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  1. L19MUD

    Brake flaring tool

    I also bit the bullet and bought a flaremaster 2 - it will last a lifetime so worth the money
  2. Hi - What is the part number of the two torx head bolts that hold ball joint RBK500210 on a 2010 Range Rover please? It is the upper front ball joint Thanks Sam
  3. L19MUD

    "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    Western I have experienced the exact same thing - just swapped filters to test the theory though and not the oil and the oil light stopped flickering at idle
  4. L19MUD

    Where have all the Niva's gone?

    I like the 'Bronto' version translates to approx. £7k!
  5. L19MUD


    I will be there Saturday but unfortunately not camping this time. looks like they have made some changes this year with more going on in the arena - looks like it should be good!
  6. L19MUD

    Lead Lamp

    Ditto - no one uses lights with wires these days! The LED battery ones last hours, most come with magnets in, a hook and some swivel on the magnet base The only issue is that it is easy to leave them under the car - I did recover one off a car I serviced for someone last year - a year after I had left it there!! Charged it up and it still worked!!
  7. L19MUD

    Ideas for sliding awning mount

    Green house roller idea is a good one I believe that the awning is bolted directly to the side of the rack as opposed to the L brackets used on the non swing ones as the bag extends out of the bottom. The idea Ross had for an L bracket is a good one but I am worried that the bracket will then foul on the internal walls and damage the wall over time. I am going to the LRO show at Peterborough in a couple of weeks to see it in the flesh. it is the Armadillo one I am interested in as it has a fully enclosed room http://www.armadillo4x4.co.uk/Armadillo4x4_Awning_Shell.html Couple of pictures of the trailer is it going on
  8. L19MUD

    Ideas for sliding awning mount

    Thinking about this in a slightly different way....the roof rack in question is a Brownchurch style galvanised rack that is square box section. I wonder if I could have something that hooked over the top of the rack with some small rollers onto the top of the rack and then hung down over the side being secured by the sprung loaded bolt in the two positions. The awning does not weigh much so should easily roll along.
  9. L19MUD

    Ideas for sliding awning mount

    Something like this could work as it locks in and locks out - bit spendy though! https://www.eurofitdirect.co.uk/collections/heavy-duty-slides-draw-runners/products/ball-bearing-250kg-locking-drawer-slide-76-x-508mm-ext-100
  10. L19MUD

    Ideas for sliding awning mount

    I like the drawer runner idea as that keeps the awning nice and tight up against the roof rack - the sprung loaded bolt is what I was think too re a way of locking it in either place. My only worry with a draw slide would be that they are designed to have the weight supported in a straight down pull as they are one each side of the drawer. The Awning would be twisting this mechanism. I suppose I could use 4 drawer sliders - 2 each side, one above the other to minimise this. I don't want £1k plus of awning bouncing down the road!!
  11. L19MUD

    Ideas for sliding awning mount

    That is useful thanks. Similar to this kind of thing for toolboxes in the bed of pickups https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=VrBMlPsr&id=AED6AEC1DAFD1BB20A9BF3E54134D95B9E9C5362&thid=OIP.VrBMlPsrbixyXWOImqUouAHaGi&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.etrailer.com%2fstatic%2fimages%2fpics%2ft%2fa%2fta25200_10_1000.jpg&exph=883&expw=1000&q=toolbox+slide+mount&simid=608013964082284512&selectedIndex=5&qpvt=toolbox+slide+mount&ajaxhist=0
  12. I was not sure where to put this so please move if you feel appropriate I am planning on fitting one of the swing out 270 degree awnings to my camping trailer. The cost of a 200cm awning and a 250cm one is identical and the space difference is huge. The problem is the trailer is only 216cm long. The awning has to fit flush to the back of the trailer when in use so the extra 34 cannot be spread front to back to use the awning. The full 34cm also cannot be pushed to the front as it will hit the tow vehicle when turning. My thoughts are to make some sort of sliding mount that can be locked into either position. Has anyone done something like this before? Is there a product intended for something else I could use as a starting point? Thanks Sam
  13. L19MUD


    Sort of... Want to get my dumper truck and trailers in the dry and my old man's caravan needs a new home as I needed to put this new acquisition in the dry....
  14. L19MUD


    Looking good! I have just put up another barn so I can fill it with the racking I held back for myself
  15. L19MUD

    Silverstone classic

    I haven't been to Silverstone classic for a lot of years but it looks like it is just as good as it always has been! Went to Goodwood festival of speed for the first time this year and that was equally fantastic

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