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  1. Ralph I don't think its a defender one as intercooler and rad are not fixed together they are seperate although it looks very similar to the the one above ..................... so looks like I will have to get a rangie one if they are cheaper?



    All 200Tdi/300Tdi rads/intercoolers genuine LR are like that picture, do you have a intercooler that sits in front of the rad? is yes then thats a aftermarket version or maybe a Td5 version.

  2. My '89 110 has the starting handle hole, my mate's '94 300 doesn't, also it has replaceable bulb headlamps not sealed beam,but that's because mines a CountySW,

    if you look at the new ribbied roof it looks like a 2 piece assembly, with the pressed in ribs just to prevent drumming, their not as tall as the original roofs. :D

  3. :blink: Wow you guys! Thanks for the info, I get the trend here, there are some minor subtle differences, which is great news!

    Looks like I might be the proud owner of a 1989 defender with a 200TDi engine by the weekend!

    a very nice combination, my '89 has the same engine now done well over 260,000 & I've not had to lift the cylinder head yet :D

  4. I have an early genuine factory (VIN confirms it) 200tdi 110 CSW and that has body color black bits and 4 spoke steering wheel. That'll be LR using up the left over old parts I guess :rolleyes:

    It has one washer bottle for front and back, plastic ZF PAS reservoir, 6 bolt box, and full cloth seats FWIW

    IIRC even TD's have smooth roof and push button doors.

    Just had a thought (no laughing at the back): when was the intermitant wipe introduced was that with the 200tdi or earlier. Mine has it BTW.

    Converted my '89 to intermittent wash/wipe, see thread in tech archive, it was fitted from VIN MA 939976 to 90/110's, my '89 has a smooth roof, neptune cloth seats & other details as you have mentioned above :D

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