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  1. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    that's what I am hoping
  2. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    I think he knew there was a bit of a leak but had not realised how bad/that all the water had run out. That's a fair point and I can easily check closely now the head is off - they are liners so cracking is possible
  3. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    Agreed - that is the only thing that looks possible. I didn't want to put words in peoples mouths though! I think it would be sensible to get the head pressure tested as well as skimmed
  4. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    Well i must say 1960's Fordsons are easier to work on than TDV8 Range Rovers! Head off easily in less than an hour and a half. Its a copper gasket so its not so easy to spot if it has blown. On the plus side all three bores look good with no scoring. Pictures.... What do people think?
  5. given the low cost and ease of changing I may just swap it then!
  6. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    No it does not seem to smell, I have been laying next to the tractor smelling it like a weirdo all weekend!! What I am confused about is why are my compression test numbers decent with this much blowby? They are excellent little engines though - We also have 2 Massey 135's with the later direct injection version of this engine and they never cause any problems and start in any temperature with no heat
  7. L19MUD

    OT Perkins A3.152 Run dry of water

    I think head off has to be the next thing to do - why would I be getting steam from the breather though?
  8. Sorry this is a little off topic - the engine in question is the early indirect injection version fitted to a Fordson Dexta tractor (I did pick it up with the Landy) The previous owner allowed it to run dry of coolant due to a radiator leak and continued to use it until in his words 'it went boom' I was expecting the tractor to have some fairly obvious signs of head gasket failure or worse from being overheated. I filled it up with water and It starts up and runs well, sounds normal. I did a compression test and got figures of 300psi on two cylinders and 340psi on the third. This seems fairly normal I would think? The issue is that it is breathing very badly from the rocker cover breather pipe, once it starts to warm up it appears that there is steam coming out of the breather. There is no evidence of water in the oil but I guess this issue has just happened as he stopped using it as soon as he had a problem. Had the rocker cover off and all looks good in there. I guess I am going to have to have the head off to investigate further, what are peoples thoughts to what is causing this? Head gasket? cracked head? or worst case slipped dry liner?
  9. Didn't think of this - tried it and its clearly operating as you provide and remove power to it This has not been a priority this week so further investigation will have to wait
  10. L19MUD

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I think your idea of fun and mine are quite different!
  11. I think you may be onto something here. To not start immediately after running fine points more to a hard fault like a stuck solenoid as opposed to an air leak, They are cheap and easy to change so I will start there Pity it is an auto otherwise I could pull the plunger out and test it and then just stall it in gear. Suppose I could stall it by blocking the air intake?
  12. leaking joints on filter housing, porous filter housing, bad leak off pipes. - I have checked/resolved all of these rusty porous pick up pipe, chaffed lines, leaking diaphragm in lift pump, - I will go through these next. Lift pump seems unlikely as it pumps really well when bleeding
  13. I have a 300tdi in a Defender challenge truck that has not been used for quite some time. When I originally tried to get it running (after bleeding up) I had a problem with it running flat out which appeared to have been the governor sticking in the pump. After repeated starts and gentle tapping of the pump I managed to get her running normally and easily from the first turn of the key. Fast forward a few weeks of total inactivity and I now have a starting problem where it appears that fuel is running back. I can easily bleed back up to the fuel filter using the lift pump but then it takes and age to get fuel coming out of the injector pipes. The spill pipes were all totally shot and the normal cause of this so I replaced those, I have inspected all of the pipes in the engine bay (but not yet at the tank) and all seem good. Once I manage to start her up after much cranking it runs fine and seems to have normal power (no rad fitted at the moment so can't run for long). As soon as I turn it off it will then be just as difficult to start as the first time, just seconds after stopping. How is fuel running back so quickly without any obvious sign of a leak?
  14. L19MUD

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    That's an improvement right there!!!

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