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  1. it can be tested on the vehicle too as you will hear it click as the power applied shifts the plunger across.
  2. https://www.safari-equip.co.uk/land-rover/defender/side-pod-tank-rear-side-sill-tank-side-arch-tank-replacement-main-tank/defender-90-td5-rhs-sill-tank-stainless-steel.html
  3. Speed sensor only operates at 30mph to tell the control box to disengage the Overdrive if the vehicle is below 30 or above 30, just connect a on/off switch direct to solenoid as noted above
  4. on a 110 tank the centre terminal is a ridged pin which is the sender earth, not familiar with a 90 sender, just seems strange it doesn't have a earth connection. glad its working ok
  5. This post might help https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/28416-na-diesel-90-fuel-tank-sender-unit-help/
  6. Just extend the wiring to suit using the correct colour wires which you can source from Autosparks in 1 metre or longer lengths, light positions as Mo has written above.
  7. I think simonb is the man to talk to, I see you asked about using a Td5 switch in Jan 2011
  8. Good to read you have received some progress & the prosecution has been terminated.
  9. The plain green for reverse lights is in the multiplugs as in my pictures in your other post, There are some unused connections for additions which could be fitted to civilian vehicles, the looms are common parts.
  10. Caravan club recommend no more than 85% of the towing vehicles kerbweight. From their website - - - - It’s important that you safely load both your caravan and your car. For optimum towing performance, we recommend to aim for a maximum towed load of no more than 85% of the car’s kerbweight for beginners and perhaps up to 90% for experienced towers. Never exceed 100%.
  11. If its just plain green it's a fused ign live feed
  12. On civvy vehicles the reverse & brake lights share a fuse, can't remember the rating.
  13. Only 6 bolts on each pedal assembly & some pipes to disconnect, master cylinder can be unbolted from the servo, so the brake pipes are not disturbed.
  14. This might help https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/77816-300tdi-into-earlier-defender-chassis-mounts/
  15. The looms use the UK standard wiring colours, Military vehicles were LR's were not normally fitted with reverse lights, so they could not show white lights to the rear in a operational situation, so quite likely the 2 core wires & reverse light switch were never fitted when built.
  16. Td5 1999 wiring diagram here http://www.legionlandrover.com/index.php?sec=31&id=6&tipo=Defender
  17. See the first screenshot in here https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/108483-1988-110-propshafts/?tab=comments#comment-983113
  18. IIRC there is a post somewhere with propshaft lengths listed found it might be helpful to you
  19. Good to read it was a curing issue & has eventually fully cured.
  20. all you need to know on these 2 pages of 110 parts book 1987 onwards.
  21. Glad the info helps, if you know the military reg number enter it in here https://merlinarchive.uk/ & it should tell you what units/stations it served with
  22. PRC6290 is correct for rear wash/wipe & heated rear screen with the circular connector meant for vehicles up to chassis LA939975. if you cannot obtain a genuine LR loom use this one https://www.autosparks.co.uk/lr479-land-rover-defender-90-110-rear-door-wiring-harness.html for that age of vehicle I would expect to see the later loom AMR3124 with the econoseal plugs
  23. Your welcome, no harm in asking if not sure, we are all here to help each other out.
  24. you can see those areas on these diagrams from 110 parts book. bulkhead foot where bolt 2 goes through & forward end of sill where part 29 is arrowed to.
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