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  1. I guess this could be a known issue... As you can buy genuine LR spacers... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Land-Rover-Defender-110-130-Rear-Radius-Arm-Spacer-KVX000010/253525136822?hash=item3b074695b6:g:PxoAAOSw3Mpau3IE
  2. Now this is a vehicle that has some decent looks about her
  3. My civilized T5 Transporter has a sticky out dash remote type gearstick and probably most vans do, was a little odd the first drive but if the ergonomics are right its actually rather comfortable, I guess it needs to be like that to retain the center front seat option legroom....
  4. Not sure the interior "styling" has been addressed... I'm told the stick in the middle is similar to what JB had in one of his Aston Martins for a targeting computer for firing rockets at older defender models, part of JLR marketing scheme to sell more of them and reduce the number of doubting bearded fellows...
  5. That to me sounds like the fan bearing mounted in the front of the timing chest, it makes quite a low rolling drum noise as its onto quite a hollow area of the chest, to check I'd pop the fan off and remove the fan belt and spin the idle pulley and see what you hear, also see if there's any play in it.
  6. I seem to recall the V8's used that type of clutch fork, I'd get it swapped for a pressed steel, the release bearings does seem to be a different part number.
  7. Dare you to say that here https://chevroletforum.com/forum/2019-silverado-gmt-t1-114/
  8. I recently found this stuff on ebay, not purchased yet, but I reckon it could be useful. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GLAZING-SEALANT-12M-ROLL-REAR-DOOR-FRONT-DOOR-TOP-ARBO-SEAL-GLASS-FOR-LAND-ROVER/254085241193
  9. I'd recommend you change the top/front roof rubber seal, as the old one will have formed to the windscreen top, there is usually a groove that the thing sits in, older models put another self adhesive secondary strip further back too, and finish the front off with some sealant to stop any wind noises.
  10. Interesting design especially transmission, but its so butt ugly it will just never catch on, and it will be mega expensive so military's wont touch it.
  11. My 90 has what must have been one of the first Richards Chassis (early to mid 2000's), apart from having a strange rear axle offset which doesn't seem to cause me problems, its a real nice solid chassis Recently acquired a Marland 90 chassis which is a GKN one, again looks as it should, its one of the TDCi types as it has some extra webs in the bulkhead outrigger support, it also has the latest rear tub adjustable fixing arrangement, I think it looks a bit naff but its ok, I have noted that both ends of the rear crossmember are slightly bowed in, I thought this might have been down to transit damage or to do with the galvanising, but I happen to have a look at the last 15 plate 110's the team has got and they are just the same so it must have come from GKN like that.
  12. If you dig through the websites Border Holdings is then affiliated to the ADS quote "ADS is the Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors. ADS Group Limited registered address is Salamanca Square, 9 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7SP and is registered in England no. 7016635" Doesn't fill you with so much confidence. I was sifting through and noted that Britpart hold ISO 9001 issued by Lloyds Register of all people. I've been perusing 9001 as I'm not overly familiar with the Regulation, I guess a few things clocked when I saw the scale of the operation, grips from an enthusiasts group like us is nothing compared to the big picture Britpart is living. - I have to say I was not overly surprised of certain details when I checked up on the board of directors, they have some quite strong links to far east. - kind of reflects where a large portion of the Britpart product catalogue appears from i should imagine.
  13. Having bought genuine and replacement I'd advise you get the cheapest one you can find, a bit like thermostats they have a certain life span and need to a certain extent be treated as a service item, i couldn't find a genuine one for sensible money last time. I'm on a britpart one which seems to be still going strong after 2 yrs.
  14. So I happen to have a free minute and for whatever reason I started perusing the Britpart business page, I was looking at there quality accreditation initially, anyways, I cam across these films which was a bit of an eye opener really, less so about the films content rather than what the films show, I'm not quite sure I appreciated the scale at which Britpart are now operating as well as the business clout they now appear to have, openly stating that they are the/one of the main suppliers of LR parts to the MOD. - its worth a look around the website.
  15. With a standard heater "well fettled" you can get quite a lot out of it. Mine is pretty much standard (LR90) and only struggles to clear misty windows in the harshest of wet winters, even then you only need to give a quick wipe to give it a help in hand. If you've taken all the following steps and you're still not happy then follow an upgrade route... Make sure your cables are adjusted properly Have a healthy coolant mix (correct ratio of water to coolant) I used Discovery 1 heater pipework to connect the engine to the matrix (its slightly larger diameter) Matrix is healthy and clean Blower motor is healthy Blower motor plugs are clean and are making good contact. Blower control slide is clean and making good contact. Additional - open up the bulkhead aperture to the full width of the heater box inlet. Add a "snow cowling" to the inlet on the wing (as stated above). While I had the Thermostat housing off my Def 200tdi I did notice the casting was causing a bit of a restriction to the heater matrix supply port so I opened it up a bit by running a drill down it. I struggle to justify doing any more upgrade type work as it actually does a pretty decent job. I also find if you have the right hand slide down a bit to push air out the lower vent as well as the windscreen vents that helps clear the cab hugely.
  16. Maverik

    Door Hinges

    As born and breed Sheffield'er its quite depressing, but the steel industry has been on its knees in Sheff/uk for a longggggg time now, at least they're still having a hand in something.
  17. Its very tidy, making press tooling can be harder than it looks. good effort.
  18. The Halfords "Advanced" black chests, I've had mine for probably close to 8yrs and they're still going strong.
  19. How did you go about making the tooling? thats a fairly big block of metal. Mav
  20. Haha superb - one might say a work of art.
  21. Maverik

    Door Hinges

    I got fed up of the whole door hinge chasing so I "invested" in some of these from http://ox4x4.com/our-products/ Full Stainless steel. - I contacted them as I was curious about the company - turned out the owner is another enthusiast that got fed up of a sub standard part and decided to come up with something better, the rough castings are made in china with the finished articles being built up/finished in Sheffield. Lifetime warranty - I've got one set on my truck and installed a 2nd set of my father in laws. - Had mine on for a few years now and they're still as solid as they where from new.
  22. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/85023-help-200tdi-injector-boost-compensator/ I had a similar issue a few years ago. - worth checking relatively easily.
  23. Ross your attention to detail is quite frankly astounding and slightly disturbing all at the same time... good job.
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