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  1. I bought a new 110 decal for the front. https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-body-chassis/body/decals-badges-110-130-to-(v)-ga455945_52660 Have a look here.
  2. Mats after a week in the barn with the old weather we have been having.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PVML-Liquid-Moulding-Latex-Dipping-Casting-Mold-Making-Rubber-SFX-SKIN-SAFE I hope this helps. I will post up pictures next weekend to show how it looks when dry.
  4. Mats out for pressure washing. Even after a week the foam under the mat still had water in them. Hence the sanding marks as a heat gun seals the foam keeping the water underneath it. Once sanded used the wife hair dryer to dry the foam out. I purchased liquid latex from a well know reseller site. The bar of soap is so that the bristles on the brush do not clump. The first photo with the latex is after the first coat. The foam soaked it up like a bath sponge. The last photo is the 3rd coat. I am now on the 5th coat and still have about 200 ml of the latex left. I will post up photos once
  5. I have found out that the thread is 1/4 BSP for anybody else who may ask.
  6. Western, the fuel line goes from the tank drain to the aux fuel tank like here.
  7. The banjo bolt above screws into the fuel tank drain. The bolt is NRC62. Does anybody know what the thread size is?
  8. Does anybody know what the thread size of the 110 fuel tank drain thread? This is the union that screws into that goes to my side mounted additional tank to balance the fuel between the two of them. I have put a m12 bolt next to it for comparison. The thread is finer than the m12 bolt so thinking some imperial size. The dowty washers are gone so will either have to replace these or both unions.
  9. Have you heard about the Tesla issue where their screen goes blank due to the flash memory being full?Not fun when you loose all dials at speed. There is talk of a class action as this is a known issue that this will happen over time as the memory becomes full and there is talk that this may force a recall and replacement of current screens.
  10. 8 years into a restoration that is in a barn 15 minutes away from home. Hate to say this, but 2020 has been good to me as my son's rugby matches have been cancelled as well as his football which has meant I can do more work on the 110. My biggest enemy is myself and wanting things done once rather than getting the vehicle up and running knowing I will have to something again. Hopefully I shall finish her in 2021, but that is what I said in 2020. Sometimes I think the spannering is better than having a useful vehicle.
  11. Here is a induction heater for not so much on a well know website. Could this help? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083FJ8ZDH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_Bt66FbX5XDD2V?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Reb78 I will keep you updated. I have seen that ebay sells liquid latex to make gloves and moulds. I wonder if this will be better for painting on than having to by aerosol cans of it?
  13. A bit of a thread resurrection here, I have this kit for a 110 but noticed while it is out of the vehicle as she is being rebuilt that the underside of the mats is foam that has not been completed sealed by the rubber. Would it be worth sealing that with a liquid rubber spray before refitting? Or what else could I use?
  14. I started with the rubber on the metal and then inserted the glass. The seal tool was about £10 off ebay and the hook bit that was included helped get the rubber over the glass. I then painted the plumbers lube into the filler strip void. Then inserted the filler strip through the diamond shaped head on the tool. Inserted that sideways into the void, straighted it and with the thumb pushed the end in then dragged the tool around. While pushing / dragging it round my other hand smoothed the filler strip. Best of luck.
  15. I recently did mine and failed at first. This was even with the correct seal tool. On a friends recommendation I used plumber pipe lube the second time round and it was a breeze. What I used was aquaflow pipe lubricant from tool station. £6 well spent.
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