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  1. as above - easiest way to see if it is a sticking fuel stop solenoid is to pull the cable off the top of the Solenoid when it is running on. If it stops immediately your problem is electrical (ignition switch or back feed from alternator) if it carries on then the fault lies with the stop solenoid itself. Worth taking out and cleaning first as Ross mentions there could be some carp in there
  2. Bulkhead repairer

    Just to follow up on this I went with Mosside Land Rovers and my bulkhead and front panel is now back He even arranged collection of it from me and sent it back. Total cost £940 to do both including collection and delivery
  3. Radio code issue

    Hmmm, will see how friendly my LR main dealer is! I wonder what they charge....
  4. Radio code issue

    This problem relates to a Phillips radio in a 1999 TD5 discovery but I think the same units were fitted to Range Rovers and Defenders so have put in the international section. The issue is that the code is not in the paperwork with the car. No problem I thought, I will pull the radio out and get the serial number off it. The issue is that the sticker is long gone on the outside of the unit so now I have no way of obtaining the code through the serial number of the radio. Is there any way I can get the code from the reg number of the car? The unit is the standard one so I expect it has been in there from new Such an annoying problem!
  5. Repairing Birmabright panels

    OK I tried.... Ordered all the bits and got the MIG set up. After a couple of issues with getting the wire through I managed this at different power settings and different wire speeds. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Where’s your Snow pictures?

    Most of the snow is gone from Suffolk now. Did mange a good couple of days of Landie fun though 😁
  7. Repairing Birmabright panels

    Really useful, thanks
  8. How's the weather where your at?

    No Land Rovers here in Delhi but currently around 25 degrees!
  9. Repairing Birmabright panels

    would love to see a copy of that section given the bodywork repairs I have got to do!
  10. Invisible Defender

    I am in Delhi this week and it makes the UK standard of driving look amazing. For reasons totally unknown to anyone they tend to drive down the carriageways drifting about between two lanes without ever just sitting between the lines. The state of the HGV's would make a VOSA tester cry!!
  11. Repairing Birmabright panels

    Thanks Steve - fingers crossed!
  12. Repairing Birmabright panels

    Have done a bit of research - 1mm tips for 0.8 seem the way forward. Have ordered the wire, tips and liner. Just need to pick up some pure Argon and find some suitable brass to use as a heatsink
  13. Repairing Birmabright panels

    Thanks Steve I hadn't appreciated the low cost of converting the MIG to do this and have a go. What do you mean by 'A Tips'? Should I get 1mm tips for the 0.8mm wire given the extra expansion or am I misunderstanding?
  14. Repairing Birmabright panels

    I am wondering if it is worth me buying a second hand TIG and then selling on after I am finished? Or am I deluded that I will be able to grasp TIG welding well enough to stick things together? All the welds are going to have to be filed flat in any case as they are bodywork. Thoughts?
  15. Repairing Birmabright panels

    Thanks for the real world feedback - all my panels are off the truck so even the ones on the rear of the tub could be done horizontal. Do you have any pictures of your repairs?