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  1. @David Sparkes I think the Defender does have a curve on the inside from memory but in all honesty i am probably overthinking things. Straight lines like that are going to lose such a small amount of space it is not worth worrying about. I think I will copy that design and make mine the full length between the bulkhead and the rear of the body. The only downside of that will be access to the rear light wiring but given that i am redoing most of this anyway and it will only be a handful of bolts that hold it down I don't see that as a big issue Pity the company no longer exists as they do look smart in powdercoat black
  2. Thinking about making one myself, the only difficult part is getting the profile for the curve of the truck. Wonder if I can find a scrap side tub panel that I can butcher to make life easier. Easiest way to build it would be with Ali sheet, Ali angle and then rivet together I guess
  3. @Snagger I was about to ask if you would sell one of them if you are removing them and then saw your location! I may have a go at making one myself
  4. That is a next level idea!!. What did you do with the floor supports that rest on the chassis? Just trying to visulise what it looks like under there with the body back on! PS - I think you could improve on the routing of your towbar wiring!!
  5. I wish the bloke mentioned in that link was still making them for £50 each!!
  6. I used VHT paint specifically for this and bought in a kit from ebay. I had previously painted them with the same paint over 15 years ago and it held up pretty well for at least 10 years of that without being repainted. I shot blast them when I rebuilt them hence the repaint
  7. Hmmm, that is an idea I had not thought about. Currently the box I have takes up half the load bay. If I used just the right hand (or left hand) seats in the back and put a box on one wheel arch I could get the entire load space back. Thanks that is exactly why I posted for ideas!
  8. Possibly wrong oil put in the gearbox? Would probably change the oil and go from there
  9. The biggest issue is that their drawers are all the full load bay. I never need 7 seats in the 90 but 4 is handy occasionally
  10. With my 90 re chassis getting very close to the body going back on I have started thinking about other changes I would like to make. One of those is what I do with rear storage Currently I have an MDF box that I made many years ago that fits inbetween the seat boxes to the height of the bulkhead and takes up only half of the load bay so that the rearmost two seats can still be used. I have left the other two seats in with the idea being that if I ever wanted to use them I could take the box out. In reality this has NEVER happened so i could also free up that space if I wanted to. I was wondering if I could find a top box that would fit snugly in the space that my current box does - has anyone done this? The box is ok but everything needs to be chucked on top of each other and I find when I take tools out with me if I am doing a long trip its a massive hassle finding things Things I want to put in there - shackles, snatch block and winch remote. -Tow rope - Jump leads -Couple of ratchet straps (the 5 ton size) -Socket set and spanners, screwdrivers, pliers etc. I may buy a set just to keep in the 90 -WD40, brake cleaner, 1l engine oil, 1l gear oil, 1l PS fluid Show me your solutions!
  11. I have always been taught to put the slider towards the transfer box for both front and rear.....I have no justification for why that is the right thing to do though!
  12. When i took the body off my 90 I used standard builders trestles with scaffold poles running across them. They are adjustable for height and took the weight easily
  13. Get it bought! I love my L322
  14. I have just bought the Makita 3/8 version to go alongside the big Makita one I have. i used it all day yesterday and I have to say it is great. It obviously does not have the power of its bigger brother but for normal sized stuff it makes life so much easier than using the hand ratchet. It is much much smaller and lighter than the big one
  15. Thank you. Better get Mike some money then!
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