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  1. Thanks, I think you're a bit far West for our planned route this time but I'm sure we'll be back!
  2. If you get two for 1500€ you're a lucky bunny, I doubt you'd lose out on that.
  3. Thanks @Arjan, you don't need any more large lumps of metal forum relayed then?
  4. Go for it, it's a good 1st project and you can afford to f*** up a few times before you get near what it'd cost you to get someone else to do it anyway! BTW an alternative to stock repair bits is to go all @dirtydiesel and use fckoff bits of box section...
  5. Nope, just a rough approximation - some things will need more headroom than others, for example a cooling fan takes a big hit to start up but may drop to <50% of that when running.
  6. All the Series fuse ratings suck, not least because LR don't fuse some stuff because glass fuses don't go above 35A (more like 17A continuous before they glow). Not sure where you got that diagram but it doesn't look like an original Series or Defender one to me, it's very odd and omits a few things - notably the flasher unit! Oil pressure switch, choke switch, alternator light, and gauges all run on ignition live through a low amp fuse, I'd be surprised if the whole lot drew more than 5A. Ignition coil doesn't need 35A, likely less than 10A. You can use http://fuddymuckers.co.uk/tools/cablecalc.html To calculate approximate fuse ratings for things
  7. @Escape the original 1.003:1 is pretty good with portals, if anything you want even higher ratio if you're cruising about... although I realise I'm in a minority doing motorway miles on portals!
  8. It's less driving than we did on the Norway trip My only concern is that someone has a habit of not noticing that alpine roads are a lot twistier than maps can show... that and the incoming heat-wave of dooooom spreading across Europe
  9. They've never been great though (the Jap stuff has been "better" pretty much since they started making it), and yet people are still buying £100k Rage Rovers and 40k+ Evoques as fast as LR can make them, so what exactly do you expect them to do? Throw a load of money into improving something that customers demonstrably don't care about?
  10. The P38 manifolds may foul the clutch slave, ask me how I know also they are always cracked. The cast 3.9 are reckoned to be the best, Disco 2 ones are very similar, in reality most of the popular/common cast ones would be my choice as you know you can get a spare if you need it - so, Disco 1 / RRC cast ones. Check for cracks and warping. Some people say 101 manifolds save space but they're a rare find these days, likewise the car ones. Older carbed 3.5 ones will be relatively restrictive. If you're lucky you can use the standard down-pipes and Y-piece too, makes life much easier unless you're getting a full system fabricated. Don't forget the exhaust rigid-mounts to the transfer box bracket or you'll be chasing leaks, ask me how I know Manifold-to-head studs (3/8" UNC into the head, 3/8" UNF facing out) with brass UNF nuts are a nice upgrade, reduces the risk of stripping a thread in the block although they might need trimming near the bulkhead.
  11. We're heading off in the ambulance for a little jaunt round Europe and looking for suggestions of things to see & do on-route. Could possibly forum relay any small items on route too as long as they don't leak EP90 in the sleeping quarters! Rough plan is; Swift drive down via Amiens, Reims, Nancy, arriving at Mulhouse (for the car museum) Through Annecy, Bern, Lausanne, French Alps for nonspecific scenic touring (mountains, glaciers, castles, trees n' stuff, you know) Pausing and camping in one of the national parks Vanoise, Ecrins, or Queyras Nipping into Italy to possibly visit Lake Maggiore If we have time, over to Brescia for the Mille Miglia museum Return route across to Milan, past lake Como, Lugano, Lucerne, Basel, Mulhouse, etc etc. ...or we might do it in reverse order it's all a bit fluid at the moment. Heading out on the 6th, back on the 21st. Open to any suggestions for things to see & do on-route or in the rough area of the route.
  12. Isn't this (sometimes) something to do with the speedo signal to the ECU to stop it stalling as you roll up to the traffic lights?
  13. Congrats George! When's the next video? A good warm revving can pump up stuck hydraulic tappets and burn crud off lambda sensors and fouled plugs.
  14. Please keep up the excellent work, posts like this help me justify why I've got a 2-door basket case sat in a lock-up
  15. I thought people wanted the Defender to be a proper 4x4, last I looked aside from the G-Wagen none of those guys make proper 4x4's they all make soft-roaders? Also, I thought the quote about aerodynamics was by Enzo Ferrari not Chapman, I thought Lotus were early adopters but I could be wrong.
  16. Our builders said they knew the inspector would always find something to pick them up on, often the depth of footings, so they always dug them a bit shallow so the guy would come round, tell them it needed to be 6" deeper or whatever he thought, and then they'd end up digging them to the depth they were going to dig anyway everyone's happy!
  17. I think this is it, a Tesla is a very lightweight car with a ton of batteries slung under it so it probably can't handle much else.
  18. You've gotta get those because it saves any of the rest of us having to get them As Al says, you won't lose money on them even if you just drag them home, power wash the spiders out & put them straight on ebay.
  19. I quite like the Lego one and the alleged real one.
  20. ^ this, unless I'm parked flat & level I tend to leave it in gear just for belt & braces / to avoid embarrassment
  21. Also the cam should come with assembly lube and instructions to run it in... If you look in the tech archive, @Bull Bar Cowboy did an awesome V8 rebuild in great detail.
  22. I'm not sure if they're meant to be massagers or ...massagers..., in the Viz "Swedish neck massager with all knobbly bits on" sense, which definitely sounds like a bad idea although I bet some A+E nurse somewhere has a story
  23. Massager attachment for your jigsaw
  24. BAT will be the permanent live BROWN wire IGN is the switched live WHITE wire ST is the starter wire, white with a red stripe Not sure if ACC would get connected to much in a Series?
  25. The fact there aren't more EV's running around as taxis & delivery vehicles tells a lot about the real-life practicality of the current crop I think.
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