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  1. I've been refurbishing my front caliper with new seals & stainless pistons, I wire brush them, cleaned in brake cleaner & refitted, I was going to spray them gold same as I used on my engine, but it's just to cold for a decent finish.
  2. Best of both, no stopping you using any trailer now. 😎
  3. Provided the obligatory standard factory fit sidelights work, the MOT Tester cannot fail it, the ones inside headlight are not required, I have a similar setup but my sidelights inside the headlight work & are wired into the normal sideligjts
  4. The spill return connection on the injection pump is a banjo bolt below the boost capsule housing. The end from injection pump is the upper pipe in your photo & it matches the lower pipe in my photo in this reply. You just need the connector parts listed above in the installation booklet extract.
  5. This is the new connection info extracted from this booklet, when fitted to my ex TD 110. The parts numbers are in bold type to right of the instructions, just enter the part numbers into Brit-car website to see the actual item
  6. Listed as AP (which used to be APLockheed) on Craddocks website, https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/smc500110-g-ap-caliper-rear-rh-90-discovery-1-and-rrc-to-1994-rover-classic-1994-my-on.html Britpart do not make calipers they are a parts distribution company, so these will be OK.
  7. Wowa, if it is secure & no fuel leaks, that joint will be fine, my 110 was a TD, its been a 200tdi since 1994, I will add a photo of the connection on my vehicle when I get outside.
  8. Probably not much over a normal mineral oil, but for me the engine feels good, revs easily, & sounds a bit quieter, LR don't recommend a full synth IIRC. but semi synth is OK. this what I use now, https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-990-fuchs-titan-syn-mc-10w-40-high-performance-semi-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx from Opie Oils which is local & they can supply me Mahle filters as well.
  9. the black red connects to one side of the hazard light switch, it feeds the built in red light that flashes with all indicators when hazards are on.
  10. It is the original 12v feed from the OLD 2.5 TD ignition switch to number 4 glow plug, it is redundant on Tdi engines as they have a glowplug timer relay. just tape up the ring terminal & secure the wire safely out of harms way, & pull the other end off the ignition switch & insulate the terminal.
  11. I used Millers running oil as well after my 200tdi rebuild changed it after 250 miles, put in a good quality 15w40 with a new filter for 750 miles, then drained & filed with a semi synthetic 10w40 & Mahle filter, the exact oil brand is in my engine rebuild post. Oil now gets changed every 6000miles.
  12. Excellent & you have the satisfaction of knowing its done to your liking
  13. The plastic square blocks in dash are RTC3745 upper screw RTC3744 lower screw The actual slider controls have metal tab with threads to secure it to dash.
  14. Will be good to know the 110 is alive again
  15. Provided the chassis is straight, replacing body panels & bulkhead is fairly straight forward bolt on job.
  16. I believe the factory loom is standard wiring colours LR use as for any other 90 or 110. this thread might help
  17. How we removed/refitted my 110CSW body is in the tech archive & my rechassis thread.
  18. Not in cab in the rear of load area in the corner below the small window to right of rear door.
  19. remove the cover panel inside right rear corner of the load bay, all the wiring is there, should all be bullet connections.
  20. That's the quickest way, you can connect into the right rear corner lighting connections where the loom from the NATO socket is connected in to vehicle, it would be a tidy solution.
  21. No compatability, you will have to do one of 2 things Convert 110 to civvy socket which would be the easiest Find a NATO plug for the trailer, these are not easy to find.
  22. Thinking your 110 being ex army fire service [according to your note in signature line] has the NATO trailer socket, so the euro 13 pin won't fit. put some photo's up so we can see what the problem is
  23. any 7 pin 12N plug to 13 pin Euro adaptor cable should fit. https://www.halfords.com/camping-leisure/trailers-towing/trailer-accessories/ring-7-to-13-pin-adapter
  24. Oil seal on rear of main gearbox, to replace it is a transfer box off job, main gearbox is most likely a LT77 which use ATF [Automatic Transmission Fluid] Don't use EP90 oil in main gearbox, it's to thick for the built in oil pump.
  25. Pleased you found the fault & those who replied were on the spot with the cause.
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