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  1. Massager attachment for your jigsaw
  2. BAT will be the permanent live BROWN wire IGN is the switched live WHITE wire ST is the starter wire, white with a red stripe Not sure if ACC would get connected to much in a Series?
  3. The fact there aren't more EV's running around as taxis & delivery vehicles tells a lot about the real-life practicality of the current crop I think.
  4. You only need to worry about tappets/pushrods etc. if you fit a really hairy cam, I have a Piper in the 109 and standard everything else. Not sure what you mean by re-lining the cam&crank, you can grind (polish) the crank journals if they're worn, or just throw new big end bearings in. Cam bearings may have to be line-bored, not sure... I'd speak to V8 Developments about that you're doing. This is my cam:
  5. With an EFI plenum etc. you'll struggle to fit the 110 V8 airbox in, I couldn't make it work on the ambulance and that was a factory V8 with the huge airbox as standard.
  6. Absolutely - £1 start grabbed your attention but it could have 10k reserve price on it Also very common to list breakers for £1 and the description says "You're bidding on one wheel nut - phone us for the bits you need"
  7. Cost is still a real killer though: I love the idea of a conversion, but done properly and safely it's not simple or cheap with current technology.
  8. Perhaps I mis-remembered then, I know he said it was hard to refuse the extra gubbins for various reasons, possibly it was just deemed more exciting TV if it had all the "extreme" bits.
  9. Most ferry workers recognise Land Rovers and chock them regardless in my experience even the ones on Eurotunnel do it.
  10. FWIW my 109 (1979 CSW) had the same style ignition switch as far as I know from the factory.
  11. Mate of mine arrived at work with another mate laying in the engine bay of his golf operating the throttle, he was driving with his head out the window to see round the bonnet and shout instructions... No, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box.
  12. Preach, brother! Have to say, since fitting paras & decent shocks the 109 is not uncivilised in the suspension department - just uncivilised in numerous other ways Also, long time no see, welcome back @RPR!
  13. I don't see how anything else on the same road tyres would do much better, I doubt a stock Defender would get further on low-profile road tyres especially with its open diffs - most likely it'd be sat spinning one or two wheels. The driver may be modulating the throttle but I don't see any back & forth, just gas & hope. At least if it was a slope the traction control would give you some control of where you landed, try sliding down a wet grassy slope in a "dumb" 4x4 and see how much more exciting it is! You'll have to point out the bit in the Russian video where a stock 4x4 on road tyres gets further up that hill than the RR because I didn't see anyone make it, including the Ladoga Trophy G-Wagen on knobbly mud tyres? Hardly standard! Also, no-one's stopping you fitting all-terrains, the factory fit what suits the average buyer but I don't see it's worth twisting your knickers over swapping tyres to suit your needs.
  14. Not exactly apples and apples tough is it? And how much of that is driver error - there appears to be nothing going on other than flooring the RR and hoping it moves, rather than a bit of rocking back/forth or other driving techniques to get out of the situation. Most of those VW Synchros rock around on all-terrains, nothing stopping you fitting them to any vehicle. And, again, the plural of anecdote is not data.
  15. Have you still not got a copy of the RAVE manual with all the pinouts & connector photos then? It's only a google away, if it's not already in the tech archive.
  16. ^ This. If you find yourself talking to the plod / VOSA about it saying "Well the chap on the phone said it was probably OK" isn't going to cut it.
  17. This is why I find it hard to contemplate buying any "kit" or "rebuild" partly or fully "finished", because people are animals and I'd have to strip it back to almost bare & check everything was pukka just for peace of mind.
  18. I've had brand new stats refuse to open in a timely manner - especially if they don't have the jiggle-pin vent at the top. They get an airlock behind them and as the engine warms up it hits the red before the stat "feels" it and pops open. Are the rad hoses getting hot when it says it's hot?
  19. BIP373: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143070295540 Although TBH the coils with built-in ignitors are a far nicer prospect as the ECU only needs low level 5v trigger outputs rather than handling all the high currents & associated noise and spikes that goes with direct coil drivers. Bosch do make some external coil driver modules for certain models and motorsport, they're another way. Whatever you do, if your ECU is currently built for EDIS it'll need internal mods to suit your chosen setup.
  20. 1. Is it really overheating or is the gauge/sender/wiring playing up? 2. Check the simple & cheap stuff: stuck thermostat, low coolant, slipping belt IR thermometers or temperature labels are your friends;
  21. @deep it's a good point, but it's still better than if they'd bulldozed it to build a coal-fired plant there... electric's gotta come from somewhere and I'd rather have a wind turbine in my back garden than a traditional power station.
  22. Martin at www.rrpartsltd.co.uk might have one but postage would be killer.
  23. That's not silly, a lot of people just want "more numbers", but a nicely built 3.5 is no bad thing if originality is important. Ian ( @Bull Bar Cowboy ) did an awesome rebuild on his 3.9 in stunning detail, it should be in the technical archive somewhere. Not the most powerful V8 ever built but smooth as a sewing machine and just generally lovely.
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