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    1989 vents

    The far vent panel looks like a later item, the hinge bits on the panel are a different shape, my 1989 110 has the panels like your left hand one
  2. Mounts are different later vehicles 200tdi on use the pin & rubber ring type attachments, whereas the TD & older use bolts & bushes, my 1989 110 was a TD, my galv chassis has the correct for me bolt & Bush mounts
  3. That's a good result then at least there was a proper fault & you weren't just chasing a 'suspect'
  4. I'm assuming this is a front caliper as you haven't said if its front or rear, either a damaged flexi hose or a brake pipe thats been crimped & not allowing the pressure to release.
  5. Build the base without encroaching on the seat belt mountings, can't see there would be any problems.
  6. looking good, like the home engineered angle gauge. as for the oil pressure gauges, get it back together & running then sort a gauge & sender.
  7. You need the blue 20 tooth FRC3310 drive gear for that size tyre,this drive gear also works with 235/85 & 255/85 tyres, I've run all 3 sizes on my 110 in the last 25 years.
  8. Defender spec 200tdi parts are thin on the ground, not many of these engines were made, they were replaced with the more common 300Tdi which fits in a different position in the engine bay, so could be common throughtout the Defender/Discovery/RRC.
  9. But coolant still gets to that point & so can combustion gases in to coolant, it could be the cause of the problem.
  10. This area looks a bit suspect as noted by Red90 above
  11. Looking fab, similar to my block after it was rebored & I used the same brand pistons from Turners. I would suggest buying 4 new oil jet bolts as these contain small relief valves they could make a difference to oil spary to undrside of pistons & bores & help increase oil pressure to.
  12. Screw 1 goes through bracket 2 & then into the clutch pedal assembly
  13. The triangular plate is required on Defender 200tdi, This plate is NOT fitted on Discovery 200Tdi engines, it lines the PAS/alternator bracket forward without it, the bracket sits to far back & therefore pulley alignment will be out & the 2 bolts[marked with yellow dots in 2nd photo] that go in from left to right of the PAS/Alternator bracket will not line up with there threaded holes in rear part of timing case.
  14. Alternator/pas bracket is secured to block with at more than 3 bolts, there are 2 on the inner side of the pas pump area.
  15. My Defender spec 200tdi with it's 100amp alternator, note the adjuster link spacer at timing case end & slotted end sits on the front of alternator lug.
  16. You need the full defender spec timing case & associated alternator & pas pump bracket, as well as the defender manifolds. Look in the 200tdi section of 90 or 110 parts book.
  17. the recline toothed quadrant on the seat from would need to have a increase in the tooth number & more range, plus the stop on the frame would need alteration.
  18. No to peeling the metal off the small holes on the gasket, they are meant to be there.
  19. Don't mind the photo being used but it's not of my engine, probably from a reply I posted sometime ago.
  20. Would of thought there would be tell tale traces of combustion gases tracking to a coolant gallery & /or misding/damaged bits of the head gasket, Have you head the cylinder head pressure tested, there may be a unseen internal crack allowing the coolant to be pressurised
  21. No, that's a pushrod hole, not a coolant gallery.
  22. same make headgasket as the I fit, it could be as simple as a blocked coolant way, waterpump would probably leak out the hole between the bearings or its shaft has failed & its not rotating inside the pump body.
  23. Found this on Ebay for less than £25
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