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  1. 8 years into a restoration that is in a barn 15 minutes away from home. Hate to say this, but 2020 has been good to me as my son's rugby matches have been cancelled as well as his football which has meant I can do more work on the 110. My biggest enemy is myself and wanting things done once rather than getting the vehicle up and running knowing I will have to something again. Hopefully I shall finish her in 2021, but that is what I said in 2020. Sometimes I think the spannering is better than having a useful vehicle.
  2. Here is a induction heater for not so much on a well know website. Could this help? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083FJ8ZDH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_Bt66FbX5XDD2V?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Reb78 I will keep you updated. I have seen that ebay sells liquid latex to make gloves and moulds. I wonder if this will be better for painting on than having to by aerosol cans of it?
  4. A bit of a thread resurrection here, I have this kit for a 110 but noticed while it is out of the vehicle as she is being rebuilt that the underside of the mats is foam that has not been completed sealed by the rubber. Would it be worth sealing that with a liquid rubber spray before refitting? Or what else could I use?
  5. I started with the rubber on the metal and then inserted the glass. The seal tool was about £10 off ebay and the hook bit that was included helped get the rubber over the glass. I then painted the plumbers lube into the filler strip void. Then inserted the filler strip through the diamond shaped head on the tool. Inserted that sideways into the void, straighted it and with the thumb pushed the end in then dragged the tool around. While pushing / dragging it round my other hand smoothed the filler strip. Best of luck.
  6. I recently did mine and failed at first. This was even with the correct seal tool. On a friends recommendation I used plumber pipe lube the second time round and it was a breeze. What I used was aquaflow pipe lubricant from tool station. £6 well spent.
  7. They will be filling prescriptions in the USA according to press releases yesterday.
  8. Arjan that why I did it as we were loaded and I was expecting to drive a lot of unpaved roads. Coming down from Wadi Halfa in Sundan one of our fellow travellers in an identical 110 cooked his rear shocks and had to replace them when I was fine. I see Muttland is based in Uruguay so if he is driving lots of unpaved roads I understand why he is asking. With regards to skidding off the road, at 50 miles an hour I was praying we were not going to roll and test the roll cage. Parking in the thicket seemed a better idea.
  9. I hope this helps. I used this setup when I over landed from Somerset to Cape town in 2003. In Kenya a Missionary who worked along the Moyale to Masabit Road commented that this was only way that they could get the shocks to last on the rough roads. If they ran a single set, did not what what shock type, they were toast. yet with this set up they lasted. All the Tanzanian safari land rovers we also encountered ran this set up. This was us after I got caught up in the rutts of the 10 ton trucks that drive this road and ended up in the trees after coming off the road.
  10. Western good spot. As an accountant I did not have my calculator with me, that should read 2003.
  11. Thanks Fridge Freezer for the compliment. It has been a 8 year long job so far. I am an accountant who is learning to be a mechanic on the job. I have used her properly, if one could say that, in overlanding from Somerset down to Cape Town in her 2013.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I have a Euro 12 volt plug and cigar lighter in each rear body lamp covers which I want to keep. Not sure if I could fit those connectors behind the lamp covers.
  13. I see that they are rated to 24A. Is this man enough for the purple live feed?
  14. Got the two looms through their holes. Towbar loom to the left and main loom to the right. In the process of slowly matching wire colours. Still to put the grommet back in the hole to the right. It seems I have miss placed some double connectors so also need to get them.
  15. I am putting my 110 CSW together and want to ask where do I connect the towbar wiring loom to the main loom. In the space up in the rear station wagon body or in the wheel well behind where the rubber divider goes? I will post pictures tomorrow when at the barn.
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