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  1. It would have been Central Brecons MRT. St Athan would have taken a bit longer to get there.

    I was over that way all weekend myself training up my Search Dog SARDA England

    We work with Sea Kings on a regular basis both for deployment of search dogs and for rescues. I am always astounded at the skills of not only the pilot, but all of the crew. You've got to have some faith when hanging 50ft from the bottom of a whirly bird on a winch wire.

    Chris - well done for helping out. We have used greenlaners for assistance in the past and are always grateful for the support they give (although we have had to rescue green laners too).


    Member - Buxton MRT

    Possible, but I know for fact that the St Athan team spend lots of weekends in that area doing training & travel on Friday afternoon / evenings so possible they may have been in the right place at the right time.

  2. RAF Mountain Rescue & SAR helo at their best, most likely St Athan MR team & Valley Sea king, did a good job there Chris top marks, :i-m_so_happy: surprised by the bobbly hats not waiting shame the helo did blow them over the edge :hysterical:

  3. fitting a disco 200tdi into a 90td at the moment - oh what fun!

    the engine is in but we are now onto the fiddling things like working out how to run the interccooler hoses and chopping out the inner wing. also got to secure the clutch hose somehow now as its hitting the exhaust downpipe after i chopped the little bracket off the bulkhead.

    hunger has meant a break !

    everything you need to know here :i-m_so_happy:

  4. But ralph, how are you going to cope without the clock!! :huh::huh:

    The VDO guage do look good, must get round to the rev counter upgrade.

    Steve :)

    still got a clock, it's a rectangular one in the as built location between rear wiper switch & cigar lighter in the small panel under the normal radio. just to the left of the phone handset.

  5. Disco/RR axles are OK to fit on a 90 -- same units & diffs ratio's

    Yes correct ref front vented calipers use single line versions.altough some have used 2 line & made jumper pipes to make it work as a single line system.

    not sure on ABS make [iIRC it's WABCO], but still think it's far too much work to fit to a non abs vehicle.

  6. When the noise first appeared I assumed it was mechanism. For MOT in July I changed wiper arms, blades, the machined end with grub screws (That makes the connection to the mechanism arms) so I got a good wipe, but noise still a major click/clunk that sounds like it could be anywhere in the dash area. (Sometimes quiet dependent on amount of rain.. More rain equals louder usually!, and of course the usual torrent of water in the car from many strange places..)

    I think from what I'm reading so far it's dash off, motor off, mechanism out and either clean grease and re-fit or replace and do again in 5 years ! :)

    Anyone recommend supplier of genuine or good replacement parts ? Not gonna get these in local shops !


    Most of the normal suppilers & main dealers can supply the bits, i.e, -- craddocks/paddocks/exeter4x4/dls.

    mines not silent either but I just live with it, no intention of changing bits every few years, don't think you'll ever get a silent wiper system in a LR.

  7. Replacing swivels isn't difficult, probably better to change than a complete axle, not sure if Disco/RR front axles are rated for 110's max gross weight, 90/110's have a single brake line to each caliper-whereas Disco/RR have 2 lines to front brakes, disc/caliper swp is fairly easy.

    Don't try to fit Disco/RR rear disc axles to a 110 as these are not rated to handle a 110's max gross weight, the brakes can be swapped to rear disc using standard LR parts,[do a search for rear disc brakes] or fit a 300Tdi rear SAlisbury axle if you can find one.

    forget ABS as a 1990 vehicle doesn't contain the required wiring/control unit for this system o be retro-fitted, far too much work involved in trying to fit/make it work.

  8. all 300tdi & DiscovertyRR 200tdi engines are externally almost identical, in a defender the 300tdi sits higher & further forward, above the front axle which gives the space for the turbo/manifolds, the gearbox bell housing & mainshaft is longer to allow this to connect to the engine.

    some 300tdi engines have a EGR system, others have a EDC system, 200's don't have any electronic systems extra

    EGR = exhaust gas recirculation

    EDC = electronic diesel control

  9. Is a pretty big clunk Western... Hear it all across dash ! Recon it's mechanism..

    Will look around for spares / new parts and hope it lasts to be a summer job next year !


    OK, try greasing the drive cable & see if that makes any difference,

    remove left end of dash, undo big nut on end of drive tube to motor, remove wiper motor strap, remove wpier blades & pull motor/drive cable out, clean all old grease off, apply new & refit/test.

    or it could be the blades thumoing the screen rubbber at full sweep esch way.

  10. Simply the exhaust/imlet manifolds are a different design, turbo is mounted lower same as a 300Tdi engine, which means if fitting one of these 200Tdi's the turbo exhaust outlet sits very close to the chassis rail & bulkhead, have a look at the Tech Archive --- fitting a Disco 200Tdi into a 90 by Les Henson -- with pictures.

  11. IMG_0764.jpg

    all my gauges are electrical signaled/operated, I've recently changed the 2 voltmeters for VDO vision range units.

    in the dash top pod from the left are 2 x voltmeters [winch & vehicle batteries] oil temp & oil pressure, in the main panel are from left -- speedo,rev counter [VDO as in V8 50h vehicles] water temp & fuel :)

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