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  1. well if microcat is the epc then I already have it and can get it to work on the old computer but if it isn't then what is the difference between the two?

    well Ralph was that what you thought the next question would be :P

    oh and can I have a copy of it PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE :rolleyes: I promise to be good (not) :D

    Nope, :unsure: Microcat and EPC are different, EPC was a earlier parts programme and Micrcocat is the latest programme.

    I thought the next question was going to be your last 2 lines :D it'll be posted tomorrow evening when I'm home from work :D

  2. Workshop manual states the crank pulley/damper bolt should be fitted with loctite 242 on the threads and then torqued up to the correct setting of 341Nm  :D

    happy to help, Cheers  :D

    Does that tightening procedure superceed what is stated in the 300TDi overhaul manual (Landrover part LRL0070ENG)?

    Namely torque to 80Nm, then a further 90 deg.

    The above info is for 200Tdi only, just apply the loctite and torque up to the quoted figure :D

    Ignore any references to 300Tdi :D

  3. Nigel I have another project for you - design a self-cleaning KittyGripper! By 'eck that thing is a filthy contraption to try and fold up when it's still got half a peat bog attached to the spade....

    a good coating of teflon -- as used on non stick frying pans, should solve that problem.

    you lot with trees to winch off don't appreciate what an easy life you have 

    been doing some recovery training today, loads of trees wrap strops round lol :lol::lol::P:P

    great pics as usual from you :D:D

  4. no just if you go to the forum from the LRe home page it directs you to the difflock site something to do with the LRe forum closing some time soon or so I'm led to believe

    No, it doesn't :P:P , I've just checked it from the LRE mag home page, the forum link goes to the old place :D

  5. The stone guard on my '89 110's tank was welded to the tank when the vehicle was new

    and the current replacement tank-- NTC2017-- has a welded on guard. :D

    from my EPC ---- NTC2017 fuel tank for 110/130 vehicles upto VIN number WA 159806. :D

    that should ensure you get the correct item :D

  6. Land Rover themselves offered this as a retrofit conversion for older vehicles and produced a fitting guide for the conversion (which I can't find a link to at the moment...

    got one of these retro fit 200Tdi's in my 1989 110, really easy to fit :D as Matt & Tony have already said, check Nicks site Here :D for all the relevant info you'll need :D

    if you want to have a chat about this swap, PM me for my number :D

  7. Just looked in on the other place, now it's got this up ----------------------

    The Land Rover Enthusiast Forum is temporarily closed for maintenance. We hope to be back online as quickly as possible.

    Forum Administator

    could it be the last day ?????

  8. This was sent to me ---------------------

    Read the text first, and then look at the picture :D

    Tired of getting stuck in slow traffic?

    Want to have your own lane on the Motorway/Freeway/Highway?

    Simple, tie these balloons to your car,

    Belt down the road as fast as you can, and watch the other drivers freak

    out and simply get out of your way.

    When you get stopped by the police, simply say that you thought they

    were REAL ! ! !



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