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  1. I can't help directly with this but can you find any pictures online of the conversion plates to fit the 200tdi and Prima? Sounds like a fun project!
  2. I *might* have got rid of 150 litres of old engine oil at my local recycling centre and no one noticed/questioned me. It was all in 25 litre drums It is amazing how quickly it collects when you service all your own/families cars plus a couple of tractors my old man uses to cut the grass. My TDV8 holds nearly 10 litres!
  3. I have two different types of cheap generic Ebay purchased LED trailer lights on my beavertail trailer and much abused tipping trailer. Been on both trailers for about 18 months now and not had a single problem. They are also much brighter and easier to see than those rubbish square standard lights. Wish I had done this years ago!
  4. Just to update this it was indeed the switch
  5. Have ordered a second hand switch off the bay of E for £10 and also ordered two ceramic H4 plugs with looms in case it is dodgy connectors causing the problem.
  6. Might be worth ordering a switch as a first port of call, they can't be that expensive
  7. Defenders had a Dim Dip relay throughout the TD5 era hence why I was thinking the Disco would be the same. The headlights do show as 'dim' with the sidelights on
  8. 2001 TD5 Discovery, started having problems with high beam not working and then when coming out of high beam to normal dipped lights the dipped would not come back on! Now in a position with the headlights turned to dipped where they are just on the dim setting No fuses are blown and this affects both headlights so I am guessing this is related to the Dim Dip relay? I am assuming that a TD5 Disco still has one despite it being an outdated thing. I have trawled through RAVE but cannot find a mention of it, or more importantly where it is! Does anyone have an idea where it is? Thanks Sam
  9. Thanks for finding out
  10. I finally sorted it with the thread repair file. Axle now back together! Thanks Sam
  11. Would be interested to know who this policy is with please? I use admiral multicar - currently have a 300tdi 110, 200tdi 90, Series 2a 88, 2012 A5 S Line Black 3.0 Tdi, and a 2010 Range Rover Vogue SE all on the same policy and pay a total of £850! I do live in Sunny Suffolk, all cars on private driveway/garage and I have 10 to 13 years no claims on all of them. I am 32 and my OH is also 32. The 3 older ones are all on 'Classic' agreed value terms with sub 6k per year mileage
  12. Thanks both. I attacked it with the needle files last night and the nut is now going on a few turns. It is still getting stuck though so I have invested in one of those thread repair files. I really hate throwing something away and spending £70 when there is nothing really much wrong with it There are 18 threads per inch in case anyone is interested!
  13. Thanks for the advice on this. I stripped it and gave it all a good clean up last night and then reassembled. It is now as smooth as the other diff with the same amount of backlash A few pounds saved! :-)
  14. I am going to do exactly that. Makes sense to put the diff in the back which is always load bearing which has never had a problem
  15. I have tried, but I just can't get the nut to go on without cross threading. Maybe need to have spend a little more time/patience!