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  1. Forum collection or relay

    That may well work. I am waiting for them to get back to me. I will let you know Thank you
  2. Stop Solenoid changed and all is now good
  3. Reading back through my previous posts I realised that I had said the lift pump had been plumbed in by the previous owner before the filter....I got that the wrong way round. The PO had plumbed it in Tank - Filter - Lift Pump - FIP. When I changed the lift pump I re routed it to the correct way of Tank - Lift Pump - Filter - FIP
  4. Thanks for the info - I didn't know you could remove the plunger on the stop solenoid. I will do that tonight and hopefully that will resolve my issue and prove where the fault it. It feels like this is my problem as the sudden jolt is like the engine turning off then on again. The pump is brand new and yes it is a Delphi. I am happy it is fitted correctly (it is a brand new one fitted when diagnosing the first problem). The truck ran perfectly for a few months after the lift pump was replaced and the fuel filter plumbed in after the lift pump. This appears to be an unrelated issue to the first one. Will report back on findings Thanks Sam
  5. A variation of this problem has now occurred... On one journey (whilst towing a 2 ton digger) the truck lost power and the gained power really suddenly giving a very harsh driveline jolt. Initially I though it had jumped in and out of gear. It did this twice on that journey. I then drove it again, still with the digger on and it ran erratically and kept dropping power then going normal again. Gave it a check over and noticed the fuel filter needed a tighten. It then drove for 5 miles with no issues. Drove it another 2 miles and it was barely drivable, power on and off like hitting a switch making the truck kangaroo down the road. It now barely starts I have not had time to start digging around but the sudden on/off sounds like a failing stop solenoid to me? Has anyone else experienced this types of symptoms when one fails?
  6. Hi Does anyone live near Luton, and would they be prepared to collect a ramp jack/jacking beam for me? I expect it weighs around 60kg as it is only a 1.5 ton one I only live in Ipswich Suffolk (1.5 hours away) but I can't get there for the next 2-3 weeks and it is a bargain so I know it will get snapped up! I can then collect at a time to suit you Thanks Sam
  7. Refurbing hydraulic cylinder journals

    Better to drill out and bush back to size, then when wear starts to occur again it is much easier repair than if you increase the pin size
  8. Shipping Large Items

    I also have this advertised on the FullFatRR forum, someone there suggested 'Big Dave' who is on the FFRR forum His website is here http://www.md-couriers.co.uk/
  9. Anyone going to Kelmarsh ( Billing ) show

    I too have been going to Billing for a number of years (most of the last 12 years) but I did feel that it has lost some of its sparkle in recent years. The new show on the old camping grounds can never be as big a show due to space limitations so I am going to go to Kelmarsh. I think it is worth a punt and can then make my decision based on that Fingers crossed. If anyone does go, look out for a white 200tdi 90 SW with matching 109 camping trailer
  10. Anyone going to Kelmarsh ( Billing ) show

    I'm going Friday to Sunday! Kelmarsh that is
  11. To scrap or not to scrap

    There won't have been a windscreen VIN plate at that age (either 1984 or 1994)
  12. Another gearbox issue or clutch?

    Valeo or Borg and Beck Britcar are in Ipswich near me and I have just started using them. They seem really decent and very helpful. I used to swear by LRdirect but now I just swear at them! They have let me down twice in a row recently on urgent parts I paid extra for next day delivery and which never showed. In contrast I recently requested a price on an order of around 350 individual parts for one vehicle at a value of around £1,500. LRdirect couldn't even be bothered to quote - said it was too much work (I provided the part numbers!!!). Paddocks priced it all up, gave me discount, kept me in the loop with the order and when I had 1 very minor issue with a missing part they had it shipped next day direct from a supplier. They really were amazing
  13. Another gearbox issue or clutch?

    I had very similar intermittent problems with an identical setup. Most of the time fine then would become unusable at random points.....I put up with this for over a year , changing the hydraulics a couple of times, messing about with the height of the pedal etc etc. I eventually gave in and dropped the box....I had put the clutch plate in the wrong way round!! The springs in the plate were damaged where they had sometimes been fouling the flywheel bolts and sometimes not. I wonder if this is the same problem you are having and when it gets hot the springs expand a bit and hit the flywheel bolts? I know this does not really hep you as the box still has to come out to find out the answer. If it makes you feel any better though my clutch fork decided to split in half at the end (never seen one do that before) last Saturday just before we were taking the truck on holiday!
  14. Perkins Prima to 200TDI swap (in a boat!)

    I can't help directly with this but can you find any pictures online of the conversion plates to fit the 200tdi and Prima? Sounds like a fun project!
  15. I *might* have got rid of 150 litres of old engine oil at my local recycling centre and no one noticed/questioned me. It was all in 25 litre drums It is amazing how quickly it collects when you service all your own/families cars plus a couple of tractors my old man uses to cut the grass. My TDV8 holds nearly 10 litres!