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  1. Not a lot has happened over the last couple of weeks as I have damaged a tendon in my leg. Managed to get the body clear of the workshop yesterday and the running gear out ready for cleaning. Engine, box and axles off today hopefully
  2. Was a long while ago so could have been anywhere! Good work. I bought a 110 hi cap tipper in the end
  3. Sorry I really can't remember. It was on ebay
  4. lots of tractors and trucks like this and about time the car market did the same
  5. Good work! Lucky he let you change it - my experience is that there are two types of testers, and one of them would not have even entertained letting you do it! I used to like a feature my Iveco had for the emissions - it would not let you rev the engine past about 1200 rpm if it was not moving to stop you revving it hard from cold to get the air to build up. Also made doing the emissions test properly absolutely impossible for the testers!!
  6. This is what I was hoping before I bought my new chassis!!
  7. Yes I see no reason why not. Can't hurt to try either
  8. I had not thought of that. I have painted it all and will just clean a small area for each earth point
  9. Watching with interest as mine hasn't worked for ages. When I took the wing off I found the motor was seized solid A new motor is £90!!!😲
  10. Interesting point! I hadn't planned to but will welcome people's thoughts and ideas!
  11. Ironically this is a very similar concept to the 4x4 Iveco that popped up in the new Defender thread! British Leyland ahead of their time again!!
  12. Personally, if it has a 200tdi in it I would put exactly the same back in! It's a good engine and sounds more than adequate for what you want plus you will probably end up with some good used spares from yours to keep on the shelf No messing about with different engine mounts or exhausts. No wiring to change. No pipes to change
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