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  1. UsevRetro's 110 parts book http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/02/land-rover-defender-110-parts-book/ then you can match your parts with the diagrams.
  2. Hope your piggy bank is over full. happy shopping, got some of mine from TDC automotive https://www.tdcautomotive.com/partfinder/product/list/?make=Land Rover&model=90%2F110&year=1989&q=Superpro bushes
  3. I know a motor show was mentioned, must be the Frankfurt show then
  4. Launch is going to be at a big motor show???? as far as is known, so you might be better off travelling there first.
  5. Yes to threadlock on flywheel bolts.
  6. rather than make a long list, all the superpro bushes are here https://www.superproeurope.com/products.cfm?vehicleid=5470 click on the blue text part numbers & it opens a bigger picture of each item you need the standard sets of bushes, also check the rear anti roll bar diameter as there are 2, IIRC I used the ones for the 4 bolt brackets. hth
  7. As above, replaced a set in a mates 300tdi discovery a few weeks ago, th glow plugs come up to full heat very quickly, light goes off & relay drops out after, sometimes it can be heard.
  8. Have a look at the td5 wiring diagram, the temp sender is on a green with blue trace wire, marked as GU.
  9. Found some of the info for the superpro bushes I fitted, will have a better look when home from work tomorrow, I want to make a full list & add the relevant Superpro part numbers.
  10. You could but not necessary, I converted my drum Salisbury to disc, kept the servo & master as it was, haven't had a lack of braking force or lack of fluid capacity.
  11. Next oil & filter change this weekend, it'll more Fuchs oil & Mahle filters, getting close to 700 running hours now, 2 long trips done this weekend, all OK.
  12. 200tdi crank pulley should look like mine 3 grooves
  13. Just updated this to ditch a dead photobucket link, timer unit connections in relay photo & what wire & colour in diagram. it should work, Autosparks can sell you a sub loom to fit this. LR timer unit for glowplugs is PRC6913, subloom plug in to main loom is PRC6083
  14. Can't remember if mine is a solid or hollow plug either, didn't pay much attention to it except for a clean & new seal.
  15. I have at home, will be back there later today, so can sort a list out.
  16. I noticed some thick oily sludge on the ground under the air filter, can't remember if the temp gauge moved, it was over 20 years ago. As well as cracked head, pistons, the head gasket had gone to, I wasn't worth rebuilding as the cost including garage labour worked out not much less than a brand new 200tdi repower kit, which is still fitted & got rebuilt by me at the end of 2017, best engine LR have made IMHO.
  17. 19J suffer from heat stress which due to no intercooler can & does cause piston & cylinder head cracks, my 19J died of 3 cracked pistons & cylinder head cracks around 102000iles, it wasn't mistreated, it was replaced with a new 200tdi in mid 1994.
  18. On a 200tdi defender spec engine the alternator vee pulley should align with the rearmost groove on crank pulley, centre groove is for air con pump, forward groove for pas pump, make sure the alternator bolt lugs are forward of the engine bracket lugs.
  19. I have a full set of superpro bushes except for the damper upper & lower fittings, ride is good & handles well. Plus the are oil, grease resistant so won't deteriorate of oil, power steering fluid gets on them.
  20. I have OME springs on my 110, IIRC 751 on front [now 2751] & 754 on rear [now 2754] these allow me to carry my 450kgs of motorsport recovery kit without any load induced suspension sag. got the years ago from Surrey offroad at Dunsfold. http://www.red90.ca/rovers/springinfo.html#OEM my dampers all round are OME as well
  21. Rear progressive springs from a 110 Td5 station wagon would be a good & fairly quick way to get a decent result, the boge strut works with softer rear springs, which on their own are to soft for normal usage. As you have found.
  22. Helicoil inserts are normally stainless steel based.
  23. from 1987 on front calipers [non vented] were LH RTC5573 & RH RTC5572 for vehicles with rear drum brakes. from vehicles fited with rear disc brakes the front calipers changed numbers to STC1266 RH & STC1267 LH, these ae for vented front disc so if you need new calipers for non vented fronts use the RTC part numbers
  24. My manual says 67.82mm for free length of 200tdi spring. so nominal 68mm is close enough.
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