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  1. Wife's hair dryer/small heater on an extension lead half hour before I'm due to leave for work (not recommending this for obvious 'ealth n safety reasons On the basis we see very little real snow in the south and having spun 360 degrees down a hill on ice on mud terrain tyres, I was considering another set of winter tyres. I was looking at Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 tyres, which are a soft compound winter tyre (without studs) https://www.nokiantyres.com/winter-tyres/nokian-hakkapeliitta-lt2/ I don't know if anyone has any feedback on these?
  2. count yourself lucky cheers cookie, I haven't got the equipment to do it myself but I'll speak to some local garages to see if I can get it done quickly and cheaply.
  3. And sorry for the typo. I'm an official member of the DNA - National Dyslexia Association
  4. Does anyone in or around the Essex area know where I can get some brake pipe made up? I need the section that runs from the front to the rear along the chassis. Or would it be worthwhile buying one of the full kits from someone like Rimmer Bros etc? I am in a bit of a rush as my truck is my daily drive and I have a whopping hole in my brake pipe! Btw, for those of you on the app, my truck is a RHD 1992 Defender 200TDi Many thanks, John
  5. By the way, I also had a little girl not too long ago and have not been very active for the same reason. But my littl'un also seems to love the truck so there is hope yet!
  6. I'll call you once I remove the box. Hope to do it this weekend. Thanks Dave! John
  7. Thanks Dave, I think it's the output of the mainshaft. There was quite a lot of slack on uptake for a while and when it went there was a bang from behind the cubby box. I assume this will pretty much require the full work.
  8. Thats the ideal scenario but I've been trying to find one for the last month and have had no joy plus I won't know until I've fitted it how good it actually is. As I say, it's my daily drive so need to get it sorted as quick as possible.
  9. I feel bad now, just re-read my original post and I said Ashcrofts prices were too steep. Perhaps unfair and I should have said 'too steep for what I can afford to spend' Sorry Ashcrofts!
  10. Thanks Nige, I'm not doubting Ashcroft's reputation or quality at all, as I say they were my first port of call and Dave responded to my enquiry very quickly. My truck is my daily runner and its been off the road for about a month now. I just can't afford an Ashcroft recon, no matter how good they are, so have to look at alternatives. Either that or sell my truck as a non runner and only get a fraction of its value (hell will freeze over first!!) If anyone has any experience of AW Transmissions I would be grateful for your feedback. Thanks folks JB
  11. A bit of a thread revival here. I'm looking to get a recon LT77 soon and my first port of call was Ashcrofts but their prices are very steep and I'm on a tight budget (I'm having to sell things just to afford the new box). I've looked at AWTransmissions and their prices are much more competitive. I was wondering how the recon box that the OP bought was after he fitted it and whether anyone else has used AWTransmissions. Thanks JB
  12. I've had an utter nightmare with Swinton, who couldn't understand what greenlaning and non competitive off roading is. Spent a good few hours on the phone with them before phoning Adrian Flux. Job done in a fraction of the time and a cheaper policy too
  13. By the way, what kind of work would need doing to the bulkhead? Is it a massive mod? Thanks
  14. Cheers guys, yes sounds like a lot needs doing and I'd need help. Because I've got a kid now I can't justify two 90's and a v8 110 would be too costly to use day to day. I love my 200tdi and my truck is in great condition, the engine has years left in it I think but I really love v8's. Hmmm... Dirtyninety, is it a station wagon? Thanks folks JB
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