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  1. Western> FA 89MY --- my 110 has this code for a late 1989 [October] build

    In Australia (and I expect the rest of the world as it sounds like a good scam),

    the model year starts on November 1st the year before.

    So if "late october" is really Nov 1st (or even after lunch on Oct31?) then

    the MY is probably correct :ph34r:



    over here -UK, the model year usually changes in July/August, so it could be a September build but no reason why it can't be a October build & delivered to dealer a few days later.

    I've got a copy of my 110's history from DVLA at Swansea to prove the info, date of registration was 19/10/1989 by the LR dealer it was bought from :D

  2. Yup, Ralph, We're still mates, :D he drove out on an 80 mile round trip to pick me and the 90 up after a rear wheel bearing collapsed at 2345 sunday night, but that's another story.

    The tyre stayed at full pressure with the metal left in, but went down pretty quicky as expected when it was removed, and yes the tyre was only a couple of hundred miles old :angry::angry: at least the Wildcat's are slightly cheaper than BFGs, still a shame to have to write off a new tyre.


    a good mate for doing that.

    new tyre fitted now :D

  3. Yep,,Tour of Cornwall,,, Predannack,, know it very well !!!

    Do not know our start number yet, but for the first time,for a long while, I doubt whether it will be in the top 10 seeds :( !! as not in a big banger this time :o

    but this Ex Sainz factory GPA5 KA Kit car, all of 100 odd bhp, only 250 odd down on the other beasts !!


    come say hi , if at the start or finish !!

    Smart rally car, I'll be parked on the start area at Predannack, so will keep a look out & say hello.

  4. Further to BM's reply, this from my 110 1987 on parts cat, it gives model year codes for

    BA 87 MY

    EA 88 MY

    FA 89MY --- my 110 has this code for a late 1989 [October] build

    GA 90MY

    after these just follow the list above :D

  5. Ralph,

    Think you'll just have to bite the bullet

    Coat on before you say anthing :lol:


    :o You first cos no way I'm gonna bite it :blink::wacko: I've asked if the motor club or training area would contribute to the cost of a replacement tyre ---- hopefully get a answer tomorrow :unsure:

    do you need help finding the door :lol:

    Luke are you still mates? looks like a fairly new tyre too.

  6. Wow, looks like a NATO 5.56 blank but it couldnt be as they always pick them ALL up after and exercise!

    :D spot on with the type/size :D pick them up :lol: wish they would, loads of spent blanks & used smoke grenade canisters lying around, that site has no public access it's a old RAF weapons depot, the Army use it for training.

    first time in 9 years [3 rallies per year] of picking up a puncture though :( & I drove home 230 odd miles with it in the tyre :o I'm glad it didn't go Bang, would have been interesting to say the least :blink:

  7. After a days rally recovery duty at a :ph34r: Army training area near Chepstow on Sunday,

    this morning I found this


    stuck in my left rear tyre, the top 10mm was protruding flush with the tread blocks [tyre is a BFG MT 255/85]

    now it's new tyre time as the tyre casing is damaged beyond repair :angry:

  8. Craddocks can supply the hinge pins/ball parts, I'm sure others such as DLS or Paddocks could too, I've only replaced the hinge pins once on my rear door & it carries a 255/85r16 mt on a wolf wheel.

    also check/adjust the door lock striker plate, it could be it's allowing the dorr to move & cause the rattling.

  9. i forget who but someone else asked about this recently and Ralph sent through a copy of the tech bulletin, maybe contact him.

    has this come on since the clutch change? did it judder before the change?

    Don't remember that tech bulletin, :unsure::huh: just been into RAVE but can't find any info about dualmass flywheels on Td5 engines :(

  10. That pic is from my Genuine LR 110 1987 on parts cat -[paper version]

    there's no mention of VIN numbers related to it.

    my EPC tells me the VIN info I posted above, but the part number comes up as a superseded item ESR2348 no mention of a replacement part number in Defender or RRC or Discovery 1 parts listings.

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