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  1. All my winch power cables are on the passenger side, cables run from batts along chassis to albright sooly [bolted to galvy inner arch & clear of air fliter mounting/casing] then down to winch motor, with the 2 cable remote sockets 1 above each headlight & radio remote box under the left wing top panel.

  2. Not having seen the programme, this was a crash test then was it?

    Looking at the pictures, the crash test was done on the corners of the cars? I understand that this is one of the most common accidents on our roads and the Renault is presumnably designed with this in mind. The 40YO RR based Disco probably was not. I wounder what if they had been crashed head on? Rear ended? Side impact with each other? :)

    10k does seem a lot to pay for a Disco 1!


    The crash test was setup to show how the 2 vehicles could cope with a 50% frontal impact at 40mph, right front corners & halfway across the nose was the impact area.

    bet they don't add the video to the webpage :lol:

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