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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254673272559 Saw this on the bay, difficult to know the size but it can't be far off.
  2. I think it will fit, but it's down to the lock type, is the present lock - do you use the ignition key for the lock or is it a smaller half size key? The early locks are 7pin tumbler (short key) - later handles the lock is the longer 14pin tumbler. The lock barrels aren't interchangeable.
  3. Any of the rust preventative type paints will help stave rust off for a while but ultimately it will keep popping through. The only ong term solution in my opinion is to dress the area back to good metal and fully prep and pai t with a good 2k paint, and or, as well get it galvanised (both solutions rather expensive and time consuming I'm afraid...)
  4. So for gearbox number location on a LT77 - see here - but post up the full spec of your vehicle is it V8, inline petrol, or diesel - this gives you a big clue as to what box it likely is. I think you'll quite honestly get as much info as you ask for on here, there is a mammoth amount of knowledge at your finger tips. Ask away as well as check out the technical archive - https://forums.lr4x4.com/forum/15-land-rover-technical-archive/
  5. you should have a look at LRCAT - I use it quite a lot. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1228/7683/7684/715/8227
  6. But then come straight back here (lr4x4). whats your actual problem?
  7. Hmmmm atb's...... Should look at Xcess differentials or give them (Nige) a ring, they get all sorts of interesting stuff in the pre loved section.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Land-Rover-DEFENDER-10-CSW-LHD-PROJECT-IDEAL-USA-EXPORT-EXPORTABLE-200TDi/143644807805?hash=item2171e5d27d:g:6aQAAOSwLRde-fRo This is an interesting looking thing. - is that a Santana roof on it? Spanish number plate....
  9. I got chance to poke about under the bonnet of one at the weekend and I'm sure there's a massive busbar type affair on the left hand side as you look into the bonnet, could be wrong, but it looked like a terminal for connecting jumper cable to etc.
  10. Firstly solve the problem. Or Secondly, just remove the linkage that connects the solenoid to the door latch and tape it up out the way, so the next owner can fix the problem after the car is sold on.
  11. Have you got the engine back running again?
  12. Good effort, where did you get the recovering material?
  13. Pah, 🤣 how disappointing, interesting point though.
  14. In think I might have used the chuck bits from the dremel on it.
  15. Genuine LR ones seem to be that bit thicker, I wouldn't buy aftermarket.
  16. You mean upgrade of the standard pre td5 warning lights? How about... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281844489521 Check out the seller, he also does different colours.
  17. See if you can borrow a reconditioning charger, check the battery fluid, top up if needed then put through a recon charge, other than that it sounds like your battery is a bit duff. Shouldn't be dropping that low.
  18. As litch says, my original 86 90" had a thick ish rubber seal, I installed the foam self adhesive type, 2nd one I've fitted and not had any problems with them.
  19. No Td5 lights wont fit a Pre td5 speedo binnicle surround. Yes the speedo will fit.
  20. Funny that, number 1 of the 150 that where built is up for sale through Land Rover classic restoration peoples for 150k its a 110. And you can actually buy a conversion kit to convert it to one of them. LR are also selling brake and suspension upgrades individually... some interesting perusing on the below sites... https://www.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/approved-vehicles/?utm_source=parts&utm_medium=header&utm_campaign=parts https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/parts/index/brand/key/land-rover/
  21. you sound quite excited I've always gone beach combing with my Dad since I was little, without even a metal detector, we've found all sorts of weird stuff. I once found a 75mm solid steel practice round in the peak district moors, on an old artillery range, should have seen my mums face as I rolled it across the kitchen floor. I remember Dad telling me about him finding the main body (box section) of a Vickers machine gun at the bottom of field at a holiday cottage they visited in the North Yorkshire moors once. Great fun
  22. That's the curious thing, couldn't find that type if lever anywhere in lrcat. This is shown for the disco.
  23. Looks like it just screws out But yours looks different, what's it off?
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