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  1. Air compressor basics

    Compressors are one of those 'how did I manage without' tools, in that you'll soon find yourself doing more with it that you thought you would. My top tip would be: If you're think aren't going to be moving any time soon, do yourself and your neighbours a favour: Build a dog house for it outside your garage. Then run hard lines in your choice of material and fit a filter reg-set. Personally I've been squirrelling away lengths of copper pipe and yorkshire fittings, but there are other options.
  2. I might have the wrong end of the stick here, but it looks like you want to mount your brake controllor in the caravan? Googling for Prodigy* brake controllers shows they're meant to be mounted on the dash, as they require adjustment and setting up, and appear to have a built-in sensor (i assume an acceleromator a la mobile phones). I can see this could get confused if it were mounted in the trailer? Also it appears they can be over-ridden for reversing manouveurs, which would be desirable. I might have googled the wrong thing, however, so am happy to be corrected. But If I am accurate, it means you need to find a fused feed on the dash and wire up as above. Running the blue cable in conduit on the top of the chassis to the rear of the Landie to meet up with a spare pin in this 's' socket should be fairly straightforward. If it were me, I'd go one stage further, convert 13pin electrics, not only are they are superior and more robust design, but they also have a spare pin which you could use for your trailer brake signal. *I am the scotchlok firestarter! My coat? Why thank you.
  3. Re-flooring my trailer

    The trailer equivalent of Trigger's broom! Seriously though, try any local coachbuilders/commercial vehicle repair place, a word with the foreman might get you something for around cost price. Failing that, you might get a lead on somewhere else from them
  4. Charging ancillaries

    There's a lot going on this thread, and some over-complication. But if I were doing any amount of camping, I'd go with a modified version of Miketomcat's solution of a voltage sensitive relay charging a second battery. This battery would feed fused, dedicated charging points. This eliminates, as far as practicable, user error, though you may want to trickle charge the second battery overnight before setting off on a camping trip, if you only drive your vehicle on short runs. Reading the OP's posts, it seems he might also be struggling with a parasitic draw somewhere, or possibly even a poor connection in the charging circuit. Youtube has a few videos on how to determine a parasitic draw using the voltage drop method. Start with that.
  5. Accident Advice

    I know this is unlikely, but whatever you do, don't be tempted to get a Disco 1 winch bumper and try to make it fit, it will take lots of cutting+fiddling and never look right!!
  6. Hobbyweld gas

    I've found the Hobbyweld bottles are either not very full to begin with, or the bluddy things leak. It's seems mine are constantly empty, and I haven't done much welding recently. I always turn the bottle off too. I might give BOC /Ryval a go, especially as I just started a job which doesn't offer flexitime, so getting to the welding factors in work hours is now a challenge, albeit the £19.50 delivery charge stings a little.
  7. To scrap or not to scrap

    I'm not sure it is; your mate said it was a 'ringer', some posters above are being uber cautious - but all we know for certain from your posts is that it's a 'bitsa'. As Western pointed out, the fact the engine is a 200 Tdi could've been a factory upgrade kit. You have matching VIN numbers between ID plate and log book. As you say, it's a workhorse, so nobody in the real world would expect all original bits to be still on the vehicle given the meccano-like nature of Landies. See Snagger's post above as an example. But anyhoo, you're keeping the truck, and will eventually re-chassis it. To that end, I wouldn't bother trying to patch a cross member, as your bound to find more rot once you start prodding with a screwdriver - but obviously it depends on how you value your time spent fixing it. Also, welding gas, wire and cosumables aren't free! So yes, find the biggest set of forks you can for the front loader and get to it!! The only caveat with that, inspect your bulkhead carefully for rot too; it's not that it's an MOT failure (except round the brake servo), but it will let in water and otherwise need attention eventually.
  8. Welding Mask/Helmet

    There was a thread on here a while back re this; I'm still very happy with my ESAB helmet, which was £60-odd from the local welding factors. If you can go to your local place and try a couple - bearing in mind these places keep 'trade' hours so you probably need to leave work early one day - there's usually a deal to be had for cash, and prices are often better than online.
  9. To scrap or not to scrap

    Slow down people, for all we know somebody legally owned both vehicles and made one 'good' one out of 2 vehicles. Used to happen a lot, less common now. Especially with Defenders and Minis, before prices skyrocketed. Personally, you've had it this long, I'd get the galv chassis ordered and swap it. Do as Western says, make sure the VIN plate on the brake servo (if it's still there) matches the log book, and stamp up the new chassis with that number.
  10. Slightly OT I Guess

    Try a proper, umolested mp3 file first! Don't bother with Amazon or some other digital music store...so for instance, go to youtubeinmp4.com , copy and paste a link of any youtube video into the box, select create mp4...then importantly, when the page loads, press the 'download mp3' button to get an audio only file. Copy that to your SD card and see if your head unit plays it. To be honest I think your HU has issues. Mac hidden folders don't usually confuse them, as they're, well, hidden. But I'm sure someone will be along to say they've had issues with that...
  11. Welder Capacity - Axle Repairs

    The 'flux core' we get over this side of the pond is meant for gasless application, rather than what's generally available in North America. This appears to be intended to supplement the shielding gas (at least according to some of the Youtube channels I subscribe to). I would guess it comes down to a difference in what's acceptable according to ASME/AWS and the EN stds, which therefore drives what consumables are available. I am not a welder or materials engineer however, so am happy to be corrected. As for spray transfer, yes it is do-able with DIY kit, but I would personally stick to the old motto of 'the key to good penetration is good preparation' using conventional MIG...
  12. Handy tool kit

    Thanks for the info. Must admit am tempted, but will pass in favour of the spending 5 times as much on the R-tech inverter MIG which can do stick too... As we've mentioned Bridgwater, Toolstation have their 'outlet' shop there, always worth a peruse if you're in the area. Weston Five-0; hmmmm not sure that TV series would get commissioned somehow. .... Damn now I have a mental image of the theme song to drunks fighting underneath the pier....
  13. Handy tool kit

    The 'C'-clamps in the 'welding clamps' set are a little on the small side, but probably quite good for sheet metal. At a fiver a set, you can't argue, I picked up 2 sets earlier today. I walked away from the inverter stick welder though, 80 A seems just too puny to be useful. Be interested to know if anyone on here buys one and how they get on.
  14. OT: Sad day today

    Deepest sympathies to both of you. None of this is easy. I’ve seen the special type of hell on earth that is a parent losing a child when we lost my brother, wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I also remember the empty space I felt when our 16 year old collie mongrel had to make the one-way trip to the vet (frankly I’ve got a tear in my eye just thinking about it). Dogs are bu**ers for leaving you. Anyhoo, there must be a compromise in here. The off-topic posts do add to the forum’s value. Think of Fridge’s garage, Rattlers’ log burner install, Mike’s camper trailer build? Also people asking about their non-LR cars? Should we ban that too? A while ago I proposed an off-topic forum, I even offered to help moderate it. Crucially, the posts in that forum should be excluded from the Google search results. That way, the value of lr4x4 as the place to go to find technical answers to Land Rover related issues remains. Additionally, those who have no interest is such frivolities can exclude the OT forum from appearing in their ‘unread posts’ feed. I’ve always been somewhat confused about the scope of the ‘international forum’, so perhaps the above suggestion could complement it rather than replace it? Matt