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  1. I will second this and am not aware of any new regulations for the UK or London Awesome looking 90 though, can we have some more pictures please? What have you got under the bonnet? And which country is it from?
  2. To update on this I have not had a chance to really look at this properly as have been working on other things however every time I walk into the workshop I have moved the arms up and down and sprayed some WD40 (that's what I currently have). They are certainly getting a lot easier to move through the whole range
  3. It is an excellent up to date alternative with all the superseded part numbers on there that take you right from the original number through each change!
  4. I passed my test just at the wrong time and missed out on the trailer entitlement (have got HGV C+E so it carries down to trailers) but have towed large trailers the entire time I have been driving. I really do think you should not be able to tow a trailer if you cannot reverse it. Snaking trailers is something I have experienced and it is scary, it is not always obvious if you have got the weight distribution correct and moving a vehicle as little as 6 inches on a trailer can make the difference between towing perfectly and being a death trap!
  5. The conversation about towing is an interesting one, has anyone had the opportunity to put 3,500kg behind one yet? My L322 handles the 3 axle 18ft bed Bateson better than my Defender for lots of reasons - power, air suspension, stability due to weight/size Does the Defender have any trailer aids? The Ford pickups in the states have had a clever 'anti sway' system that uses the brakes to try and counteract a snaking trailer for years and they now even have a system to help you reverse a trailer
  6. Have you tried rotating it 180 degrees? The quick release wheel on one of my cars only latches one way so that the wheel is always the correct orientation for straight ahead
  7. Totally agree with this. I have a late L322 just before the rotary knob and my old man has one a little newer with the rotary knob. I drive both cars frequently and it really annoys me as to use it you tend to have to look down at it to decide what you want to select. A lever is easy to go from park to drive and drive to park as you know they are each end of the movement
  8. I understand where you are coming from but I have found this thread very interesting. There is a diverse group of people on this thread spread in both the UK and abroad and it has been interesting to see how things are affecting others differently. I hold the opinion of a lot of members on here in high regard (certainly more so that a random person down the pub) and we have some people with very relevant experience that have provided so great insights such as Monkie.
  9. Same! I had a look round the used Range Rover stock at my local dealership the other day and couldn't be bothered to walk inside, deal with the salesman/wear a mask and take a closer look at one
  10. Haven't you fixed/sold that yet Steve?! 😀
  11. Yes I was thinking of this. I had not done it as requires me to take the top off again and then refit the piston and linkage. I have found someone else who had the same problem and they pressed the shaft out which I have the facilities to do. Just worried about damaging one of the castings plus it is very heavy to get in the press. I wonder if there is something better I can use than WD40 to help free it off
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