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  1. from 1987 on front calipers [non vented] were LH RTC5573 & RH RTC5572 for vehicles with rear drum brakes.

    from vehicles fited with rear disc brakes the front calipers changed numbers to STC1266 RH & STC1267 LH, these ae for vented front disc

    so if you need new calipers for non vented fronts use the RTC part numbers

  2. On later axles the serial number is made up with lots of dots [centre punch style] to form the digits, these can be very difficult to read, doubt they have 'worn' off unless someone has run a grinder over the area. 

  3. My 110 has a galv Marsland/gkn chassis, it was faultless during the change, didn't have any alignment problems, best buy I ever made, I would definitely recommend & choose again if I needed another. 

  4. Rubber moulded connectors are pre 1991 200tdi vehicles they changed to plastic casing when 300tdi came in, just buy some new male & female connectors & replace the ones that don't match, have a look at Land rover-connectors ebay shop, you can message him via ebay for advice. 

  5. It's all CGI made, note the rear suspension does not move when the weight comes of the roadwheels & no movement when the weight goes back on. that video is all over facebook LR pages

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