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  1. Hi There, My front crankshaft oil seal is leaking quite badly on my series 3 2.25 petrol so I've decided to change it. I removed the dog nut by a combination of electric wrench, breaker bar, 43mm deep impact socket and brute force. I then levered off the pulley by placing the handle of a pipe wrench between the pulley and timing cover. Next, I drilled the rivets out from the seal cover plate with the timing cover in place. I now have the seal in sight, however, I can't seem to remove it from the housing (timing cover case); do I need to remove the timing cover to get the seal out or is there a way I can prise the the thing out without removing the timing cover? I am fairly new to the landy series scene so any help by someone who has faced this problem before would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  2. bacdisco

    alarm problems

    Thanks for the immediate reply, Bogmonster- much appreciated. I took the battery off and charged it up over night. When I reconnected it, the problems vanished. However, after diving it around for about twenty minutes, the problem reappeared. I thought that perhaps the battery wasn't holding charge or that the alternator wasn't charging the battery thus causing a voltage drop, which may have been triggering the alarm so I had them both checked. However, the battery and alternator turned out to be fine and working as they should. I will see if I can trace any dodgy earth connections that may be causing the problems. If you have any other ideas on what could be causing this, I would appreciate it. Thanks again. I will see if I can trace any dodgy connections.
  3. bacdisco

    alarm problems

    Hello everyone. My 97 Discovery's alarm has started to arm its self and sets the siren off when I put my headlights on whilst driving. I've also noticed that when I engage the headlights, the alarm indicator light in the dash illuminates red- as soon as I turn the headlights off, the light goes out. Also when I switch on the heater, wipers, indicators etc separately, I noticed that the alarm light flickers briefly- if I turn them all on at the same time, the alarm indicator light goes from flickering to almost full illumination. Since this started to happen my battery has started to go flat. I can jump start it ok and if I turn the engine off, the car will start again. However, when I try to start it the next day, the battery does not have enough charge in it to start the car up and I have to jump start it again. If anyone out there has an explanation for this, I would would be very, very grateful. Thanks for your time.

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