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  1. Need loom plug

    I need to replace the loom plug which fits into the top of the engine bay fuse box on a 1999 TD5. It is connector number C0570 but I cant find a part number for individual plugs. Are plugs available anywhere? Who made them? If new looms are still being made then presumably someone is still making connectors
  2. Distributor Static Timing

    Thanks thats exactly what I needed, they don't mention it in the Haynes manual, and my Range Rover manual talks about marking a new distributor inb the same relative position as the one removed!
  3. Distributor Static Timing

    I am building a new 3.5 injection engine with a new Lucas 35DM8 distibutor (no points, remote amplifier) I can install the distributor easy enough but how do I set the static timing near enough for the engine to fire. With points I used to use a lamp or an ohm meter, but I presume that I cant do that with one of these.