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  1. I changed the thermostat in my old V8 L322 and the issue did not reoccur. I am not sure how much a genuine or OEM one is? I would not advise running without one, they are designed to run at a set temperature and will be more efficient when doing so Also - welcome to the forum!
  2. Mine is a very early 1996 E39 535i sport with factory fit AC Schnitzer bodykit. I am the third owner, the first having it for 18 months, the second until 12 years ago when I bought it. Not been on the road for 5 years now. Will find a picture!
  3. The 1.6 Supercharged is terrible on fuel - Never managed more than around 30 mpg on a run and way less on country lanes and around town. In fact I suspect on average the TD5 will be better. My 535i E39 is better on fuel than a 1.6 supercharged Mini in fact!
  4. I have some of that kicking about left over from my rebuild. I will give that a go when I pull the T box later in the year. Thanks It is only a problem once or twice a year when doing a really long trip and then only if it is hot but it did really get unbearable in there
  5. Did anyone ever progress with this? I have just completed a 330 mile run back from Devon to Suffolk in my 200tdi 90 and the gearbox got really hot. The long climbs out of Devon towing the camping trailer and 30 degree heat resulted in the temperature on the floor of the cab coming from the gearbox getting close to unbearable before there was a downpoor in Essex which cooled things down nicely. I have a wright off road floor mat with sound deadening underneath that which I think has helped. Note I am not talking about what the Lt77 can cope with, but rather what is comfortable for the driver and passenger! I am running ATF and have a nice smooth gearchange both cold and hot Adding a finned transfer case seems like a good idea to take the heat out of the combined T box and gearbox unit so I will do that when I rebuild the T Box but are there any other ideas to cut in cab temperatures?
  6. From speaking to a mate who has done a few now - 4 hours off and 4 hours on once you know what you are doing. He said it took double that the first time he did one
  7. The bulbs you can fit are very different to the layout of the proper LED lights though. They are really not very expensive and are fit and forget so I dont think it is worth putting LED bulbs in the standard lights
  8. There is also a video of Jim Marsden losing it in his Ultra4 car into the bales and then just carrying on. I don't think the Defender would have coped with that crash....also it would probably have not crashed in the first place!
  9. That should work fine. Just make sure you connect it up the right way round!
  10. Once you have the kit working it is addictive! Best piece of advice I can offer is that it works 'line of sight' so you will need to get an annode inside the cistern being careful it does not touch
  11. Funnily enough I did this yesterday. I only have half a Series 3 as it is my camping trailer. I always felt that the lights were quite dull on it despite having new lenses and was worried they could not be seen very well in sunlight. New LED units fitted and they make a huge difference and really don't look that different to the standard units. I just fitted bullet connectors to the new units
  12. My thoughts exactly!! A TDV8 in a Defender would be great, putting aside the electronics I would imagine the physical size could be an issue? Is there space between the chassis rails? The TDV8 is also very tall which is overcome in a RR by bolting the diff to the side of the sump with the driveshaft running through the middle of the sump, you won't be able to do that with a beam axle Defender
  13. Agreed. I always loved the Billing show over the others but since it has been split there are now two shows that don't add up to the original one
  14. I can't comment on the seam sealer but that is the exact order I would do it in
  15. and in addition to this buy a couple of those plastic motorhome levelling chocks, normally all that is needed to get it level enough to not cause an issue. They are also cheap, light and very unlikely to go wrong! https://www.leisureoutlet.com/levellers-and-chocks/levelling-systems-and-jacks/caravans-and-motorhomes/8968-milenco-triple-level-set?surface=active&gclid=CjwKCAjwrPCGBhALEiwAUl9X05GRmVefQhde7Mu1IDQDuK4cJKoDiBn_My9eDpD-p4HqGRzaJBlA0hoCIWAQAvD_BwE
  16. Not bought a ticket yet but we plan to camp for the whole weekend. I have really missed the shows too
  17. Sadly I think you may be on to something here. Not heard of TDV8s skipping chains though but it is certainly possible
  18. This is how I did it on my 90 when I fitted a new chassis
  19. EGR's on my 2010MY 3.6 blanked for the last 2 years/15k miles no bad effects and no fault codes
  20. Exactly this! Day to day mine is used for muddy dog walks, then it is put to work when I tow the car/plant trailer but then does the most miles with the camping trailer behind it, kayaks on the roof and bikes on the back! It seems new Defender owners have exactly the same uses in mind as the majority of the old Defender owners
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