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  1. Good news! Connected up at the dash end and working with no issues
  2. Craddocks the place to go then! £1,692 https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/da9017-roamedrive-defender-overdrive.html
  3. Craddock or Paddocks have them for sale for £1700
  4. Not quite finished this but I had 12v at the connection at the dash end of the wire running to the transducer so there was certainly a problem with that wire. I decided to remove the original 3 core wire and run a new 2 core wire to take the live feed and signal. The earth has been terminated on the main earthing strap from the battery to the gearbox mounts. All I had time for at lunch so will connect those two wires up tonight at the dash end tonight and fingers crossed!
  5. I bet this becomes an official option at some point!
  6. Will do. It always played up but I knew the connection at the transducer was a bit dodgy. When I looked at it last night I found one of the wires in the connector barely held in so changed the plug for a good one. Thought I had sorted my issue but obviously not!
  7. Gone back over it all and you are right it should be 12v. I wasn't suprised at 7.8v as thought it was probably fed from the speedo head but it is not. I obviously have a connection problem or a lot of resistance in the wire. Hopefully that's the answer! Cheers
  8. My speedo used to work 75% of the time after doing this upgrade. Now having put it all back together it's not working at all! Everything on the dash works except the speedo needle An investigation shows 7.8 volts at terminal 1 of the transducer plug, a vary small resistance to earth on terminal 2 and terminal 3 is not easily checked as its the signal wire I'm confident the speedo head is good as crazywabbit just clocked up the mileage for me with no issues. What should I check next and is there and easy way to test for a signal using a multimeter?
  9. That is very useful! Thanks I think 25 mm steel angle and chequer plate ali is probably what I will use. I am going to pick this up tonight which I plan to cut up and use the draws from and possibly those over centre latches
  10. That is a decent solution but you have the luxury of it being a 110 and therefore having extra seats when you need them. Whatever I do needs to retain the use of the 2 side facing seats I have fitted to one side I was thinking last night that I could make something the shape of what snagger has but add in some draws from a tool top chest into the bottom on one side of it to create more usable space and be able to find things. I'm intending to have a set list of things that are kept in there at all times as opposed to needing to transport other random stuff which will have to just get chucked in the load space
  11. 7 months on and with the rest of the rebuild pretty much there I am finally going to do something about this I still think copying the ones Snagger has will be the best solution. I would probably buy a MSS version if it was not for the fact they insist on making everything 22cm high so it is the same height as the seatboxes from the floor. This is obviously irrelevant when they sit on top of the seatbox and means they are about 1cm too small to fit a 1 litre bottle of oil/ps fluid etc in which is very annoying!
  12. This weekend was finally time to fit the seats and steering wheel which have been patiently waiting in the lounge at home. I'm really pleased with how they look now fitted
  13. I used fiberglass rod's to pull the cables through. Was fun!
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