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  1. I work for a company that makes and repairs and overhauls aircraft propellers. For our aluminum hubs bores that are worn we have them bronze sprayed and then machined. Apparently the repair is better wearing than the original aluminum. I am not sure if this is economical for the OD unit, but it might be an idea.
  2. I have not used them for ordering, but have used their site to get part numbers. https://allbrit.de/select.cfm?CAR=L1&SPRACHE=EN&PAGE= Here is the Italian page. https://allbrit.de/select.cfm?CAR=L1&SPRACHE=IT&PAGE= Peter
  3. Have a look here to see if it is listed. I have found this website and links to suppliers quite useful. You now have to register to see some detail, but I do not see that as a pain. https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-steering
  4. Have a read of this. https://jalopnik.com/mid-size-trucks-dont-need-frames-1785674405 Then make up your mind,
  5. I have tried the wire wheel and wire cup and they are not as effective as the flap disks. You need to have some areas where the plastic has lifted or all they do is polish the plastic.
  6. The way I have been getting rid of plastic on a roll cage, side bars etc. is a 40 grit flap disk on a grinder. Just make sure you wear a dust mask and eye protection.
  7. For those on a budget aldi have these on special at the moment. https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-black-tool-chest/p/016345297749100?gclid=CjwKCAjwtO7qBRBQEiwAl5WC270HXn1NWJA_YDit7vYIlCIVvFyIumOSNOOGiDObXOGRvyCpNWBvXhoCh1EQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Features 3 drawers Aluminium drawer trims Ball bearing slides Side handles 2 lid stays Keyed lock Guarantee/Warranty 3 Years I have not purchased one myself but would like comments from others who have.
  8. I have got the bonnet underside and frame painted and want to know before I pop rivet it where to glue the frame to the skin. Plus what adhesive to use?
  9. My good wife used black out curtain material with velcro sewn on around the top and sides. We then used the sticky velcro on the door and window frames. Putting them up was easy. See them in the rear door and back windows.We also had them for the front doors and used a car shade for the front windscreen. We used them to screen the contents rather than sleep in the vehicle as we had the roof tent.
  10. I forgot to say I got my first few from Ebay and then learned if I bought direct from the supplier instead of from them via ebay I saved myself 50% on the next purchase.
  11. A real life example of where I have used them. Lining the new rear floor for drilling holes before painting and then used when reassembling. I will try and find the later photo for posting
  12. Thanks for all the responses. When working on the roof yesterday I found the remains of a very rusted 6m bolt and welded nut rattling up and down inside the chanel. I have still not managed to get it out and need to get my magnetic pointer in the channel to try and capture it. I have measured the holes and they are 8.5mm, so I am thinking of putting in a 6mm rivet nut which fits snuggly as I don't see that the screw option will work as the screw will be a bigger diameter than the windscreen holes.
  13. In cleaning the roof it loosened up. Will repaint and put sealant on the lip when it goes back In.
  14. With the sun roof is it best to use the water stains as markers to seal or remove it before painting and seal when reinstalling?
  15. I am preparing to get the roof painted on my 110 rebuild and wondered what goes here? The parts diagram has either a self tapping screw or m6 bolt. There is no nut plate that I can see.
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