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  1. I guess the camper pod makes a huge difference to the COG. I'm sure it is better than a 2wd transit though! My Transit gets stuck with a blade of grass underneath it I have not spent much time in a F250 or F350 and not had a chance to play off road. Have done a few thousand miles in late F150's including some tracks that had craters in them that would have Defenders lifting a wheel here and there. I didn't go silly as I was liable for any damage, more chose the safe line through. It didn't feel any less capable than my TDV8 L322 other than the longer wheelbase/overhang affecting br
  2. I get your point with all the added bling. I do think those F series trucks would make a good starting point as you can chose the right size for what you are planning as opposed to stretching a Defender like the above and hoping for the best! There are hundreds of thousands of them about and lots of common parts plus seen to be very durable and reliable. Rock auto can get obscure parts for US vehicles into the UK with all the duty sorted in 3 days most times so I imagine getting parts from them vs parts from the UK for a Land Rover if you are in the middle east would be just as easy/easier
  3. Reminds me of this company https://earthroamer.com/ Over the top but you have to love a big F Series Ford
  4. Yes I did and I am very pleased with them. Let me try and link to my build thread with pictures. If you are having them all apart i would recommend the Britpart heated seat elements, cheap to do and work really well
  5. No help now I know but when I drill a hole for a rivnut, before fitting it I use a 3 sided file to take a small triangle of material out, when you clamp the rivnut up it jams into this void which is usually enough to stop it spinning when you need to undo it later on
  6. Had a little play this weekend and I am impressed with how easily it removes material.
  7. and if you want to make that fog light LED it looks identical to a Defender one?
  8. You have all convinced me, I have ordered the Makita one and @Stellaghosthas kindly sent me some carbide burrs to get me started Thanks all
  9. Speak to the owner directly and you will get a discount over going to Exmoor trim
  10. Thanks all - I do have air but then that restricts use to the workshop and means I have to drag the air line about which is why I started moving to battery stuff. I appreciate the trade off is weight of the tool but for infrequent use I can cope with that I guess the straight one means you can access some harder to reach areas but looking at the 90 degree ones for most jobs they appear to be more natural to use where you need to apply a little force? Does anyone have a link to some decent quality carbide burrs?
  11. Well it is January again and I have some cash from relatives for Christmas - I always like to spend such presents on something tangible as opposed to 'wasting' it down the pub (not that the pub is open!!) I find I quite often need to enlarge holes outside of the realms of a drill bit sometimes by making a slot in metal and find I have no tools really suitable for the job. The 4 inch grinder being too big for the job and the dremel too small Would a die grinder manage to slot a pre drilled hole in 3mm thick steel for example? And what sort of bit would you use? I was expecting to be a
  12. Exactly what I did to replace the turbo heat shield on my 200tdi. It was Ali sheet
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