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  1. dude this the same thiong that i am doing right now, but i have mine in a worse condition and i want to build it as a soft top, and the thing is it was rebuilt as a hard top when i got it. do you know where could i get the roll over bar and the things which keep the hood in place? second hand is okay too
  2. hey, does anyone knows where i can get the roll over bar? i guess it is the rrc3574
  3. Hi! Could you know where could i get the rollbar(RRC3574 or RRC2946) for the soft top defender and all the thingies and the hooks and straps for the soft top, where it connects to the doors and the window.I do not need the hood sticks.Second hand is okey too. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Wanted to ask you if someone has made a conversion-fitted the portals on to a land rover axles could you post some pics where i could see it detailed? and how did you adapt the halfshafts? p.s. sorry for bad englsih cuz i am from latvia.
  5. yeah i know it was from a russian jeep, but i just used it as an example
  6. Hi! I am rebuilding my landy and thought about lifting it up. Than i remembered i saw something like hub reduction gears on a land rover in some competition in lithuania some years ago. it was a polish defender 90 and the parts looked like originally made in land rover factory. Is this true and where could i get these parts, or atleast can someone give me a part number. sorry for my bad english cuz i am from latvia. if you didnt understand what was the hub reduction gears that i meant ill attach some pictures. (heres a link. the picture is on the second page at the bottom)http://www.terenowo.pl/Aktualnosci/LRW_Feb_Tomcat.pdf
  7. got any ideas where could i get all that stuff?
  8. sorry forgot to mention it was 110
  9. Hello! Wanted to ask you if you could help me with few questions. I have a LR defender soft top.I have got the canvas , but i havent got all the frames for it. the problem is that i am not from UK so i do not know how are they called, so could you help me identifying them, and could you give me the online shops where i could get these frames (or kits for them). Thanks.
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