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  1. Maverik

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    I looked into trackers a few years ago but I've never installed one, I'm still not that convinced about them, especially as a topic on hear showed you can buy a tracker "bug finder" from Amazon for peanuts which kinda negates the whole thing really. Just worth factoring in.
  2. So I've kinda adopted a short term project, she's in not bad shape from the off but she has been abused so needs tidying up, so mechanical then body work fettle get a new hood sorted for her, I've never worked on anything order than 86 so this is somewhat new. Plan is to revert her back to military spec or as close as practical, lots of TLC where the previous owner has abused, I've applied for the vehicle service record from the RLCM be interested to see where she's been, tips tricks and suggestions always welcome... presently just trying to get her started... wish it was a diesel... Mav
  3. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    So some new acquisition soon to be added...
  4. Maverik

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    Totally agree, i was just looking at the body actually will makes some efforts to remove the layers of bronze green, then she'll get rubbed down and painted olive or olive and black there's a few dents here and there I'll be straightening out to square her up a bit but thats about it, the rear tub inside will need the most work. In other news i just got her running. New plugs leads and distributor and she fired up on the first turn, well chuffed, and coincidently I'm no longer a series truck driver virgin, took it for a spin to check the transmission, all good except stopping is interesting with only one wheel... great fun Now I get why peoples like series trucks 😁
  5. So I've been searching the web to try work out if a S3 lightweight has its onwn type of hood, or will a s3/s2 standard hood set-up fit right off? I presume a 90 hood will be too long. As its a bit of a cross topic I put it here rather than under a more specific vehicle type. A little bit new to the whole series game I'm afraid... Mav
  6. Maverik

    What hoods/tilts/canvases fit what?

    Perfect, thats what i was hoping to hear.
  7. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    So the new joint venture got delivered today, thanks to Simons brother, got it rolling and off his transporter. Spent most of the day trying to get her started but i'll continue this in another thread.
  8. Hi folks, I'm looking for any recommendations for vehicles mover type folk, found a few listed online of course but was looking for any pointers of any good/bad experiences thats all. Its moving a short wheel base type vehicle from south lake district up to Aberdeenshire... Advice appreciated Mav
  9. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Super service, already lining up the next job
  10. Maverik

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Now i think on it, one of our old team Td5's did this thing that if she'd been standing and you unlocked with the fob got it started then about 10 second into the drive the engine would cut out. Simple solution was to open close the truck with the fob few times before getting in and starting. Try locking unlocking it a few times?
  11. Maverik

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions folks I think I'm sorted Mav
  12. Maverik

    New 200TDI wiring loom advice

    I'll see if i can find some pictures of my experiences. Like i say just an opinion.
  13. Hi folks, Got the potential to pick up a 2.8 Tdi Dihatsu engine/milner conversion parts for a 90. This looks like I'd be pretty much be able to drop into my new D reg project 90 which had a Normally aspirated diesel in her at the moment. I've done a bit of gogling amd there is a consensus that why not use a 300tdi instead, well this engine i could possible get for half the going price of a 300tdi and it comes with a fair few other ancillary bits. Having done a 300 conversion you kinda need a whole disco to borrow bits off to make it quite tidy, and getting cheap as chips mot failures seems to be less common up here now. Anyways, thoughts on using a 2.8 Dihastu plant? Mav
  14. Maverik

    Td5 refusing to start now...argh!

    Hmmm but why is it running for a few seconds when you bipass the ground on the starter relay... if it was imobiliser id argue it wouldnt start full stop. Are you getting any red light flashing on the speedo cluster?
  15. Maverik

    New 200TDI wiring loom advice

    Econoseal connectors in my opinion are pretty pants, especially for lights, I'd keep bullets anyday over fitting them... coming from a guy that now has Econoseal connectors fitted to hit truck...
  16. Well it is a fairly strange question, will a not standard part fit on a non standard part...
  17. Maverik


    EP80W90 gear oil would work. Early trucks had this anyway. Just means if you're seals and swivel arent so new they may weep a bit.
  18. Maverik

    MadMan ETG gauge

    So some pictures of the senders on my Def 200tdi Madman Install. EGT sender - I got mine from Madman as they are just handier to install with the fittings provided - I drilled and tapped the manifold with the engine on tick over to try limit any swarf going through the turbo, worked pretty well. Oil pressure sender VDO part number 360-081-029-012 Now here I kind of did my own thing as I didn't like what was recommended in the fitting instructions. I installed genuine land rover pressure sender adaptor ETC4033 & ETC4033, this allowed me to keep the genuine pressure switch as a back-up. I then fitted an adapter to get it to 1/8" NPT (the black thing) - I need to check my records at to what that is. - I did this as the initial instructions advised that you screw a tapered thread into a parallel thread and it would be "ok" - this was the correct way as to not damage anything. Oil temperature sender - standard VDO 1/8" NPT sender for 0-150Deg C - ebay/demon tweaks - There is a blanked holed on the front facing part of the oil filter housing, you can see it looking down on the engine - I removed the blanking plug drilled and tapped a 1/8" NPT as I couldn't work out what thread the blank was. Water Temp sender, this was easy, just found an adapter that fit and popped in the standard 1/8" npt VDO sender. I'll have a look through my records to see if I can work out what adapters I used in the end. I hope thats of some help.
  19. Maverik

    Which stainless exhaust - 200tdi 90

    I've got a double SS on my 90 2-3 years old, its horrible, poorly manufactured, mild steel flanges and pretty noddy kinks and bends - and not to mention its a weird hybrid system between a 200tdi and a DT exhaust - within the first week I had to cut the back box open to remove the muffler material as it was rattling and driving me insane. They where happy to fix it but at my cost. not really acceptable, wont be going back to them again.
  20. Maverik

    MOT testing hammer

    This is quite funny, this topic has almost turned out to be something out of a murder mystery...
  21. Maverik

    How to remove TD5 gauges

    The big white things are the collars.
  22. Maverik

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    I had been thinking down the track of a VAG power plant, due to the support there is for playing with the control side, i dabbled in vag com last summer and its got to be one of the most supported platforms out there for amateur diagnostics etc...
  23. Maverik

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    Ok folks, thats enough to persuade me not to go down that perticular route... Has got me thinking though of what potential uber modern engine i could potentially throw in there...
  24. Maverik

    MadMan ETG gauge

    1) EMS2 v EMS1 EMS2 id a round dial type you bget a nice summary page with all the numbers EMS1 is a rectangle and you set the device to flick through the differemt screens, no summary screen. Other than that its pretty much the same. 2) 1/8npt drill and tap a hole in the manifold, this ia what yoh have to do on a Def 200tdi anyways. 3) you need to buy some senders, i wouldnt say you necessarily need to buy the specific madman kit, just the senders as the madman system is designed to use vdo senders.
  25. Maverik

    MadMan ETG gauge

    I've been running my EMS 2 for at least 2 years, they're about to update it to a colour screen. I love it quite simply, great bit of kit. Mav

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