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  1. measurements look good, definitely hone all the bores if you fit new rings to all pistons. 

    if the core plugs look good leave  them alone. 

    mine are 24 years old,  I didn't replace them during my engine rebuild., using good quality antifreeze mix will keep them good.

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  2. I liked my old TD engine too, but when it failed & haed 3 cracked piston, cracked head, hot stops dropping out, I thought about a rebuild, but to do a full engine would of cost as much as the new 200tdi kit I had fitted instead, a much better engine & made my 110 far nicer to drive everyday, which it still does 26 years later. 

  3. 47 minutes ago, ianmayco68 said:

    All I can tell you is it was an Erling ERR5263g , have drained her and coolant is clear of anything else, water pump looks good and hoses look okay ( they’re all silicone jobbies) and no water in oil and filler cap clear . I’m at a total loss now . Oh and just ran a water through rad from a bottle and it’s clear and ran through fine .

    Head gasket you have is the normal composite type, so that should be fine, 

  4. Which head gasket type did you fit - - -  laminated steel.or the normal composite type, 

    I used a laminated one & had oil in coolant issues, replaced it with a composite type &  it was cured. I found oil & coolant between the laminated layers, this was all prior to my engine rebuild. 

  5. 23 hours ago, Green200tdi said:

    From cold 🥶 fires up a treat once been running few minutes turn it off re start,

    earth strap from battery to out rigger,

    earth strap from chassis to engine,

    new battery 750amp 

    new starter motor,

    200  tdi 

    Change the battery earth from the negative terminal to one of the main gearbox to transfer box bolts, that's where my battery earth connects, as well as another earth from engine below alternator to chassis part of left engine mounting, clean any paint & dirt off to get a clean sound connection. 

  6. 30 minutes ago, Peaklander said:

    Western how are these used? Does a machine shop need to fit them? They must need pressing and machining somehow?

    Would need boring out & forming a recess for the flange to sit in, then be pressed into place, Engineering workshop would do that work, not a do at home job. 

  7. A stuck oil ring was contributary to my 200tdi's heavy oil usage,  0.040 oversize is the max rebore size for Tdi engines

    so that stuck oil ring won't help at all. 

    Turners can supply replacement 0.040 oversize pistons, https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/stc-2982-piston-assembly-1-c2x26617381

     if the bores are badly damaged these flanged liners can be used to restore it to standard bore size.https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/su351027-flanged-liner-c2x21683550

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  8. 13 minutes ago, cackshifter said:

    See linky about 10 minutes  in as @Peaklander says. I don't see much spinning being likely, the input isn't very tangential. There is a valve in his.

    I missed the link, so as not to duplicate stuff, I've deleted my previous reply.


    The old 2.5 2,5 n/a & td engines had a gauze in the oil filler/breather cap.

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