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  1. OT - Any IT / Computer Whizzes On Here?

    Seconded. Exceptional service in my experience
  2. Really enjoying both the videos and the attention to detail!
  3. Skye and Applecross

    Having just done exactly the same trip (with less camping) I can second this. Great scenery and a beautiful place!
  4. Kangaroos...

    My Puma does exactly this as well..
  5. Disco or Land Cruiser

    Isuzu Troopers >'99 have a very clever 3.0 DOHC common rail diesel designed by Caterpillar that produces about 180 bhp and does 30mpg but self destructs in many, many creative, expensive and terminal ways. Great when it works though. The earlier Troopers had a 3.1 engine that was nice, reliably but thirst and even earlier was the 2.8 4JB1T that is great, noisy, quite slow and very frugal. It often ends up (or used to) as a transplant into Defenders. I have a 2000 Trooper retrofitted with the 2.8 which is a great bit of kit if very agricultural Charlie
  6. Can anyone help with rounded caliper bolts??

    They certainly worked for me when one of mine rounded last year Charlie
  7. disco rear door repair section

    I think YRM sell these as part of their rear cross member repair section HTH Charlie
  8. Ralph, Thank you so much, excellent as ever Charlie
  9. Hi, If anyone knows the part no for both the drain and filler plugs + any washers for a manual gearbox for a 1996 300 TDi Discovery (I'm assuming R380??) I'd very much appreciate it. I've found the part now for the equivalent axle plugs but carnet for the ;ice of me find the gearbox versions. Many thanks, Charlie
  10. Is towing caravans really that difficult?

    This seems to be an area of lots of confusion! My OH also wants to learn on a post 97 licence. I can find the section of the DVLA website that says grandfather rights no longer apply for D1, but there is no where I can find (despite lots of searching) that says the same for B+E. Could you point me to something official that I can show her?? Many thanks, Charlie
  11. Non rusting late 300 TDi???

    Thanks guys. I suppose I just need to look for a while Charlie
  12. Non rusting late 300 TDi???

    To the contingent from the southern hemisphere, I'd just like to point out that whilst you may have beautiful climates and rust free Defenders you also have a miriad of stingy and bitey things, I certainly dont envy you the Australian Landrover Spider! In any case I like having to wear cords and/or tweed in August, or at least thats my story and I'm sticking to it! Charlie
  13. Non rusting late 300 TDi???

    Thanks all. Do I take it that a rusting cross member doesnt have to mean a rusting chassis generally then?? BTW, to the Aussie contingent - showing off your climate to people from Northumbeland may be considered by some to be unkind ;-) Charlie
  14. Non rusting late 300 TDi???

    I think that might be the best bet failing a all but new TD5 or somthing of the Jap persuasion that can be had for less dosh , but cant see that happening for a little bit Thank you all for the ususal sage words Charlie
  15. Non rusting late 300 TDi???

    How depressing - I suspect I cant afford a good one then At what age would one qualify as likely to be pretty much not rusty? It seems like you pick somthing that wont be rusty but will cost a fortune to fix when it breaks or buy somthing rusty that is cheep to fix that is beyond my welding capabilities to keep on the road..