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  1. I have a 'modern' Henry, no complaints so far, though it is mostly in the house on pet hair duty. Left the previous 'old' Henry the house I now let out. An ex-submariner told me that the navy uses Henrys on their nuke boats - bagless. If it's good enough for them... In the garage is a Lidl special - works quite well but noisy as a noisy thing. Do yourself a favour and spend the coin on a Henry and a set of bags. All you people getting vacuums consistently blocked with bits of tree meat: have a look on Youtube, it's full of people building cyclones to separate the wood shaving
  2. My Wolf air compressor (catalogue return - bought from ebay circa 2006) is still going strong, despite being left on for 24h once. I opened the drain cock and neglected to turn off the compressor.... But I have never found a reel thing that lasted, or at least not one below £100. I've given up and gone over to Erbauer 3/8 hose, seems to be good stuff that lasts. I just coil it up, and keep a spare length around for reaching the end of the drive. Let us know how you get on with the Wolf reel, as I'm tempted myself. I quite like the idea of the rotary coupling being externally acce
  3. Looks to me like in its place you have a giant dry-wipe marker board. Seriously, give it a bash. Perfect for those long lists of parts you need for your latest rebuild...If it the ink doesn't rub off easily, just go over the it with the pen again (after all, what better solvent is there to dissolve something that the stuff that's actually used in the pen to keep the ink liquid).
  4. I've moved loved ones' possessions this way. Seriously, google it, there are plenty of people moving their stuff around Europe, and lots of small one man with a van style companies driving up and down every day. When I took into account the cost of my time, and fuel, ferries etc, it was far cheaper and less hassle.
  5. I'd wager not many times anyone living in Scotland has said that 😉 Looks good James, I know this isn't exactly a priority, but I couldn't help but notice the bench where your welder is has tree-meat work surface. Are you going to put a bit of plate on top? I waited far too long to set up something so that I didn't need to weld on the floor or holding the work in a vice, and it's one of those 'why didn't I do this years ago' moments!
  6. Personally, I'd go for either: a) Cheapo bluetooth speaker and phone charging dock screwed to wall. Keeps it out of the way and stops it making accidental trips to the floor. b) Take your phone completely out of the equation. Workshops aren't phone friendly, and tend to distract you. Instead, use an old Laptop running the streaming service of your choice and some PC speakers. Sacrificial cheapo keyboard and mouse so you can use with dirty paws. c) As above but Single board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4) + Old Monitor screwed to wall. Makes for a neat installation. Opt
  7. As we're doing puppy pictures... Got this chap just before the lockdown, 4mths old, mother is a springador, dad is pure lab. Picture taken shortly after a bath, due to his first dip in the tide pool at Weston-Super-Mare Hoping to work him, instincts seem good. Attempts to retrieve pigeons in the garden. Never trained a working dog but getting some tips from a pro. Still not made any progress on the 110, as it's at the wrong house!!
  8. Cracking job James, the rest should fly up 😋
  9. It's not so much de-trailering a complete vehicle...I only have the slightest step up to my garage, but let me tell you, getting a 110 rolling chassis up and down it, on my own is sweaty work and not a little dangerous if it goes wrong! If it's not too late, I urge you to embed a bit of, say M12 studding, into the far end and tie it to the mesh if you can. Likely it'll end up under a work bench /shelf so if it sticks out an inch or two it won't cause a trip hazard. Get yourself a lifting eye with and m12 female thread and a come-along, and you can work smarter not harder...
  10. This. The Lidl saw is fantastic for the money. The supplied track…not so much. I’ve yet to stump up for the Festool track, but I’m told that the Evolution track also fits. Does it *have* to be cordless? I know that once you go cordless, it’s hard to go back. But, when I use a tracksaw, I’m usually setting up saw horses, a spoil board….etc. Point is, as there’s some set up involved, running an extension lead is no great problem. It’s not like a drill or angle grinder, which you take to the job. So unless you’re building your own off-grid ranch up a mountain in Wales, I don’t think y
  11. I'm no expert, but I believe all of those are still able to use their existing type approval, and therefore crash test results to avoid the need to meet the new pedestrian safety requirements. The new Defender cannot, as it is a completely new design and will require new type approval. It cannot use the old Defender's 'type approval' (if such a thing ever existed).
  12. This, microcontrollers are pennies in quantities...so your interior light has a micro controller that performs on/off/dim slowly that used to be a capacitor and resistor combination. Does that count? It's largely an irrelevance, provided there's some resilience built into the thing. So it won't leave you stranded if any of the non-vital ECUs goes belly up and pulls the rest of the network down with it. No car will have this now, gotta protect pedestrians in a crash
  13. Long time no post... I don't hate it, but £45k for a basic spec 110?? LR clearly not interested in the market that is farmers and tradesmen buying a mid-spec jap pickup for £26k are they? A few grand more, possibly, but they've clearly made the decision to take themselves out of that market altogether, despite the 'commerical' variants.
  14. I got there after 0830, so was relegated to a pretty poor pitch position. No matter, I only had a few items to sell to clear up some space in the lock up. The only thing that failed to shift was a set of wheels to fit a VW, which is no great surprise really! But it was definitely very big, and well attended. The bogs as usual were a disgrace, and Newbury showground could do so much better. I had an 'oops' moment and ended up purchasing one of those horizontal+vertical metal band saws that Clark and all the other usual suspects do a version of. This one happens to be a Warco. I kno
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