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  1. I have this part in my bag of bits for the dash for my 1989 110. What is it and where does it go? Thanks
  2. Tapped a 6mm nut to 3mm and then had this welded to the arm. Bicycle trunnion arm on. Hopefully this will do .
  3. When I had my roof tent on the 110 I had 3 roof bars. This stops rocking of the tent on very bump roads and over stressing the attachment points of the bars if only 2 fitted.
  4. For those that are interested, I spent some time doing internet searches today and come up with RTC 5978 HEATER CABLE TRUNION - DEFENDER 1987-2006. Instead of spending my hard earned cash on these are am trying the 6MM cable trunnions off ebay.
  5. Stephen, thanks. Has anybody got an idea of you can get replacements for the clips that hold on the arms?
  6. Do you think I could get away with using a 6mm bike cable barrel? Or does it need to be bigger?
  7. When taking off the control arms off a 1989 110 heater to refurbish it I broke one of the bits where the end of the cable goes and bent the other. Looking in the parts book I can't find them so was looking for a suggestion as to how to bodge a fix.
  8. SP 4x4 are now making cat flaps. https://www.sp-4x4.com/product_p/320652.htm Not sure what import duty will be like to the USA?
  9. I used a thin pointed punch and hammered it in off center on the shear heads to create a dimple. I then used the punch and hammer to unscrew it using the dimple that I had created. Took some time but worked.
  10. Not sure if you can see on the photo, but with a help of a torch I confirmed there is a V plate in there.
  11. I used a paint stripper called Power Strip off ebay. The trick to using it is to lightly scratch the powder coat before painting it on. Leave it for 5 minutes or more and when you see the bubbling use a wire brush to scrape it off. This removed powder coat off a mantec spare wheel carrier and some unknown make rock sliders. You however do need good chemical resistant gloves as it is nasty on the skin.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I will post a photo over the weekend when I can get to her to show what I have.
  13. Is there a part number for crush tubes for the rear suspension on a 1989 110? When I bolted the rear top mounts to my chassis that I had galvanised, using the torque figures as per the workshop manual it has bent the chassis. Not sure to live with it or put in crush tubes.
  14. Not fall out the sky, but on its nose. A BA 787 nose gear recently collapsed when the pilot was testing the hydraulics prior to take off. The aircraft mechanic was to short to put the locking pin in so asked somebody else to do it and they put it in the wrong hole. Boeing did know this was a problem so had a solution to stop this happening which had not been retrofitted to the BA jet.
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