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  1. On a trailer the only fully legal way for a untaxed, no mot, vehicle
  2. A 6.5 wide rim is minimum width for 255/85 tyres.
  3. DVSA .pdf https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-frames-and-dollies/a-frames-and-dollies
  4. 2 hi lift Jack's, & a couple of helpers to slide the wooden beams & barrels in to place, we lifted the rear off chassis first then the front. There is a extract from my chassis change thread in the tech archive.
  5. When we lifted my 110 body, the grille panel came out, gear levers removed & we only needed to lift it off the chassis so transfer lever cleared the bulkhead, body was left on wooden beams & 4 x 45 gallon drums.
  6. I've had both on my XD rims, currently on 255/85 BFG MT2's
  7. As you've seen my thread, I wanted just a straight chassis swap, which we did manage, only extra bit was one front brake pipe IIRC. the bushes were done after at a later date.
  8. western


    200tdi wire colours & where they go on here, same as for 300Tdi
  9. Send a message to https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/landroverconnectors/Defender-L316/_i.html?_storecat=7376728015 & PM PaulMc on here, he should be able to advise & maybe even supply the plug you need.
  10. western


    fuel shutoff solenoid is white/grey trace. coolant temp sender is green/blue trace. number 6 if it same colours as the temp sender at thermostat housing, is a unused connection for the pre tdi engines when it was located on the top rear left of cylinder head.
  11. Those using the bonnet mount Please change the folding bonnet strut to the later one piece solid one, item 7 in http://cat.lrparts.ru/?category=103620 the rivet in the folding strut is not strong enough to carry the wheel weight, it can & does give up & we don't want bonnets with spare wheels dropping on your heads,
  12. I held the nut in place with some sealant, it hasn't moved just poor fitting by me when I tha cable broke a while ago.
  13. Try http://www.brit-car.co.uk/ they might be able to get one or ebay or advanced factors in Southampton.
  14. Correct. maybe I should of put H_F_H
  15. It's still in bits, will get around to getting new gaskets & seals this week, then I can get it rebuilt & refitted, on another note I adjusted the throttle cable yesterday so with accel pedal held fully down, the stop & lever on FIP actually touch, they were nearly 15mm apart, went for test drive & acceleration is much better & it will bust 70mph on dual carraigeway, but I'm not saying by how much.
  16. Magnetic sump plug talk to HFH. It cannot get in oil pump from that location, as oil pump pick up in sump has a mesh guard to prevent bits being lifted by the pump. these photo's on Turners 300tdi engine parts pages might help https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/stc-1736-stripped-engine-reman-c2x24350896 https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/err-4664-cover-timing-belt-c2x20634707 https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/stc-1675-short-engine-assy-reman-c2x20634430
  17. 5th Oil change complete, no nasties on the magnetic sump plug, fuel & airfilter changed as well. current running hours 711 & miles 20723 since first start after the rebuild. well over the 500,000 mile mark now total is 502600.
  18. Factory figures for a standard Defender spec 200Tdi were 107bhp & 188lbft torque, the Disco version had 111 & 195, the Auto trans version IIRC was 120bhp.
  19. I have a full set of stainless pistons to refurb my calipers got them via ebay shop of Autopost, set includes the seals for each piston as well. & rubber covers for the bleed screws. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LANDROVER-DEFENDER-110-BRAKE-CALIPER-PISTON-FULL-SET-STAINLESS-STEEL-CPK12801ST-/264316963386?hash=item3d8a84ca3a
  20. NTC4414 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=NTC4414+&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10
  21. I did add the low brake fluid float cap from a later vehicle, it is connected 1 wire to earth, 2nd wire to the existing PDWA valve wiring which is black with a white trace, you can find it in the loom where all the wiring goes into the bulkhead to instrument pack
  22. bonnet mounts are available for the older bonnets, but on the bonnet just restrict forward vision, with a 255/85 tyre it could hide a small car in heavy traffic, why not put it in the rear between the wheelboxes & fit a sheet of wood or ally across the wheelboxes, then you have a unseen stowage place & a flat load floor.
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