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  1. Mine is an Ex-EB one as well. Same winch as BandL1 one. But I do not know if its related a the reg numder is not the same. It was also converted to auto when new. But the person I had it off said it came from down south.


    just looked at your pics in the gallery, if your 110 has it's original reg number G*** YPX then the last 2 letters mean it was originally registered in Portsmouth, so it most probaly belonged to Souther Electricity in it's working time.

    useful reg ident info

  2. 200TDi in the Double Cab is getting a bit tired

    shouldn't be to tired, mine has in excess of 220,000 miles on it, head/turbo changed recently, but bottom end is still original, doesn't use any oil or water.

    rebuild it yourself if you have time/resources/funds, with a Turner unit you will have their full warranty with it & a well built & reliable unit.

  3. Well, Ok then so no pearls of wisdom on that count, but does anyone know if any of the Range Rover fans are compatable with the Defender aircon system as I've noticed pair of fans for a P38 on Ebeg which are a lot cheaper than Haddock's.

    Checked EPC, it only shows RTC7424 for 90/110/Defender, RR1 & 2 & Disco parts are completely different

  4. Doors will be very expensive, you might find some where you are or try ebay www.ebay.com you need to register & set up a account.

    for the window seals try




    make sure you check your vehicles chassis number with ranges listed above & if you buy the seals from a UK supplier tell them your chassis number so they can be sure to send the correct parts.

    hope that helps, & Welcome to LR4X4. :D

  5. Rear side window seal is LR part number

    Seal for 5mm thick glass -- 330790

    Seal for 4mm ---------------MWC4773 Chassis numbers From (V) EA 340457 To (V) KA 926006

    Seal for chassis number From (V) KA 926007 --- ALR3966

    Retainer strip for all seal noted above is 330791

    If you can find some good push button handle doors from a 1988 90 or 110 onwards they are just a straight bolt on fit, make sure you get the matching lock striker part from the door pillar.

    All front doors before 1988 had the lift up handle including the first of the wind up window doors.

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