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  1. Not a roof rack, but on my front roof bar the 2 work lights are mounted with a homemade bracket, from U channel cut to sit over the top face of the bar & fixed by 1 bolt/nut each, the lights sits forward with it's top surface level slightly below the bar & held with one bolt.nut.

    Pictures Here :D

  2. This has been posted before

    Biggish diesel engine

    but I was just looking at it again, and I wondered.....

    ..... what sort of dyno did they need to measure 5.6 million lb ft ???? :unsure:

    A BIG one :lol:

    did you notice this bit in common with our LR engines [diesels anyway]

    Some high-performance auto engines have a similar feature where an oil squirter nozzle squirts oil onto the bottom of the piston


  3. i have one of the black 300tdi expansion tanks fitted. it has the std cap.

    Do discos/rangies with this tank fitted have low coolant wng levels fitted?

    if so does anyone know the part numbers for the caps as fitted to Discos/Rangies i presume that have a sensor fitted to them? presuming they exist?

    i was then thinking of replacing my cap wth one of those then wiring it through a wng light on the dash to come on when the level is low.

    Disc 300Tdi's have this cap NTC7161 which is exactly the same for a 200/300Tdi Defenders,

    what you want is this from Range Rover Classic From VIN GA399973 cap/sensor low level coolant PRC7925, it's just possible to see the 2 spade connectors on top of the cap :D should think with just 2 spade connectors one would be power & other a signal to a warning light [haven't found any wiring diagram showing this yet]


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