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    has it got wheels and an engine?

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  1. I was just the labour, someone else was taking photos, will chase him,
  2. when was the cambelt last changed? i assumed mine would have been serviced to the book, just in case I had it swapped, it was the original 18 yr old one ...............
  3. basically I gave it to a mate, LMAO, he swapped everything over, alternator,starter,wiper motor, glow plugs and relay, fan motor, fuel solenoid, plus bulbs and a fair bit more,
  4. all were on the truck and working, its now 12v so everything is spare, will take photos for you.
  5. they are off a 300tdi, I only have the 5 wheels
  6. its got Wolf rims now, anyway its up and running on 12v today, next step MOT and register. anyone know the value of the 24v bits removed?
  7. thinking of fitting deep dish alloys ( I have a set) to my 130 ambulance, but cant find a yea or ney, on loading.
  8. I bought one 2 weeks ago, looking to do a similar conversion, before I MOT it then register it, It needs a cambelt fitting and a service check over.
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