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  1. The are not Salisbury axles, but suitably strengthened RR P38 type for military use.
  2. the panel on the upper side is Optional on the 3 door which can have a full window, but on the 5 door it covers the outer face of the C pillar, I reckon they could of made a better job of the C pillar, making it narrower & increasing the glass size, but possiblly it has a big part to play in roll over protection.
  3. FTC4996 on ebay says 683mm long https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Wolf-110-R-H-Rear-Half-Shaft-FTC4996/222029264392?epid=1415808687&hash=item33b1f9b608:m:mRylZ4l7O5J2367-jV0GmYA FTC4997 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Land-Rover-Wolf-110-Ambulance-Rear-Left-Hand-Axle-Shaft-FTC4997/253151136044?epid=1615839608&hash=item3af0fbc92c:g:RJ8AAOSwLghZuQNa Hope your mates piggy bank is full up,
  4. Can't help with shaft length measurements but suspect they might be the same as civvy 110 shafts.
  5. rear axle FTC4996 & FTC4997 for 110XD give him this link to XD 90/110/130 parts
  6. I made my own loom, fed direct from alternator, then splits to dip & main relays with fuses then to left headlights, across front of radiator to right headlight, made a big difference, also replaced the old crystal lens headlights for new ones & Osram night breakers lights which are the 120% brighter versions.
  7. Just a straight engine change, the 200tdi fits the existing gearbox,clutch, engine mounts, the kt came with a new radiator, air filter & all the other parts required. the fitting info is on a download link in y reply in this thread
  8. What engine have you got ? because some only had a 45amp alternator others got a 65amp, maybe your alternator needs a good service/new brushes & diode/rectifier pack.
  9. Been looking at the pdf link you added above, some bits I like others not very much, definitely don't like the solid panel on the LWB upper side panel, that could of been a full window which would allow much more natural light into rear of the vehicle. it's actually a 119 inch wheelbase not 110, ought to be called a 120. pretty sure it will sell well. but I won't be buying one, my trusty '89 110CSW will soldier on. been playing with the 'build' thing on LR's website. this one comes out at just over 62,500 on the road with the interior photo I now see why the panel is on the outside of the C post .
  10. My 1989 110CSW was a TD when new, I bought it when it was 4 years old & had a 200tdi repower kit fitted in mid 1994, If you decide to go that way I can send you a copy of the fitting info which may help the authorities decide to allow the change
  11. 90/110 looms are common for petrol & diesel engined vehicles, You can by new looms from Autosparks I would go back to the seller as your first move & see what they have to say. https://www.autosparks.co.uk/finder
  12. Longest on drivers side, to compensate for weight of driver when in motion.
  13. If you go for polyurethane bushes then buy Superpro ones.
  14. my workshop manual shows max power at 4000 rpm is 50 kW [67HP] & max torque at 1800 rpm is 155Nm [114 lbft]
  15. Please photo a wider view of the dash/gearbox tunnel area so we can see how much difference there is to a UK vehicle.
  16. just watched the unveiling video from Frankfurt motor show [it's on youtube] McGovern keeps mentioning 'reductive & verticality' what the heck is that all about, why not just say the design is modern more space inside & the rear end is vertical just the same as the original Series/90/110/defender
  17. Without a overall photo we can't say which way up it should be.
  18. Mine still has the black & silver Land Rover 110 badge on the front, I don't refer to it as a defender, it normally gets called 110 or truck.
  19. My 110 is a 1989 so pre defender years, so was similar to yours before I modded it for intermittent front wipers using genuine parts. check the wires into the motor park switch agree with these photo's [taken from mine] the plug from the main loom will only fit one way.
  20. No step by step builds as such, but plenty of vehicle builds/restoration posts in the member vehicles frum.
  21. the ramp tells the park switch to operate to switch the power on or off, Could be the ramp of the gear inside wiper motor is 180 degrees out, has your wiper motor been replaced with a non land rover item ?
  22. looks full of rust, clean coolant should be either green or blue for a 200 or 300Tdi engine universal anti freeze or ethylene glycol based up to 50% mix currently have this https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/antifreeze/halfords-silicate-antifreeze-concentrate-2-litres in my recently rebuilt 200tdi
  23. 12s sockets still around on older vehicles & trailers, so the info is still valid.
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