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  1. I used some secure fix tape from proper job. https://www.properjob.biz/shop/Aluminium-Foil-Tape-M8861
  2. I used aluminum tape to seal the edges of mine.
  3. With the help of a ratchet strap corners down and now test fitting a door. Note I have not tightened any of the roof bolts behind the windscreen.
  4. Sigi_H thanks for the tip about the front screen clamps. Took them off the frame. Had undone half the bolts on the front half of the roof. A bit of wood to help align it and now have it where can live with it. Need a friend's help to squash the corners down to get these 2 bolts in, but that is a job for next week.
  5. Steering column undone. Now to loosen all the roof bolts and see if I can make progress.
  6. Spacers in place. Then removed. 3 on the left and 2 on the right.
  7. Have a look at S&P 4X4 website as they appear to have them in their kit for fixings for the rear body.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. I will look at taking the the spacers out on the bulkhead on the passengers side to see if that pull that side up. I put back in what I had taken out when stripping her down to the chassis. I will also not bolt everything up before test fitting the doors.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Hopefully I shall get back to it this weekend. Here you can see the overhang on the front with the gap between the windscreen and the roof on the passenger front side.
  10. I had friends help lift the roof on yesterday. Then put in a bolt either side of the rear door and then lifted the front to put windscreen sealer on the front seal. Lowered it and then started from the back to find the front left has a 5mm gap when finishing up. The right hand side was fine.
  11. How does one line up the 110 roof when refitting it? I put my roof on and then started at the back with the nuts and bolts working towards the front, however my left hand side overhands the screen by about 5mm. Should I undo all the bolts and start from the front two corners and then the rear two corners and then work my way from front and back to the middle? Or is there any other trick to this?
  12. soutie

    1989 vents

    You will see the evolution of the bulkhead below from a rusted patch in the corner, welded up before galvanising, galvanised and then in high build primer.
  13. soutie

    1989 vents

    The bulk head has had the rusted bits cut out and hot dip galvanised. The holes are there for screws to hold a bracket. You will see that the passenger side bit where the loom goes through is black as I had this taken out before I had the bulkhead galvanised and separately galvanised and painted. I spent the previous morning waxoiling the insides of the bulkhead before using seal sealer adhesive to stick them in. Thanks for the concern about the holes.
  14. soutie

    1989 vents

    Thanks for the replies.
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