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  1. Always the one we don't have 🙄
  2. 9.5mm drill bit shank can be used as a timing pin for the injection pump
  3. White/orange is a ignition switched 12v feed for air condition system when fitted. I used mine to power a shut off relay for 2nd battery voltmeter so it switches off & doesn't drain the winch battery. What colours on other wire? If its blue/purple is a feed for interior light door switches
  4. I would advise replacing the timing belt Kev, then you know it will not fail due to contamination.
  5. I sent mine to https://digidash.co.uk/ before this thread existed.
  6. Yes 👍 that kit will allow you to remove the pump without removing the timing belt.
  7. That's good news Kev, I would fit that voltmeter instead of the suspect orignal. in the 2nd photo, I think the U clamp is a bit close to the upper terminal, that may have been touching the end fitting on the wire.
  8. Meant to be a full filter tell tale, don't think they ever worked.
  9. That voltmeter would work & can be used to check the wiring & battery volts when engine off & when charging.
  10. Can you post a photo of the terminals of the battery gauge as they are now, it shouldn't go off the far right of the scale with engine running, so it could be dead, a very good alternative is the VDO Vision range of gauges, I have 2 of the 12v voltmeters in my 110, they have a much better scale. https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/vdo-voltmeter-gauge-332010001 this can be obtained at a later date, just safely terminate the gauge connections if you decide to replace the existing battery gauge. it could be left in place but disconnected. I think the temp gauge is working ok but as we think it's a gauge/sender mismatch we can revisit it when the 300tdi gauge arrives.
  11. Battery gauge will only work with ign on, plain white wires are switched on by the ignition switch. Plain green are also ignition switch but via the fuse box, The battery gauge when ign is off should stay at the far left of gauge = no power, when ign is on it should rise to indicate a battery voltage level, with engine running while driving it should normally sit around vertical to indicate a charge going to battery from alternator. The temp gauge should show a level it takes a diesel quite a long time at idle to fully warm up, it should be better when driving.
  12. I think that symbol is for the compressor clutch
  13. Allows 2 wires into 1 terminal connections
  14. it's a 15 amp piggyback spade. Halfords sell them & do most car shops in packs of 10 or more
  15. I would still run that black to earth, the white I would go as I mentioned above, I can't remember how my battery gauge was connected on the old instrument pack, I swapped to Td5 gauges a few years ago. the plain green being disconnected can just have a single female bullet connector fitted & it won't cause any problems. the wiring diagram as you can see above shows the battery gauge connecting to plain white wire, so don't know why its on the green.
  16. Hiya Trev, Don't know if the D2 items will fit but this is the Discovery 1 & RR spring isolators which will fit straight on.https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/82070/0/isolator_upper_rear_springs_discovery_1___2___range_rover_classic
  17. Yes or piggyback it off the back of ignition switch plain white wire, but there should be a spare female bullet connect with a rubber covering to plug into. if you go with a new plain white from ign switch use one of these to connect it & ensure its well covered to aviod anything else touching it
  18. No, it needs to go to another plain white wire, Item 75 lower right in the diagram is the battery gauge
  19. the later axle use the sealant all pre 300tdi should have the gasket.
  20. Yes I had seen he had closed his ebay pages, but I'm sure he would respond on here or to a PM. Sorry I don't know enough about the factory alarm system.
  21. OK, just replied to your PM too. hope the temp fix goes well.
  22. Oh well I can still post them for tuesday's collection.
  23. I have 2 of these I can post to you FTC3646 swivel ball to axle gasket Just PM your address & they will be in post tonight for tomorrow's post collection
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