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  1. AA/RAC use the 175amp anderson connectors for their jump cable, so for your use reckon that amp rating cable would me satisfactory. plenty of choices for battery/jump & main feed cables here https://www.autosparks.co.uk/electrical-components/cables/battery-cables.html
  2. Check these areas ----- split hose, leaking connections, leaking water pump from the drain hole between the water pump shaft bearings, split heater matrix
  3. High range with centre diff disengaged is as described above, 4x4 is permanent on 90/110/defenders, there is no 'off' position. I would suggest the transfer gear knob upside down, it should look like this
  4. The R at the end of LT230R means it has parallel ROLLER bearings, whereas the T in LT230T means it has later TAPER roller bearings.
  5. This might help, there was no emissions info when the 200tdi was made, this booklet came with my 200tdi repower kit in 1994 when it was fitted new. The last picture is a close up of the last para on the 2nd page
  6. VIN has no bearing on or has paint info within its make up, it only refers to manufacturer, wheelbase, body, sterling, transmission, engine type,
  7. Nice work, Thanks for posting the photo's certainly help to visulize what goes on in the transfer case while in motion.
  8. I may have it on my storage hard drive, will have a look, Found it on my storage hard drive, attached below in pdf format 200Tdi retro fit info.pdf
  9. Glad the info helped & you found the connection.
  10. In our tech archive, it only came with the engine repower kits.
  11. Arles blue code is JUH, same blue as my 1989 110CSW. For some unknown reason LR never stamped the paint code on 90/110/Defender VIN plates, mines is unstamped too.
  12. extracted from my TD to Defender spec 200Tdi install manual. disconnect number 4 glowplug from the thick wire. Then refer to photo of the install info.
  13. Try putting all the fixings in place BUT do not fully tighten until your happy with how the roof/panels/screen line up.
  14. I would get the proper sub loom & timer unit & fit it, the wiring where it connects to the existing dash/engine bay loom is already on the vehicle.you may have tochange the existing connection to the later 300tdi style econoseal type. Autosparks can supply the sub loom & timer unit LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 & 110 DIESEL TIMER RELAY WIRING HARNESS PART NO:LR470 Defender 90/110 Diesel Timer Relay Harness PRC6083
  15. sometimes you have to reverse to make the diff lock disengage & put the warning light out.
  16. Trialer & 110 look good, Yes it was to do with the Bosnia/Serba conflict.
  17. JSCS Ashchurch is/or was the central vehicle depot near Gloucester, FD AMB is Field Ambulance units, RAMC is Royal Army medical corps, CSS-BN is Combat services support battalion. I can't find a explanation of CSAT.
  18. Mudstuff do a box that sits under the cubby box between the front seats for a cab heater to live in, it has a hot air vent blowing rearwards https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/mud-stuff/mud-heater-locker.html
  19. No rush, weather down south west is terrible, have a safe trip.
  20. 1st photo -- no bearing shell in that con rod, 2nd photo -- looks as though the locating tab that fits in the recess of con rod has broken off & possible the bearing has moved 4th Photo -- piston ring missing from that piston, but it looks ok otherwise without having a closer look in my hands, line between the 2 orange marks could be a hairline crack 5th photo -- head looks OK, can't see any damage between cylinders & the 4 hot spots are in place, valve heads look undamaged as well. 6th photo -- nice tidy 90. A rebuilt engine from Turner Engineering is about that cost plus VAT & Shipping.
  21. LT77 use ATF only, 75W/80 not the approved fluid.
  22. Disconnect battery, unplug the socket on rear face, slacken all 3 bolts, push alternator towards engine block to slacken/remove the belt, remove the 3 bolts[/nuts] remove the alternator. refitting is the reverse sequence, once the bolts are in place & nipped up but not fully so alternator an move, refit belt to the pulleys, pull alternator away from engine to tighten the belt, [ may need assistance here] tighten the bolts fully, the belt should not twist more than 90 degrees on it's run between 2 pulleys.
  23. Does the pedal move easily on its pivot points, the can corrode & make the pedal stiff, doubt you would notice when moving the pedal with your foot, put some light oil on the 2 circular bosses & pin ends on each side of the pedal assembly & take the top cover off & work some oil or grease into the threaded rod & parts inside.
  24. Mine has been fitted since mid 1994, it was a genuine 300tdi clutch pedal assembly. I Would say there is another problem to make the spring snap.
  25. Looks as though the OP is another one question, Hasn't been back since 7th Jan.
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