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  1. I have the tyres. Just the rims I need. Either steels or alloys. Not Realy for offroad, but doesn't matter if there offroad "type" But not beadlocks due to road use and insurance etc. Thankyou.
  2. Hi Monkie. Either good secondhand or new. I was thinking original landrover would be 7 width. I need 8 or possibly 10.
  3. Hello. Looking for suggestions of wheel rim types to fit 300 defender axles. 8x16 can be steel or alloy. Can only seem to find modulars and "challenger" rims on Googl.e, I'm looking for something a little more or different. Budget upto 150 a corner. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Tetsu0san, i think looking into the future for ease of parts/reliability etc off the shelf standard 300tdi is the way to go. I think ile go with option 3 and or 4. Disco engine box and lt230 in standard posistion with later defender 90 props. Gear selector kit, Then all hoses upfront etc should fit. Mounts etc are easy enough as i can "weld"ish! Things to do while its out.. i will have a go at the timing belt (never done 1 but im sure its in the tech archive), degrease and paint. New p gasket, core plugs how easy are these? And somewhere it was mentioned about a rear oil seal?... Thanks for the replies jack Edit just seen your new reply. I have the standard 2.5n/a seatbox and tunnel slightly modified to fit the zf4hp22 a little bit stretched its tight but fits. I do however have a td5 bulkhead and tunnel so fitting that box will be ok. Ile just need to modify the seat box face a bit rounder. The 90s just undergone a realy smart spray job so its got to be tidy.
  5. Hi doug, i will probably be wrong, but reading elswhere on the web it would seem there is no difference in bellhousing or input shaft betweeen the two? The part numbers for the bellhousings are the same FTC3921?.. I no that r380s on to 200tdi need the stumpy bell housing. Vulcan bomber, the slave cylinder shouldnt cause a issue should it? Just route the pipes to suit?
  6. Hi Lewis, I was under the idea that defender and disco gearboxes were the same? Just the shifter mech different. The idea I had to use 300tdi props was to put the lt230 in 300tdi position than the engine would be in the factory 300tdi defender posistion? This would not be the case if there different. thanks
  7. Hi all, i know engine conversions have been covered many times before, so apologies. But theres alot of conflicting ideas and theories it would seem to whats longer and shorter etc. I want to put a 300tdi and r380 from a disco into my 86 90. Was 2.5n/a converted to 3.9 but a change is needed. If i use standard defender 300tdi props connected to my early lt230, it should be in standard posistion? correct? Then the engine should be in "standard" 300tdi posistion?. And all standard off the shelf parts should fit? Ashcrofts do a Selector rail kit that allows use of a defender gear stick. Will i need to modify seat box and tunnel? Also what is worth doing on 300 before fitting? Water pump gasket? Timing belt? What else? thanks
  8. Well its that time of year again. Ile be going, was going to try selling but cba. Sunday 6th sept skipton auction mart.
  9. Anybody going this Sunday? Skipton auction Mart? I've been to the last three and they've got bigger better, and it's 5 mins away.
  10. Thanks western. I should have put its the location of said wires onto the sender itself thats got me stumped... Cheers
  11. Hi all Put a new side mounted tank in, a year or so passed between wiring up, can't workout which way round sender wires go on tank, Wires are black green and white, Can someone looksee under seat please. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replys. I will be going for vdo it seems they have a good following. I'm assuming that oil pressure is worth having? If so 5 bar or 10? I might change the fuel as that's iffy too. Anybody know the temp sender required for a non serp 3.9? Thanks
  13. hi, I have a 3.9 in a defender 90 and want to do away with the original 90 temp guage. what have you people used? I have two spaces for oil pressure and water temp. and finally where did you buy them from? thanks jack.
  14. hi, i cant seem to find a company who sells rear tub side panel skins. im looking for a l/h side around the wheelarch panel. ive found a company that has the genuine ones at £229 which is out of price. do bearmach or similiar make them and how much are they and where from? thanks.
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