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    Yep, reckon it's a worn out arm as you suggest, oh well a bit more expense but it'll be worth the effort.
  2. western


    Motor position may need tweaking a bit, but looks as close to this one. Have a read of this too, as the park switch ramp might be in the wrong place on the gear.
  3. western


    Put a photo of the wiper motor up please, if its fitted upside down that will affect the park position.
  4. western


    take the arms & blades off, mark the side of the adaptors that sits in line with the screen seal edge with something you can see easily [white or light coloured paint or some masking tape] then ign on & operate the motor, the mark should move through just over 90degrees towards the vehicles right side & return to the rest [same position] when the motor stops. then the arms & blades can be refitted so the sit parallel with the screen seal edge.
  5. western


    They way you done it is OK for the driver side wheelbox,, But was the motor definetly in the parked position ? to replace the left one you will have to extract the motor complete with the drive cable [this will or should be greased] to allow the left wheelbox to be fitted.
  6. the 'shoulder' as you call it [the locking part] goes on so it faces away from the bolt head, once on & torqued up the deformation & torqued will keep it in place.
  7. western


    Have you got both with the cable tube at the top if not they will not operate correctly & try to park the wipers on the bonnet. see page 729 [page number top centre of each page] http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/8_body_electrics_p667-740.pdf there's a pretty good guide on repairs here https://www.firstfour.co.uk/news/land-rover-defender-wiper-repair-guide/ by the way the screen washer jet is 180 degree out, it needs to face up.
  8. This was on recently one of the free view channels ran it, definitely hand formed, panels, handmade frame & interior, no robots in Morgan's factory http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/20160225-how-is-a-morgan-made-building-britains-classic-car-by-hand.
  9. A bit more about the RR here, it was in LRO in Oct 2014. https://www.lro.com/blog/news/land-rover/1201/jimmy-saviles-carawagon-
  10. Start relay earth is on a black/green trace wire, would say earth's to bulkhead at rear of the clutch & brake pedal housings.
  11. On ebay if you can't get one https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1225284391?iid=371103651193&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=371103651193&targetid=879157198036&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045281&poi=&campaignid=9437867021&mkgroupid=95526236133&rlsatarget=pla-879157198036&abcId=1140486&merchantid=7418154&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1_jdhcun6QIV2eR3Ch3gwwZCEAQYByABEgIzJ_D_BwE
  12. yes they could be taped up, would be worth finding out, good on the rear fog light, can't think of anything else to connect.
  13. have we got the rear fog light working ? can't remember, yes I think it's nearly there. it's been good fun helping you sort this out, just good fortune that our 110's are almost the same year
  14. Have a look at the GwynLewis4x4 fitting info for Td5 dual alternator mount, https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/TD5-Twin-Alternator-Mount.pdf the top hose has some rubber rings around it to help it sit over & away from the top hose.
  15. not stupid at all, Yes they way you have wired it is fine, One reverse light was factory standard for UK/Right hand drive vehicles, other markets that have left hand drive the reverse light is on the other side, but the vehicles were wired so either or both could be fitted, this also applies to the rear fog light I doubled both of mine ages ago. There can't be much more wiring to sort out, we must be nearly done ????
  16. Hopefully this will help.
  17. there should be 2 more green/brown coming up from under the vehicle, the male you have arrowed goes to the female connection of the 2 wires to reverse switch & it's male partner goes into the big multiplug plain green. If the other 2 are not there, just run 2 new wires to reverse switch, I'll add a diagram shortly. Good find on the diff lock switch wire.
  18. For the diff lock wire at bulkhead multplug, it's the thick black/blue trace with the hook around it, then it goes down in chassis loom & appears under right floor plate, then a connecting wire to the terminal on diff lock switch. Hopefully when connected & ignition on with diff lock selectedthe light will come on, if not you may need to move the vehicle as it will only light when centre diff is fully engaged.
  19. At this multi plug on engine side of bulkhead, the plain grren with the hook around it is the 12v feed for reverse lights, The wires out to reverse switch & lights is the male single connector in chassis loom, This single male goes to the female in next photo & the single male goes to the plain green in big multiplugs, that should sort your reverse switch & lights.
  20. Cheers FF maybe able to get around to that soon, just need to clear the garage, might have to do it in 2 parts.
  21. After lunch I will confirm the wiring route for the difflock black/blue & the reverse lights from bulkhead connections to the respective switches.
  22. Yes that's it, will travel down the bulkhead face, go along the chassis & should appear as I mentioned under the floor plate, it might only be a short length of wire with a spade terminal on, just extend it to diff lock switch & make sure its secured safely.
  23. Yes to wiring the reverse lights that way. & Yes that is the difflock switch.
  24. for twin tank fuel switch over on some export or military models. On my 110 I drilled the blank with a hole for a toggle switch to operate alternating hazard warning ing lights on my rally recovery trailer.
  25. the 'park brake' is not wired, so can be ignored. Brake fail should be connected to the black/white trace wires on the long white multiplug which clip to back of warning light cluster, it should only light up on start up while engine is cranking over then go out & stay out. Centre diff lock is a Black/blue wire, it should be sat on top of chassis below the drivers floor panel it may need extending to the diff lock switch on top of the transfer box front output housing, its a difficult item to see, one terminal should be earthed to the transfer box casing, rear heated screen is wires to the light are behind instrument pack, one id White/green trace & other is plain black. with ignition on & rear screen heater switch on the icon should light up. Seat belt, park brake & gearbox temp can be ignored, not used on UK vehicles, but can be wired in at a later date, the side/tail light should be on when side/tail lights are on., so should already be working. 24 V battery light is not required & can be ignored. good work on checking the reverse lights & switch operation, if you can't find the correct colour wires, just run new wires to get them operating. I will check my multiplugs tomorrow for the reverse light switch wiring & add a photo to show you which ones they are & how they get to the gearbox.
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