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  1. I'd be up for either assumming I get the truck back up and running..... Can we make sure to include the V gulley please
  2. you're probably right (it's a bit unfair to blame the poor builders guide dog though - land rover seem to struggle with that sort of pinpoint accuracy )
  3. I think the challenge is to convince the DVLA that it is a pre-SVA build. The burden of proof rests with the owner to prove it. That said there are several trucks that have not had to have an SVA that I can think of - Paul's (Corrode Finger) hybrid and I think the first d-lander and Mikes Tomcat have all been inspected by the DVLA and had details changed without going through the IVA/SVA To my knowledge none of these modified the chassis and this seems to be the essence of the thing. It all seems to be down to individual Local DVLA office as this is where the decision will be made.
  4. What happened to that one - I liked B) It has a certain 'what have i got lying around' coolness, but it would have been pretty easy to tidy it up and make a nice little hotrod. Went like stink too as I recall
  5. flippin' heck that went quick sorry for my tardiness, please may can I have a hoodie and t-shirt in large please. ta muchly
  6. The cheapest if not the easiest way is to learn how to make the best of what you have. If you try and drive it like a little nippy hatch then it is going to disappoint, but it's more than possible to drive a land rover and keep up with the traffic - I can manage it in my series one so a td5 should be more than adequate
  7. I knew it reminded me of something.... From his american cousin: (shamelessly stolen off pirate )
  8. now I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this is how not to weld a diff found on pirate
  9. most definitely missed some bits out..... the windows
  10. and yet the grotty rear bulkhead and floor are still in proper grotty farmer finish such a shame not to go the whole hog and finish the truck off 'properly'
  11. what take them apart and spread them round the garage/shed/workshop??? So true although the real weirdos are those that actually build and drive them sorry, couldn't resist
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