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  1. There used to be a signal amplifier or similar around a few years ago, I used one om my car and it worked fairly well, IIRC the 2nd generation RR's use a similar item on the right rear side window.

    Found this in EPC radio antenna amplfier AM/FM part number AMR3323 & lead XUD100570 other than a main dealer, I'm not sure where you'd get these from.

    have a look on Maplin site, they may have something similar :D

  2. I've never seen a NATO 76mm trailer ring that doesn't swivel, unless it is seized up!

    Some of the early ones like mine don't swivel, it has a lockout pin for the overun brakes, I'll stuff a pic up shortly :D

    here we go one fixed NATO 76mm ring hitch MH35 type



  3. Thought I'd add this to the Tech Archive-----------

    some time back I fitted a front wash/wipe intermittent system to my '89 110, all the info is below, in edited form :D

    Done this using the geniune parts, you need harness PRC8295 and relay AMR2341, remove the fuse box cover, pull the mat away from the sides of the fuse box, take out one screw each side,disconnect the wiper connector, plug in the new harness, plug the new relay into the new section of harness, refit all the removed screws and covers, switch on and play with the wipers to check it all works, should now have intermittent wipe when switch is down, slow and fast speeds when switch is up, push wash and should get wash with 4 wipes. the parts are quite reasonably priced as well, as I say done this on my '89 110 all works fine, a good mod for all 90\110 which don't have intermittent wash\wipe.

    on checking the cable routing on my 110, with the relay and it's socket behind the fuse box, the 2 legs of the harness go up the tunnel, where all the other cables go, (may need a 'fishing rod' or string to pull them up through here) to the back of the radio\rear wiper switch, from here they travel along to the front wiper stalk inside the steering column cover,remove this cover for access, inside here disconnect the front wiper stalk connectors, reconnect these 2 to the new harness, make sure everything is safe, switch on the ignition and test the new system, if all OK, refit the previously removed covers\ fusebox. it's not quite as simple as it appears in my original paragraph above.

    on the new harness at the wiper switch end connector there are 6 wires which matches the switch connector wires and colours. A quick look at wiring diagram in my workshop manual shows connector with 5 wires going to wiper motor, connector with 6 wires going to wash\wipe switch on steering column

    Checked parts cat. If you have this wash\wipe switch fitted PRC3900 upto VIN FA455595, reckon you need this later one PRC7370 switch wash\wipe delay from VIN FA455596, the early one is most likely to be unavailable, probably superseeded by the later number.

    Additional info ------------ also relay PRC6864 from early Discovery & Range Rover will work, it was superseded by AMR2341.

    if anyone wants to make a homemade harness, you''ll need to know the relay pin idents



  4. When towing on road with nato hitch should it be left to swivel or locked cheers guys

    Depends on the trailers coupling head ----------

    if it's fixed [unable to rotate horizontally] the [vehicle hitch]pintle must be able to swivel [even on road] [or the trailer if it flips my take the towing vehicle with it] all normal ball coupling heads are able to rotate while the vehicle part remains fixed.

    if the trailer hitch can swivel then the pintle must be locked at all times,

    my trailer has a fixed NATO ring so my pintle is set to rotate whenever the trailer is connected, never had any problems :D

  5. They didn't change the gearstick, they changed the gearbox tunnel instead

    but it's still in the same posistion in the vehicle as every other 90/110 :D whereas on a R380 Discovery the gearchange housing is completely different to a Defender :D

  6. In the same location Nick, the bellhousing is longer which moves the 300Tdi engine further forward, therefore new engine mounting position :D

    if the gearbox was located differently then the gearlever mechanism would be different as well to make it fit in the same place as a 200Tdi vehicle :D

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