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  1. I would have a browse of the Transit forum to look for other common prblems to look out for whilst you are there. There are hundreds of thousands of very well abused 2.4 Transits out there now so I am sure there will be some experience of what to look out for
  2. I can look when I get home - I have the Masai set which i understand are just Genuine regulators with a wiring loom included. I think you will find that the reulator come complete with the motor and you wont get that as a separate part
  3. Thanks - good point. Luckily it is only the tree sliders which have a couple of threaded holes, the rest just take nuts and bolts throguh drilled holes
  4. I sorted the rear lights with a combination of a scraper, the blow torch and the shot blast cabinet. The front ones are getting the bonfire treatment and I will revert back!
  5. Nearly done! Pile of bits to do is much smaller now
  6. In case anyone else tries.... It was a total fail. Cue the blowtorch, mini wire brush and the shot blaster
  7. Well did this with the rear ones...
  8. Who else is going to be there at 8 tomorrow? 😁
  9. I hope it will resemble something far from rusty junk after the amount of hours I have spent at the shotblast cabinet in the freezing cold!!!
  10. Thanks Steve. The only thing that has hollow sections are the tree sliders which were previously galvanised and have holes in them already so should be good on that front. Looking forward to it being back on the road but I have got a lot of wiring and interior to sort out first!
  11. The Land Rover part is hopeless. I am going to use the stick on type that you cut to fit yourself
  12. I have been using a mixture of flap discs/wire cup brush and electrolysis then finishing with the blaster where I can get the part in the cabinet My compressor can't keep up with the blaster so I have to alternate between methods and parts which makes progress slow
  13. I think i might have been being a bit anal about it....
  14. Ok so body on I started to think about what will hold me up getting it back on the road and realised the main thing out of my control was the galvanising and then painting/powder coating of some of the bolt on items. Cue a very dirty dusty day starting to get everything cleaned up Just how fussy are the galvanisers when it comes to specs of paint or pits of metal where it is difficult to get the rust out? The pile of bits to clean is getting smaller...
  15. Mine are a bit sturdier than those so should be fine. This type https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Light-Guard-Set-BRITPART-Land-Rover-Defender-VIN-2A622424-STC53161-/371410722343
  16. This could be worth a try on the rear light guards.I will grab one of the small ones tonight and try it. Suppose it will make a change getting in trouble putting things in the freezer as opposed to parts to clean in the dishwasher or pistons in the oven to expand and get the gudgeon pins in!
  17. Yes fair point, i will find the part number later and stick it into Microcat then print off the relevant Rave diagrams. My thoughts too, it can't be that bad to work out with the continuity function on the multimeter. I will share progress and results on here in case anyone else can use what I find. My initial plan is to test continuity from the live post that takes power direct from the battery to see what side of the fuses power up and then fit fuses one at a time to see the power to the relays. Seems a better use of time sat in the house playing with the multimeter than watching dross on TV! Watch this space for me getting stuck and confused!
  18. Warping them is what I was wrried about. They are the standard slat type front grilles so I could replace those if it failed (but would be stuck with them not being galvanised) the rear ones are cage type from an unknown source and I want to keep them so I don't have to drill extra mounting holes
  19. I have been working on cleaning up various items ready for galvanising. Things that have been powder coated come off quite well with a combination of a flap wheel and a wire cup brush. Plastic coating on my front and rear light guards however is a nightmare. Friction melts it but does not remove it, the gas torch melts it but does not allow me to remove it before it cools back on. Am I best just chucking them in a bonfire and fishing them out afterwards?
  20. I now have one kindly supplied by Simon. Do you have any wiring diagrams that will help me get started?
  21. Nice and warm in the house 😁
  22. Happy to supply beer tokens for it !
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