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  1. Excellent news, get some miles on it now.
  2. I've already posted the correct wire colours in my reply above.
  3. I have a crank holding tool in my garage, I can photo & add some measurements tomorrow morning, it looks similar to this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-200-or-300-Tdi-Crank-Shaft-Locking-Tool-Pulley-Puller/174067576503?hash=item28873c6eb7:g:JKUAAOSwlfFdp6ai just found this diagram via Google
  4. Switch sits between on top of the front housing to rear of the diff lock linkage, it's a pig to get at on a fitted box, plain black wire from switch to one of the Cross shaft housing bolts, other wire is black with blue trace from other terminal on switch to a bullet connection at top of right chassis rail under drivers floor, Switch is at end of pointer in photo below
  5. HVO = Hydro treated vegetable oil, more info in the link - - - - - https://www.beesleyfuels.co.uk/products/hvo-fuel/?utm_keyword=hvo fuel&SearchNetwork&matchtype=e&creative=379631610673&target=&placement=&device=m&adtype[adtype]adposition=&campaignid=6459856749&adgroupid=80282949514&gclid=CjwKCAiA4Y7yBRB8EiwADV1haemOdWzyXRMRuqdmtX4njfh0LSnDxmFPS2Lh8LmVmha4lF5QC3ylWBoCXWYQAvD_BwE
  6. LR Never fitted a bush in that location, it's left as is so the steering box & tiebar can align with chassis.
  7. There is NO bush in that part, just clamp it up with the washer & nut, all 90/110/defenders/RRC/Disco are the same. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1228/24279/24280/1820
  8. There is a LR Genuine part to fit the bonnet, or use one of the self adhesive sound deadners like noise killer or dynamat.
  9. & the relevant workshop manual for torque values
  10. LR wiring diagrams don't give wire sizes/amp ratings, just a schematic wiring layout with the appropriate colour codes. reckon the glowplus would be pulling around 60amps when operating, the timer relay is about 70amp IIRC. I used my old TD glowplug wire [brown/red trace] to feed 2 x 30amp relay's for my headlight upgrade, took the feed direct from alternator output terminal.
  11. PDWA red light should come on as a bulb check when ign is on the go out, then only illuminate if the valve operates to shut off the leaking circuit. On ours it's split front & rear.
  12. some progress on my 110. Yours is progress but not planned as such.
  13. Only in the parts book, in the fuel & brake sections. I used some rubber sleeved stianless steel P clips secured with Tek screws.
  14. bit of a update, in RED
  15. Plain black is earthe Black/white trace is brake fail red warning light from the PDWA switch on engine bay side of drivers footwell [below steering column,lower mounting]
  16. Don't want the house stinking of paint.
  17. I didn't bother painting the calipers just gave them a good clean up with a wire brush in my mains drill, not long finished the rear ones, time to relaxing & warm up.
  18. Not 100% sure but I think the military light bases have threaded studs, so they may have let go in the bases,
  19. Have a look as there may be a screw in the threaded part that a previous owner has put in as a anti theft device. don't know if you've had the vehicle fromits day of coming out of service. if nothing found get some PlusGas releasing fluid, its much better than trying WD40 which is a water dispersant.
  20. Looks like RAF blue/grey to me, https://paintman.co.uk/shop/raf-blue-grey/ this one from 1956 onwards this colour went out of service around 1977/78. in preference for nato matt irr reflctive green.
  21. Split from Daan's thread about his Mahindra project. for this reason ----------------
  22. A engine stand makes a better working height, full set of gaskets for the engine, read the manual, do some dry fits so you know what goes where & in what order, no need to bolt things down for this.
  23. Check the half circle seal in front of cylinder head below the rocker cover gasket, any oil leaking through will find its way down each side of the engine block
  24. Only if your unlucky & both bulbs pop at the same time, Left tail light & number plate light is Red with Black trace wire Right tail light is Red with Orange trace wire. If you put the trailer 7 core Brown to the Red with Orange that will be ok & 7 core Black to Red with Black, your sorted.
  25. Tail light are seperate so if one light fails your not left with no tail lights, reg plate light is normally spurred off the left tail light. Good you got a decent result.
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