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  1. L19MUD

    What to best cut side panels with?

    I would second the jigsaw approach, did this on a RR to fit Defender spats and it worked well. Probably need to apply masking tape to the surrounding paint to stop the jigsaw scratching though More controlled than a grinder and less likely to make 'run off' mistakes
  2. L19MUD

    Intercoolers and other bits

    good point - external temperature at time of test would be a useful thing to log Watching with interest as I currently have a bog standard tdi that I really need to increase the power on before a 1000 mile round trip towing
  3. Reading the advert it seems they claim they are lighter which allows it to spool up quicker
  4. Is there an easy way of doing this? I have a large collection of hood sticks I want to sell, the hoops, cross bars, door edges etc but I have no idea what is defender, series etc. Some have part number stickers on so that will obviously help but most don't. Is there a guide to what cross bar lengths work for which vehicle and 3/4 or full length hoods?
  5. L19MUD

    Forum relay - RR seats, Ipswitch to Hampshire

    Yes that works well for me, please send me a PM and we can organise logistics I also have some other junk treasure left if anyone wants anything else?
  6. L19MUD

    Reciprocating saws

    Fridge, do you mean one of these? https://www.angliatoolcentre.co.uk/makita-dtm51zjx7-18v-quick-change-multi-tool-body-only-pid41221.html Would it be capable of cutting through something like an M10 Nut and bolt on a drop link? Drop links waste lots of my time as they are so difficult to get off if they just spin
  7. L19MUD

    Reciprocating saws

    Think I need to get one ordered!
  8. L19MUD

    Reciprocating saws

    I am considering adding one of these to my toolbox. My intended use would be to cut off stubborn nuts and bolts where it is either impossible to cut off with an angle grinder or there is a potential to cause damage. Anti roll bar drop link bolts are something I am specifically thinking off. have resorted to a hacksaw for a few now and its not the most fun way to spend your life. Has anyone used for this sort of thing? What are they like? I would buy this one as I already have the batteries and the rest of my Makita tools have been great https://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/makita-djr187z-18v-lxt-cordless-brushless-reciprocating-saw-body-only
  9. L19MUD

    Forum relay - RR seats, Ipswitch to Hampshire

    There is a small possibility I will be going to Dartford, right near the crossing in a couple of weeks but that is dependant on someone winning my ebay auction for my 90. Not sure if that even helps but will have a trailer and loads of space
  10. L19MUD

    hot pressure washers

    I still find it needs a brush to remove it - a gentle wipe over seems to be enough but yet the pressure washer won't touch it
  11. Thanks all, useful to know Been started a few times now and all ok VID-20190119-WA0005.mp4
  12. Went to it this morning and it started and ran fine!!!
  13. I like this idea. Will only be able to do this for a short while as the rear rad is not yet plumbed in. I just wanted to be able to start it and move it in and out of the workshop under its own steam. Where do you mean re filling with diesel? Take the cover off where you can adjust the fuelling? Been here, done this when I was young and stupid. Now older and just as stupid so will resist the urge to do it again!
  14. Had a go tonight, throttle full and let go to release to try and shock it on the pump lever. Manual not any use that I found Think I will try and warm it up with the workshop space heater and try it again to see if the heat will help unstick it

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