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  1. western

    Windscreen wiper overhaul

    Wheelboxes & drive rack are about the only parts that wear.
  2. western

    200tdi with r380 gearbox questions

    More info here https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/manual-gearboxes/short-bellhousing-r380.html
  3. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    He had this in stock, but it's taken me nearly 3 months to get hold of this item, he doesn't work at these as a fulltime job, my first email was on 19 Oct, my last reply from him was 15 Dec, had to extract the parcel tracking number from him as well, customs charges were paid this morning & I'm expecting delivery tomorrow, if it comes after 11.30am, [ I'll be at work after] then I'll have to collect from post office on Weds morning. I'll add some photo's of the inside when I get my grubby mitts on it.
  4. western

    Windscreen wiper overhaul

    Have a look on https://www.s-v-c.co.uk/category/wiper-systems-and-part/ maybe cheaper but just as good as genuine LR parts
  5. western

    200tdi with r380 gearbox questions

    I have a Stumpy R380 behind my Defender spec 200Tdi, My first one was a genuine brand new LR unit, the current one is a Ashcroft unit my old broken R380 was taken in part exchange. the rarest part is the 11cm long clutch housing.
  6. To all Please note our Tech archive Index ------------ all the links from the Water ingress manual onwards all go to the water ingress manual Scibed website link. I've made the Index visible to all again as I just haven't had time to do anything about the broken/corrupt links. I will do my best to rectify this in slow time, so if there is a ppost you need please search for it.
  7. western

    Where is the Tech Archive Index?

    It has some corrupted links, to date I haven't had time to sort them out to link back to their original posts, Tech Archive index id currently hidden, but as I probably won't get time over Xmas to sit & sort, I'll make it visible again & hopefully in new year I can get it fixed.
  8. western

    Deep water

    IIRC on a 2.5TD engine its a sump off & disconnect con rod cap from its parent rod/piston, cylinder head off & piston/rod comes out the top.
  9. western

    Deep water

    Remove & have the tested at a diesel injection place.
  10. western

    Deep water

    Did any water get inside the engine ? could be a partially siezed injector, maybe they need a service/recondition/test, white smoke sounds like unburnt fuel in cylinder & coming from a poorly sealing injector.
  11. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    No it's mine, or at least the one I bought is.
  12. western

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    Would you post a link to those please. just ordered a new set of crystal free form headlights as the silver reflective backing is going on my current set, & some Osram nighbreaker filaments from Devon4x4.
  13. western

    DEFENDER 200tdi turbo failure

    Also examine all the flexible elbow joints, my turbo (same engine) did a similar thing back a while ago, only thing I found was a split in one elbow to the compressor housing inlet, I repaired it & all returned to normal, but I didn't trust the turbo anymore so had a new cartridge fitted by a local engine rebuilders.
  14. western

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    just to update this, I bought V8Freaks unit from him & managed to get one of these bigger sumps [waiting on delivery] http://maximum--overdrive.com/products.html Deep Sump, Larger than any other on the market. It will work on J&P type overdrives. Will increase oil capacity and cooling. Recommended for heavy duty applications.
  15. western

    Kenlowe hotstart cable or equivalent

    IIRC the mains lead is a blue/white plug at the vehicle end & a normal household 3 pin plug at other end to fit a normal 240v socket.
  16. western

    Earth help.

    Earth cable from engine to chassis. Multi earth's on bulkhead adajent to clutch pedal housing, look for multiple plain black wires to a single screw.
  17. western

    battery isolate

    one of these will allow your radio to remain powered while isolating the starter circuit https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/battery-isolator-switch-removeable-key-with-ignition-isolation.html
  18. western

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    I keep meaning to buy some nightbreaker lights, also my Wipac crystal bowls are starting to loose the silver backing, so a new set of those are on the cards too., already made a headlight wiring upgrade with a relay for dip & full beam powered from alternator.
  19. western

    New steering wheel

    As for the stalks you can gently bend them to get the ends closer to the wheel, I did that to mine & can reach both without taking a hand off the wheel.
  20. western

    New steering wheel

    I swapped my A type for a C variant factory fitted with a leather cover, its about 1 inch smaller diameter but with a thicker rim, its a nice wheel to drive with.
  21. western

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    Also make sure the steering box drop arm nut is tight 176Nm, if it's loose it will allow the drop arm to move up/down on the shaft. mine got picked up on last MOT. its mega tight now.
  22. western

    New steering wheel

    If you want to stay with a LR wheel depending on your column spline count 36 or 48, this is worth a read http://www.web-rover.co.uk/articles-steeringwheels.html IIRC some Austin Rover car wheels fit as well.
  23. I retained the drum brake master cylinder after coverting my '89110 to rear disc, also stayed with the origanl type servo & don't have any braking poblem with this set up, as the others have said thelater 300Tdi bigger diameter servo is known for cracking around the master cylinder stud area, the smaller servo doesn't seem to suffer from that issue.
  24. western

    Locking Button Assembly

    Here you go on Brit-car website https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=brc8965pma&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10 new number is EJS000010PMA
  25. western

    Land Rover series 3 starring weal

    http://www.web-rover.co.uk/articles-steeringwheels.html You will have to count the splines on the Series column to see if it's 36 or 48 spline, then make your choice from the types in the link above, also some older Austin Rover car steering wheels fit as well.

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