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  1. Carport looks great. lucky 110.
  2. Spidertastic 🕷️🕷️ well done & Thanks for offering up the unused ones to other members. 🕷️
  3. You can still buy new steel bullbars, lots on google
  4. Simply selling main dealers on a brand new vehicle cannot or not legally allowed to fit a steel bull bar, only the rubber covered deformable type is allowed, But once the vehicle is sold the owner can fit whatever the want to. Is how I understand it.
  5. I think that was aimed at supplying vehicle dealers they were only allowed to fit E marked/approved bars the rubber coated type to new vehicles, but a owner could retrofit whatever bar the wanted.
  6. I won't be able to see where I'm going with all that on the bonnet.
  7. Freelander 1 rear differential drain plug FTC5431 Item 15 in http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1233/61921/62032/5064/62051 Freelander 2 rear differential drain plug LR002877 item 3L010 in http://new.lrcat.com/#!/12111/56893/57081/4591/57087 click om item number to get the part number.
  8. You need to add a photo of the moulding so others can see what you have & advise.
  9. As the company that had your spring went bust, then surely the agents who oversaw the wrap up must have all the items that were in the work place to sell off to get funds to pay creditors, might be worth finding out who they were.
  10. best I can find is item 1 on http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1231/25658/25659/1898/25703 only shows the round lights but not the fitting kit. found this picture but no info D 1 grille mounted lights
  11. I would suggest changing the UK 7 pin 12N plug for your local market flat plug. Reverse lights on UK vehicles are wired through a 2nd 12S round plug,
  12. VDO Vision range of gauges are good & accurate, I have a voltmeter, oil temp gauge in psi, coolant temp in psi, the last 2 came from www.defender.com in USA, as VDO Europe only sell those in Bar,
  13. Nice find Tricky, want to add the temp sensor to mine, but its got the blank topped FTC2104. I have the sensor but haven't done anything further to fit it, may have to get one of those adaptors.
  14. I believe so, fitted instead of the oil cooler take off housing which is item 18 in the parts diagram.
  15. Interesting conversion, but I prefer the TD5 set up which I fitted to my 110.
  16. From my 110 parts book, so you have all the numbers.
  17. If no oil cooler the 2 oil ways are joined with oil block FTC2104 Some come without the oil temp switch & is totally blank, not drilled & threaded,
  18. The halo part just wires into the normal sidelights, any 7 inch headlight should fit.
  19. Transfer box & prop bolts & nuts are 9/16ths of a inch imperial not metric.
  20. Check the engraved arrow on all 4 pistons first, it should face/point to front of the engine.
  21. Make sure the bleed screw is at the top or you will never get any trapped air out.
  22. https://www.lrseries.com/AEU2508-BOLT-12-POINT-NEW-REPLACEMENT?search=AEU2508 Or take one bolt to a engineering supplier & get them to match the thread & plain shank in 10.9 HT
  23. M12 Nyloc nut according to the 110 1987 on parts book.
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