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  1. western

    Cabling for side-lights

    Front side lights & tail lights Left - red/black trace Right - red/orange trace Left & Right brake [stop] lights - Green/purple trace Left front/rear/side repeater indicator - Green/red trace Right front/rear/side repeater indicator - Green/white trace rear number plate light - red/black trace feeds from rear tail light connection rear fog light - red/yelow trace [you will find this wire on left & right sides of the vehicle] reverse light - green/brown trace [again this is on both sides of the vehicle] hope that helps, how is wheely coming on ?
  2. western

    Rivets for grille badge

    There might be part numbers on the outer race edge.
  3. western

    Rivets for grille badge

    Not in either of my parts book, just the upper column assembly
  4. western

    MOT testing hammer

    VOSA approved MOT test hammer https://www.tooled-up.com/sealey-vosa-approved-mot-corrosion-assessment-hammer/prod/109341/ Says it weight is 0.07kg. So that's the only one that should be used.
  5. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Thinking about replacing the current Visteon cd/radio it's the same as in 2008 defenders, sometimes the cd scanning jumps. otherwise the unit works ok, thinking about something like this with sat nav capability. I have the original type dash with the existing unit in the grey plastic single DIN moulding with a 25mm wide spacer ring to make it look tidy, wondering if the unit or similar pictured will fit & if the screen would sit correctly. Do any of you have such a unit in their Defender ?
  6. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    I fitted 4 pioneer g-1010 [IIRC] speakers years ago, sound is good, 2 speaker in factory dash space & 2 in rear headliner, it blast out my Sky cd's with no problem, not overly keen on the raptor centre panel,but may have a look.
  7. Best match I can find is Left hand drive LR part ANR2784 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/82058/0/vacuum_hose_300tdi_lhd___aircon_def OR if 110 is Right hand drive the pipe is LR part ANR2783 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/102588/0/brake_vacuum_hose____egr_300tdi_def going on where your lower steering column is I believe you need the ANR2783 pipe, but the price might put you off, no idea what the cost with postage will be to your location, I think a good length of car vacuum hose would do the job.
  8. western

    Rivets for grille badge

    in my upto 1986 110 parts book it shows grille badge self adhesive part number MTC9838, with a note saying upto 1984 facelift, from 1984 use MUC2003 which is a self adhesive decal type.
  9. western

    Stumpy R380 with 300Tdi

    Stumpy R380 slave cylinder is on left side of the bell housing same as a LT77, on my 200tdi/R380 I have slave 591231 & pushrod ftc4229
  10. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    That's cos it was taking to long to load asthe pics were a bit to large & I deleted it & I needed to leave to drive to work, now today's work is done & I'm home, here are the pics I took earlier. couldn't do anything about the reflections. as it sticks out a bit so screen can clear the garmin unit, I'm going to get one of the Mudstuff centre consoles https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/mud-stuff/mud-defender-console.html & will have to adjust the garmins position.
  11. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    I'll post some pics later this evening, got to head off to work now.
  12. western

    Defender 110 Chassis Dimensions

    No measurements in my boddy repair book. suggest going by the video posted above.
  13. western

    Defender 110 Chassis Dimensions

    The B pillar is part of & fixed to the lower sill of the body side frame & cannot move, the body dimensions are not in the workshop manual, I'll have a look in the body repair book I have.
  14. western

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    The wiring diagrams I sent you gives all the info & colour codes, just match them with the loom.
  15. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Will post some pics in morning, I'm at work now & it's dark, The unit came via ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Android-8-0-7-Autoradio-GPS-DVD-Bluetooth-Auto-USB-FM-WIFI-1DIN-Player-Kamera-/382747783109?nav=SEARCH
  16. western

    Brake calliper O ring size.

    Caliper O ring seals are LR part 17H8764L You can remove the mudshields, they do rot & fall off, removed them off my 110 a while ago.
  17. western

    Advice on an LR4 requested

    In USA its a Discovery 4 as we know it. https://www.landroverusa.com/vehicles/lr4-7-passenger-suv/index.html
  18. western

    Brake Shuttle valve

    PDWA does shut off the leaking side, my '89 110 has its PDWA still, never given me any problems when bleeding the brakes
  19. If the led lights are E marked & left hand dip, then he should pass them, the beam pattern is flat topped but should still pass, look online for the mot testers manual & shove it in his face.
  20. western

    Early defender 110 second row seats

    Double ring https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/126079/2250/twin_rear_seat_belt_male_anchor_plate___defender_110_1987_2006___range_rover_classic_1992_1994___discovery_1_1989_1998_
  21. western

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Was just a thought.
  22. western

    Early defender 110 second row seats

    as all those parts are within the box for item 1 the floor ring is part of the seatbelt fixings that come with the seatbelt, so the floor ring does not have a seperate part number.
  23. western

    speedo drive gears

    this may help
  24. western

    Intercoolers and other bits

    My 110 200tdi is standard, still with the factory size rad & intercooler, to get info where would I have to fit the sensors & which ones wouldI need, I've got some temp sensing labels they read from 1 set from 71 to 110, other set reads from 77 to 127 degrees C Would these work ??
  25. western

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    just to end this, got one of the units in the first post, all working, even managed to get the satnav part working, just need to tidy up the install, need a wider spacer so the screen doesn't touch the dash.

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