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  1. Land Rover themselves offered this as a retrofit conversion for older vehicles and produced a fitting guide for the conversion (which I can't find a link to at the moment...

    got one of these retro fit 200Tdi's in my 1989 110, really easy to fit :D as Matt & Tony have already said, check Nicks site Here :D for all the relevant info you'll need :D

    if you want to have a chat about this swap, PM me for my number :D

  2. Just looked in on the other place, now it's got this up ----------------------

    The Land Rover Enthusiast Forum is temporarily closed for maintenance. We hope to be back online as quickly as possible.

    Forum Administator

    could it be the last day ?????

  3. This was sent to me ---------------------

    Read the text first, and then look at the picture :D

    Tired of getting stuck in slow traffic?

    Want to have your own lane on the Motorway/Freeway/Highway?

    Simple, tie these balloons to your car,

    Belt down the road as fast as you can, and watch the other drivers freak

    out and simply get out of your way.

    When you get stopped by the police, simply say that you thought they

    were REAL ! ! !



  4. My old TD engine went well, much better than the n/a diesel I test drove anyway, if it's looked after with on time oil/air/diesel filter changes and it doesn't get thrashed while being driven, it should see 100,000+ miles easily --- but the suffer from heat stress due to not having an intercooler, so it will die at some point, I don't believe it's worth spending that much on a TD, you'd be much better off with a Tdi :D

  5. ....to replace the T-seals at the rear of the crank of a 200tdi without pulling the engine?

    And no silly questions like 'is it leaking?' please......

    So is it? :lol: sorry couldn't resist :rolleyes:

    looking at my Defender manual, the gearbox,clutch,flywheel housing,sump,ladder frame,rear main bearing cap all have to be removed to gain access to the 'T' seals, All those bits would have to be removed [except gearbox] if you took the engine out, so I reckon it's a 50/50 decision :unsure::huh:

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