
  11. Only just seen this, my apologies completely forgot to look at it.
  12. black/red is the signal wire from transducer to speedo plain black earth white/green 12v power feed all of these should be the same colour code from the transducer to the speedo & through all connectors. I thought you were going to keep all these td5 wiring questions in one thread.
  13. Think my old 1989 roof had a welded nut on inside
  14. From parts book, note the extra info for item 11
  15. Look in tech archive there is at least 2 previous links in there
  16. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/42069-russet-brown-or-rowan-brown/
  17. Got vdo gauges in my 110 using vdo senders, not able to verify the numbers until I get home on Friday
  18. Sounds good, they would certainly help, I'll contact ram gaskets when I'm able to. working away next wek.
  19. I priced up the parts & inc 4 springs & 2 piston seals it was over 84 quid before vat & postage, making new gaskets at home would be a good move. ODR have a gasket set listed for the Jtype OD, so no idea if its the same as the GKN gaskets. found this near me https://www.ramgaskets.com/ might ask about getting a set or 10 of each gasket made BUT that depends on what the cost would be.
  20. But overdrive repair don't list some of the items Devon4x4 show, they certainly haven't got the springs listed.
  21. I have 2 swivels seals here waiting to be fitted to my 1989 110's front axle, part number LR059968 or Corteco number 15510032
  22. Does any of you know where this seal is located on the overdrive, because I haven't seen one in either of my 2 units https://www.devon4x4.com/overdrive-seal.html
  23. bought a 1 inch AF OE spanner, a few minutes meeting with Mr angle grinder it got slimmed down on one side of the open end face & now fits between the OD body & solenoid, which was removed & inspected, looked very clean, but gave it a blast or 2 with brake cleaner, no nasty gunk in the port it occupies either. so this bit is looking fine. solenoid works everytime it was switched on/off too.
  24. one brake[line] pipe to each caliper, wheras a Discovery for example has 2 pipes to each caliper.
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