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  1. Only just seen this, my apologies completely forgot to look at it. 



    Water temp sender defender spec 200tdi is 5/8 unf

    Oil temp is a button end connection the spade terminal slides on to.  LR part number is PRC4372.

    mine is now a VDO sender for the oil temp gauge, bought from europa spares their part no is 323801009001 cost me £16.91 plus VAT/postage

    thread is 1/8 - 27 NPT button connection same as LR sender.


    black/red is the signal wire from transducer to speedo

    plain black earth

    white/green 12v power feed

    all of these should be the same colour code from the transducer to the speedo & through all connectors.


    I thought you were going to keep all these td5 wiring questions in one thread.



  3. I priced up the parts & inc 4 springs & 2 piston seals it was over 84 quid before vat & postage,  making new gaskets at home would be a good move.

    ODR have a gasket set listed for the Jtype OD, so no idea if its the same as the GKN gaskets.


    found this near me https://www.ramgaskets.com/ might ask about getting a set or 10 of each gasket made BUT that depends on what the cost would be.

  4. bought a 1 inch AF OE spanner, a few minutes meeting with Mr angle grinder it got slimmed down on one side of the open end face & now fits between the OD body & solenoid, which was removed & inspected, looked very clean, but gave it a blast or 2 with brake cleaner, no nasty gunk in the port it occupies either. so this bit is looking fine. solenoid works everytime it was switched on/off too. 


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