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  1. Bulkhead repairer

    Thanks Ed. He is going to send the courier he normally uses to pick it up on a pallet directly from mine I spoke to him for about 30 minutes the other day and he certainly knows his stuff about bulkheads!
  2. Bulkhead repairer

    Assuming I have not gone mad, I am sure I have seen a thread about someone who repairs bulkheads to a very high standard. I am sure this bloke was in Ireland somewhere. I am well behind with my Series 2a project due to spending so much time abroad with work this year so I think I would like him to do it. His skills also far exceed mine from the pictures I remember Anyone got his contact details/and or the thread? Thanks Sam
  3. Bulkhead repairer

    I have emailed him and he hast quoted £650 for a fully restored bulkhead including galvanising and £80 to do the same on the front headlight panel. Providing I can sort the logistics of getting it there and back that seems a good price for the quality of the work I have seen in the pictures
  4. Bulkhead repairer

    That's the one! Thank you. I have now found his Facebook page. The bulkhead I remember seeing is this one
  5. Bulkhead repairer

    I can't find him either. I think he is also on the mig welding forum? The work looked outstanding. I really want to save what I have as it is 75% good, but thanks for the link
  6. Bulkhead repairer

    Thanks. I will investigate
  7. Bulkhead repairer

    Thanks Steve. I will post some pictures so you get an idea. I'm away with work again now which is really killing my workshop time. I want it to be right as I'm spending a lot on the truck overall and I don't think my welding skills are up to it
  8. Bulkhead repairer

    This bloke did all the Series 2 specific things such as the lip for the door seal and got it as close to original as possible. I am not sure Devon would do that? Would you mind letting me know how much Devon charged you?
  9. Just be careful with RAC as they will not cover commercials as part of their normal breakdown service. The AA on the other hand have no problem as long as it is 3.5 ton max This seems really daft to me as a Defender station wagon would be covered by the RAC but a hard top not The AA cover me and my other half in any vehicle we are in provided it is no more than 3.5 ton. I don't have home start but I do have relay anywhere in the UK. They brought my Range Rover, car trailer and an SLK that was on it back from Coventry to Ipswich with no quibbles. IIRC it is £145 per year
  10. Tyre changing the manual way

    I have changed well over a hundred tyres with one of those! Once you get the knack of it they are really quick and easy. My number one tip would be lubrication I often just used to use a weak fairy liquid solution put on with a brush, the key is for it to have lots of bubbles by scrubbing the tyre with the paintbrush. If you don't do that it just runs off and does not really help. The bars you have and the technique sounds spot on. Another tip if you are doing tubeless tyres is to take the valve inner out before you pump it up as the increased speed of air going in helps it seat on the bead. Then quickly put the valve back in before losing all the air
  11. Can anyone recommend a press

    just as a pointer (and not wishing to teach anyone to suck eggs) but you can greatly reduce the amount of force needed and the risk of damaging the component in many cases by applying a shock load whilst pressure is applied in the press. E.g. pressing out a something and with 10 Ton applied, a sharp whack on the casing of the item you are trying to extract from with a hammer often means it will start to move and the pressure gauge jump down. It is relatively easy to smash cast components with a press if you are too heavy handed and this really does help
  12. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    I went from 255 to 285 BFG Muds and I can confirm that the 285's are a lot wider Will try and remember to stand a 255 next to my truck and take a picture at the weekend
  13. Shelving

    Interesting. They all had the same amount of weight on them!
  14. Shelving

    Sorry Geoff - Had totally forgotten to tell you that there are matched pairs! I have made sure you have the correct pairs to make level shelves across both of your bays. I tend to put the ones that have the bars welded closer to the bottom as the bottom shelf just because it gets the shelf closer to the floor. I had not noticed that some were stronger than others....they seem to all be the same to me, just welded at different positions to the bracket. Yes I have some more of it if anyone is interested! This lot made its way from Suffolk to Somerset
  15. Hi Does anyone live near Luton, and would they be prepared to collect a ramp jack/jacking beam for me? I expect it weighs around 60kg as it is only a 1.5 ton one I only live in Ipswich Suffolk (1.5 hours away) but I can't get there for the next 2-3 weeks and it is a bargain so I know it will get snapped up! I can then collect at a time to suit you Thanks Sam
  16. Forum collection or relay

    Thanks for the kind offer Neil, unfortunately the sale on this has fallen through Sam
  17. Forum collection or relay

    That may well work. I am waiting for them to get back to me. I will let you know Thank you
  18. The vehicle in question is a 110 that was previously a 200tdi but now a 300tdi (fitted prior to my ownership), but I suspect this could affect any Tdi hence in International. The truck runs fine with full power most of the time, and then will suddenly lose all power and even get to the point it stalls. If stood for a few minutes it will then run fine again in most cases. I did 30 trouble free miles in it at the weekend, and then in two 1.5 mile trips it did it to me twice. Problem first occurred last weekend and I changed the fuel filter in case it was blocked., this has made no difference I have a new lift pump on order and intend to fit it and blow through all the fuel lines this weekend. Is there anything else I should be doing/checking? Is really odd as its 100% fine most of the time Thanks Sam
  19. Stop Solenoid changed and all is now good
  20. Reading back through my previous posts I realised that I had said the lift pump had been plumbed in by the previous owner before the filter....I got that the wrong way round. The PO had plumbed it in Tank - Filter - Lift Pump - FIP. When I changed the lift pump I re routed it to the correct way of Tank - Lift Pump - Filter - FIP
  21. Thanks for the info - I didn't know you could remove the plunger on the stop solenoid. I will do that tonight and hopefully that will resolve my issue and prove where the fault it. It feels like this is my problem as the sudden jolt is like the engine turning off then on again. The pump is brand new and yes it is a Delphi. I am happy it is fitted correctly (it is a brand new one fitted when diagnosing the first problem). The truck ran perfectly for a few months after the lift pump was replaced and the fuel filter plumbed in after the lift pump. This appears to be an unrelated issue to the first one. Will report back on findings Thanks Sam
  22. A variation of this problem has now occurred... On one journey (whilst towing a 2 ton digger) the truck lost power and the gained power really suddenly giving a very harsh driveline jolt. Initially I though it had jumped in and out of gear. It did this twice on that journey. I then drove it again, still with the digger on and it ran erratically and kept dropping power then going normal again. Gave it a check over and noticed the fuel filter needed a tighten. It then drove for 5 miles with no issues. Drove it another 2 miles and it was barely drivable, power on and off like hitting a switch making the truck kangaroo down the road. It now barely starts I have not had time to start digging around but the sudden on/off sounds like a failing stop solenoid to me? Has anyone else experienced this types of symptoms when one fails?
  23. Refurbing hydraulic cylinder journals

    Better to drill out and bush back to size, then when wear starts to occur again it is much easier repair than if you increase the pin size
  24. Shipping Large Items

    I also have this advertised on the FullFatRR forum, someone there suggested 'Big Dave' who is on the FFRR forum His website is here http://www.md-couriers.co.uk/
  25. Anyone going to Kelmarsh ( Billing ) show

    I too have been going to Billing for a number of years (most of the last 12 years) but I did feel that it has lost some of its sparkle in recent years. The new show on the old camping grounds can never be as big a show due to space limitations so I am going to go to Kelmarsh. I think it is worth a punt and can then make my decision based on that Fingers crossed. If anyone does go, look out for a white 200tdi 90 SW with matching 109 camping trailer