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  1. L19MUD

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I changed a front air bag on my L322 last night and I have to say what an easy pleasant experience it was compared to changing a normal front coil spring! Wheel off Anti roll bar link off 2 Bolts to hold the strut (one was stuck in the hub but that was my only issue) 3 Bolts to drop it from the top 1 Airline connector None of this compressing a spring, trying to get a pinch bolt out and then slide the damper out of the hub, or having to take the bottom ball joint out because there is not enough clearance to get the strut out. The air bag was deflated so just squeezed it closed. Simple and all with basic tools
  2. Well its gone back now - no idea if I ever hear from them again...beginning to think the whole thing was bad luck. My L322 developed a hole in the front air bag on the way there which made dropping it off stressful
  3. Yes it does - but not from the usual sources. I have done some research on the F150 forum and spoken to a few people there. Apparently these engines suffer badly from condensation in the rocker covers when they are used for short trips in cold climates and not given regular oil changes. That's what I suspect has happened here. I had hoped to come back here today and say I have got the other rocker off and the sump and report back findings. Unfortunately something totally unforeseen has happened and I have got to take the truck back (at least for now). It turns out that the UK duty had never been paid on it as it has been transferred within the USAF (who are exempt), on trying to transfer to me the duty needs to be paid. This would not have been a problem if it had been thought of in advance as a value could have been agreed and the duty paid. As it is the person I bought off is liable for the duty as per the new vehicle price until that can be sorted (Probably around £6-8k of duty!). To complicate matters further she is coming out of the USAF on Wednesday. The only solution we have is for me to give it back so It can be inspected if necessary and she will transfer ownership temporarily onto another USAF person until the duty amount can be agreed and paid. When all of that is done I will get it back...if I want it I may be able to negotiate on the price too. Watch this space.....looks like I will be changing my workshop plans for next weekend! Sam
  4. £70 - be here by Thursday next week if I order by tomorrow
  5. Lets wait to see if I can change it from a 2.5 ton garden ornament before you get jealous!! My other half is just as excited! I would change the RR for a newer one as a daily driver but the work car park means this is just not possible. £7-8k for a nice one was never going to happen for a toy....£2k plus some work is just about manageable! What is a Coyote? Other than a wild dog.... This is my plan - happy for suggestions Remove other rocker cover and check cam followers for damage - assuming no damage (as with the other bank) I can assume that the engine has seized due to oil starvation from the oil pickup being blocked from some of that gunk. I then need to free the engine off. I have two options from here..... Option 1, Get plugs out (will need to buy the tool from the US first) , put ATF down the bores and leave to soak, then try and get her turning over. Give an initial clean up without removing heads. Check main and big end bearings and check I don't have a spun bearing. Borescope down the bores and look up from sump to make sure the bores are not scored. Bolt all back together with some fresh oil and see if she will start. I would then have to strip back down and take heads off to clean the oilways. Option 2, Remove heads and thus avoid the plug issue as can take them out easily when the head is off. Put some ATF in the bores and try to unseize without damaging the bores (can also see if I already have bore damage and thus a scrap engine). Check mains and big end bearings and check I don't have a spun bearing. I can then clean heads in the parts washer and thoroughly flush the bores. Using this approach I can't then see if she will start without spending some money If I have got to either Option 1 or option 2 and not found irreversible damage I will then replace the timing parts, phasers, cam followers if required, main and big end bearings if starting to wear (assuming the crank is in spec) etc, replace heads, time up and hope for the best Option 1 has some extra labour time but gives me the option of seeing if I have other problems before I throw a load of money at her, option 2 removes the spark plug issue but means I really need to buy all the parts and fit before I see if she will start What do people think?
  6. Its seems secondhand 5.4 Tritons in the UK are as rare as rocking horse poo...time to delve deeper and find out why she is seized/try and get it moving
  7. option 4 would easily manage it but the bumper is really not that heavy Assuming that you can lift it and just not hold it whilst its bolted up why not just balance it on crates/wood lifting it up and packing it underneath until it is at the desired height and the bolts line up? How snug does the bumper fit - does the winch need to be fitted before the bumper is fitted to get enough clearance to fit it?
  8. A very sorry state was seen when I took the drivers side rocker cover off. Massive sludge build up which must have blocked the oil ways. The cam surfaces are rusty! This engine is scrap
  9. Alaska is on the list... Would you recommend it (not the truck!) we did western Canada last year and loved it. I have had the new 5 litre V8 and 3.5 V6 eco boost in F150's and they have both been great. 26mpg (UK) in the V8 and a couple more in the V6. The 3.5 V6 Ecoboost in a Range Rover would be a great combination
  10. Currently the Tdi is much better as it actually runs.....300bhp and 360ftlb of torque so should be pretty decent as it weighs 2500kg so less than my L322 Where did you manage to hire an F350 on holiday?! I have been trying to find one for when we go to Texas next year . You really need one of the diesels if you have an F350
  11. OK here is the story, this is all I know as I bought her as a non runner with minimal information but being cheap and local I could not resist The Truck is a 2004 Ford F150 5.4V8 Triton. The first of the 3 valve engines and known to have VVT phaser issues, spark plugs that get stuck and dodgy fuel modules. The seller reported that the truck was apparently running fine then cut out, started again and cut out again would not restart and just turned over. Was told the fault codes were the VVT cam/phaser solenoids (which were included in the sale). At the weekend I ran diagnostics to find solenoid wiring faults on both sides and fuel pump module offline, at this point things were looking promising. The battery was too flat to try and start so I put it on charge, when I did this I discovered both solenoids were unplugged so I plugged them back in. Last night with a decent battery I turned the key - click. I decided to tap the starter in case it was stuck. Got under the truck and it had a brand new starter on it (have since discovered this was fitted post the breakdown). Gave it a tap and the starter freed off, but now didn't turn the engine over and just wound over grazing off the flywheel, engine not turning over. I then put a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt - would not turn over and therefore appears to be seized. Not an ideal scenario but I have no comeback from a private sale on Facebook (although it clearly was not turning over but not starting as I was advised). Tonight I plan to whip off the rocker covers and see what the damage is before I decide on what I am going to do Anyway here are some pictures, including one of it on the back of the 90. On the plus side I got to test my recon pump/injectors/turbo and Allisport intercooler under load!!! That trailer is 18ft long and 7ft wide....
  12. L19MUD


    Electrical issues with my 2002 that I kept chasing round were the reason I changed to a newer one
  13. L19MUD


  14. L19MUD


    You also need to map them out if you go that route - I think Bell Auto Services can do it Nothing beats a Range Rover in my opinion...just got to be prepared to pay to maintain it!

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