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  1. ive heard in the past that there is often a bit of swarf inside the pump that can jam the solinod. trying to remember how people said to get it out though? magnet on a stick? spray WD40 in? got to be worth a try before spending out?

    had this fault with my pump, the swarf comes off the fuel pressuriation cam & roller, quick way to clean any swarf out is remove soleniod, hand prime with lift pump or flick engine over on starter to push out any swarf, then refit solly & reconnect, it'll be OK for a while then you need to do it all over again, mine would start & came home on a big yellow transporter, I added some pics IIRC about this sometime ago, might have been on the old LRE site though now LRA Mk2 :unsure:

  2. Yep, OK with me, got your PM too, Depends on how far from home [probably more favoured] to barn & how we move the vehicle -- tow or trailer ? if at the barn I've got a 350w inverter & extra socket/extension lead on board my vehicle, I'd like to stay over Sat night -- used to crashing on floors,

  3. Saw this wheel on a Td5 110 hi-cap T reg recently 

    Wheel has a Astrali adaptor boss with these details stamped into it

    Astrali 1978

    reg des. app No 985548

    patent No 2022764

    wheel is 14 inches/357mm in diameter, attached by 6 nuts/bolts as per picture the centre cover has a spring loaded horn push part

    not sure which LR wheel was originally fitted, but reckon it was the 300Tdi style version as used on current Td5's that are non-XS/County station wagon models.

  4. ok , i've put the injectors back in give it an oil change , run it around for a day or two and all is ok !!!

    the only thing i can put this oil level thing down to is operator error ( cough , cough )

    maybe a good example for checking your oil as often as you can cos you never know .

    Good to read everything is OK :i-m_so_happy:

    Best tell the operator to buck up or he's sacked :hysterical:

  5. Good one Dunc, now get it fitted, you'll have to release the dashtop panel from the rest of the dash, take out the 3 large screws along the bottom of windscreen, 4 that hold the demist vent trim on, both ends of the dash [handhold on left & heater controls on right] where the top panel folds over above the radio there should be 2 or 3 screws, then you can lift the top panel & tuck the radio housing under it, then refit all the bits.

  6. Is anyone using a radio remote and have you had any problems what make is it etc any advice or help would be appreciated.

    not on a Warn winch but on my Husky I have fitted a Lodar radio remote mines the earlier 8000, now superseded by the 9000 model, I'm sure some of the recovery trade operators use these with Warn winches.

    not had any problems with mine, it operates the same as the wired handheld remote.

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