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  1. Hi I have a Discovery TD5 II the top hose has perished by the spigot to the engine cylinder head and when I tried to patch it temporarily it leaked coolant. I think its patched ok now but the car wont turn over now. I am wondering whether something has fused. The car electrics work otherwise. When I try to turn it over I get nothing at all.
  2. Hi I have had trouble with my Disco II 1999 it was overheating. Water pump replaced and also later the radiator. I had to replace 4 hoses. At present the heater works and the car is not overheating and there is no coolant loss but there is the sound of coolant sloshing around the heater. But the coolant pressure is still there 12 hours later. I have tried to bleed all the air out of the coolant system but still have the noise from the heater. The car had its head gasket replaced last year in May. My garage has done a test for exhaust gas in the coolant and that was negative. Apart from the pressure the car is running well.
  3. Hi When a non return valve fails does it no longer allow fluid to get to the windscreen jets? One of mine appears to have failed as it is leaking and no fluid is being pumped. The reservoir has three pumps. I have removed the central one (headlamp washer) as I don't have washers fitted, and the rubber gromment sealing it to the reservoir can't support the weight of the pump and hose. I re-routed the hose to the other pump and the washers now work. I have taped up the non-return valve and power supply.
  4. Hi I have manged to get my windscreen washer working and would like to confirm that I need to replace a non return valve. I had a leak from the central pump due to the rubber sealing grommet having worn out. I think the cnetral pump would go to the headlight washer (which is not fitted) so I decided to leave it disconnected and ad a bottle cork to a replacement grommet. I checked the hoses for blockage they were clear. I noticed that one of the non return valves was leaking water. So I swopped the power supply and hose to the other pump and found that the washer now works. AS a temporary measure I have wrapped the valve in tape and left it disconnmected. Would the non return valve fail by leaking?
  5. Thanks teabag. I have not managed to get a good connection using my tweezers, although it does appear as if the space connector is now located in the proper place. I think that I should in yours words "stay frosty. . get someone else to do it" It's due for its MOT so it's now down to the garage to fix it for me.
  6. Hi I have been attepting to get my rear tail lights working. The problem is NS only. I established that the power supply is present. The trouble is that the spade connector is not going home. The connector block plug is not retaining the spade connector. I might be able to use tweezers to push the spade connector down through the connector plug onto the light socket strip. The spade connector has two red wires attached to it which tend to make it bulky. Alternatively, does anyone know what the part number of the plug is? The car is an August 1994 Discovery 1 300tdi with full lights on both bumper and wings.
  7. Thanks very much for that advice disco_al
  8. Thanks Mark lightning response I have Googled using image search and found confirmation of your suggestion. My next question is would this component stay on when the engine has been switched off, it hasn't happened before and when I next used the car it didn't happen again. The ABS has been reacting oddly at times though.
  9. Hi I heard a mechanical noise coming from an unidentified device in my Disco by the screen wash reservoir after the engine was switched off. I removed an electrical plug but it kept working. please see photo. My link
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