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  1. Having Disco and 90 200s I can confirm they are different but don't have part no's to hand.

    I believe the Disco 200Tdi filter element is slightly shorter, EPC shows 2 part numbers depending on VIN number, both below-----

    Upto VIN JA018272 use NTC1435

    From VIN JA018273 use ESR1049

    hope that helps :D

  2. Different elements 200Tdi uses a NTC6660 & 2.5TD uses a NTC 9238, can't remember if these are the same diameter/length :D

    air cleaner housing completely different in design & mounting it's vertical on a TD & horizontally mounted on the left inner wing on a 200TDi.

  3. in the e.mail settings menu have you enabled one of the choices ? :unsure:

    Enable 'Email Notification' by default?

    If ticked, choose default type:

    No Email Notification

    Immediate Email Notification

    Delayed Emailed Notification

    Daily Email Digest

    Weekly Email Digest

    Enabling this option will automatically subscribe you to any topic you start or reply to.

  4. Stop solenoid on the rear upper part of the injection pump just above the 4 fuel pipes to the injectors, you'll see a single wire with a female spade or ring terminal on it, to remove the solenoid take off the small nut [iIRC 8mm & the terminal tag] a 24mm spanner will fit BUT it's a swine to get on, about 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time, when undo watch for the small spring and plunger inside, don't drop these, make sure there spotlessly clean, flush some diesel through by working the lift pump priming handle and refit all the parts, reconnect and test, if it happens again get the pump checked/tested, the cam/roller inside pick up on each other and create swarf slithers and this problem.

    Item 15 on this parts cat picture :D


  5. With the wiper blades/arms removed does the motor run OK on all switch positions ?

    if not it's probably a stiff or tight wheelbox, drive cable, or possibly the brushes are well past their best brush pack is RTC198 :D

    try this test unplug the wiper motor then connect the Brown/Green trace wire to a -ve [earth] & the Blue/Green trace wire to a 12v feed the motor should run in high 2nd speed. if it doesn't then you'll need a new motor

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