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  1. Might need some primer for plastic materials, not sure what the door trim panels are made of.
  2. That new starter is the same part number that I fitted to my 200tdi a few months ago, it spin the engine over very well.
  3. All LW were made for military there was no civilian variant in UK, Spain did make a variant under licence years ago called the Santana Ligero. the military reg number should be on the military ident plate on dash or end of the seat box.
  4. I have a good black 300tdi expansion tank & cap here if you need one, I replaced it with a translucent version.
  5. You wouldn't fit & it would be to hot for you Filling with air & submerging it in water would show any leakage by bubbles escaping, not sure how you could seal the connections & get air in though.
  6. A blocked or restricted matrix wouldn't help the glow. As for the state it will only fit one way, where the struts are doesn't matter I think that stamping motorad is a parts name used by elring https://www.elringparts.co.uk/Brands/Motorad
  7. Head gasket you have is the normal composite type, so that should be fine,
  8. Which head gasket type did you fit - - - laminated steel.or the normal composite type, I used a laminated one & had oil in coolant issues, replaced it with a composite type & it was cured. I found oil & coolant between the laminated layers, this was all prior to my engine rebuild.
  9. Change the battery earth from the negative terminal to one of the main gearbox to transfer box bolts, that's where my battery earth connects, as well as another earth from engine below alternator to chassis part of left engine mounting, clean any paint & dirt off to get a clean sound connection.
  10. Most heavy duty roof racks had 4 additional corner struts to spread the load further down the body to,
  11. Yes L W Vass are still in business, but just looked at their website, they look to have moved from ex military parts & vehicles to fire service equipment & vehicle servicing.
  12. Linley had the 'linley' inlaid to the wood strip on glovebox as in this photo
  13. If rehoning on the bores cleans them up, with out a full rebore to .040 then you may get away with rehoning & new piston ring set of .020 there are mobile companies that can rebore engines in situ, they should be able to carryout a rehoning of the bores https://www.google.com/search?q=mobile+engine+rebores&oq=mobile+engine+rebore&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57.7012j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  14. Would need boring out & forming a recess for the flange to sit in, then be pressed into place, Engineering workshop would do that work, not a do at home job.
  15. A stuck oil ring was contributary to my 200tdi's heavy oil usage, 0.040 oversize is the max rebore size for Tdi engines so that stuck oil ring won't help at all. Turners can supply replacement 0.040 oversize pistons, https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/stc-2982-piston-assembly-1-c2x26617381 if the bores are badly damaged these flanged liners can be used to restore it to standard bore size.https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/su351027-flanged-liner-c2x21683550
  16. I missed the link, so as not to duplicate stuff, I've deleted my previous reply. The old 2.5 2,5 n/a & td engines had a gauze in the oil filler/breather cap.
  17. I used the VHT gold paint on my engine block during the rebuild, it has remained in place, haven't noticed any missing areas, I'll use the same on my calipers when we get some warmer/dryer weather.
  18. War wound, bash it flat & rivet a plate on the inside.
  19. might even be corrosion inside the flasher unit, I had water in one of mine once.no idea how it got water in there.
  20. Pretty sure they are the same inner & outer diameters. 110 springs are much bigger diameter, 110 rear spring seats are NRC4317 these are approximately 168mm diameter where 90 spring seats are approximately 152mm, So if you have 110 rear spring in error there would be a lot of sideways play across the diameter of the smaller seat.
  21. Springs seats on 90 front & rear are the same, as are range rover classic & original Discovery. Only 110 rear spring seats & springs are a larger diameter. Pattern parts may have some slight difference, I would say the new springs are not to spec as genuine LR springs, Once the springs, seats & retainers are bolted down the springs shouldn't move.
  22. Wrong part number, should be as above
  23. Spacer https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=ERC7974&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10 Not shown on diagram but it's immediately below item 13 in the parts list on page 206 in 110 parts book 200tdi engine section http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/110/3_engine_200TDI_300TDI_V8_p168-299.pdf
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