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  1. A little more progress this weekend sees the front suspension back together and the front callipers assembled with pads and new pins. I have also put a couple of coats of paint on the fuel tank and steering box I then thought I would remove the loom from the old chassis. Cue some swearing and I was puzzled why it was stuck. I cut the top off a section of chassis and found the cause When I fitted the rear crossmember a few years ago I threaded the loom through a tennis ball to prevent it getting damaged from the welding. It worked perfectly by the looks of it. Just totally forgot I did that.
  2. Thanks all and thanks Steve for the offer. I think I will buy some and then modify them if I need to. There are some wheel arch spats on the shelf that have been waiting to get fitted and offering them up makes it look like the idea should work I want to fir the type shown on the blue hard top above as my sills are already off and it would tidy it up
  3. Thanks both. Very much appreciated. Let me speak to the other half and formulate a plan
  4. As per the fore sale section Mike is parting out a 110 down in Southampton and I am buying the roof and a wing. Is anyone else buying anything that would move them further up the country, and would anyone else benefit from me picking up and taking to Suffolk? Long shot I know given its a big bit of Land Rover but worth an ask!
  5. Lol, fair pooint Fridge. I'm not sure a water pump would like diesel much either. We were also concerned that the flashpoint for diesel could be reached by a dishwasher
  6. Timely - a mate has a dishwasher for me to do something similar We thought that the Dishwasher would cope without a pump to feed it though? Does it not have an internal pump? We also spoke about the potential of using Diesel as the fluid.......
  7. Annoyingly as I initially suspected. The wheel arch is wider on the Hi Capacity so the tree slider will stick past the arch on the rear tub and look very odd. It would stick out by 9cm. I wonder if I fitted some wheel arch spats to it and then trimmed them to let the slider go underneath if it would look ok. Hmmm!
  8. That is incredibly helpful thank you!! My plan should work out perfectly. Will just check your measurements to mine tonight and get some ordered
  9. Great thanks, sounds like they will fit. The outrigger on mine is used for the rear cab support as it is a truck cab (body on the Hi Cap is seperate. Would you mind measuring the length of them for me please?
  10. I'm sure someone on here has a 110 with rock/tree sliders fitted?
  11. +1 for the Easibleed although to be honest I quite often just use a bit of rubber hose with a bolt screwed in the end to cap it and a slit about 15mm long just above the bolt. It acts as a valve and allows the fluid out but not the air back in. I then just position a container in the right place to catch it. Clutch slave cylinders on Defenders are a pain as you only get 3 pumps of the pedal before you have to top up the reservoir (which is a pain if it is in the air on the ramp)
  12. I want to fit some tree sliders to the 110 Hi cap, mine is modified though so I think normal 110 ones will be what I need I think tree sliders on a standard Hi Cap just replace the sill under the door up to the edge of the rear tub. The rear tub on mine sits at the same level as the bottom of the door (not the bottom of the sill) as the tub has been raised to get tipping gear underneath. Thus I think a standard 110 tree slider should fit. Can anyone show me how they fit on a standard 110? Also what measurement are they from end to end? I know the wheelbase is obviously the same but am unsure if the wheel arch hole is bigger?
  13. Went for genuine AP pistons and seals. Figured the last lot had been in there 25 years and were really not that bad so they should last a good while
  14. Callipers put back together with no problems. I just used a thick washer and a g clamp to get the wiper seal retainers in. All 4 fitted up and the back ones have pipes and pads
  15. You lot have cost me money! I am going to order this which looks nice and small and is 3/8 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Makita-DTW180Z-Impact-Wrench-Blue/dp/B07D4J3B1X/ref=asc_df_B07D4J3B1X/?tag=bingshoppinga-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=&hvpos=&hvnetw=o&hvrand=&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583863981966567&psc=1
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