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  1. the panel on the upper side is Optional on the 3 door which can have a full window, but on the 5 door it covers the outer face of the C pillar, I reckon they could of made a better job of the C pillar, making it narrower & increasing the glass size, but possiblly it has a big part to play in roll over protection.


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  2. Been looking at the pdf link you added above, some bits I like others not very much, definitely don't like the solid panel on the LWB upper side panel, that could of been a full window which would allow much more natural light into rear of the vehicle.  it's actually a 119 inch wheelbase not 110, ought to be called a 120.

    pretty sure it will sell well. but I won't be buying one, my trusty '89 110CSW will soldier on.

    been playing with the 'build' thing on LR's website.  this one comes out at just over 62,500 on the road with the interior photo I now see why the panel is on the outside of the C post


  3. 5 hours ago, Eightpot said:

    Back when 200tdi first came out, the factory offered upgrade kits for early engines, so could be argued it's a manufacturer replacement part rather than an engine modification maybe..

    I really don't mind the 2.5d though, they have a charm of their own and nice low down torque. 

    My 1989 110CSW was a TD when new, I bought it when it was 4 years old & had a 200tdi repower kit fitted in mid 1994, If you decide to go that way I can send you a copy of the fitting info which may help the authorities decide to allow the change

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  4. 2 hours ago, old/new england said:

    Yup, exactly the same there. Red at bottom, yellow in middle and then last colour at 90 degrees top.

    The blue station wagon in my avatar is one from my past, but the white 90 just about visible behind it is the one with the wipers poltergeist.

    My RAF V8 is an '89 though, I really like that year's simple '110' badge, personally. Even though most of them lost them ages ago. Little things for little minds.

    Mine still has the black & silver  Land Rover 110 badge on the front, I don't refer to it as a defender, it normally gets called 110 or truck. 

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