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  1. I'd suggest putting the biggest one you can find in, there's no substitute for cubes and there'll be very little difference in fuel consumption - my 4.6 swaps have gotten better MPG than the smaller V8's they replaced. Also the later 4.0 & 4.6 have numerous improvements like being cross-bolted and having a better oil pump, composite head gaskets.
  2. I don't know any close to London but I would suggest a bit of thought about what you want to achieve because some of what you're talking about is fairly major surgery and will ruin the originality of your Series - it may be better to sell it as an original Series and just buy a Defender that already has the bits you want as standard.
  3. I'd be tempted to trawl around for bigger stock intercoolers, I remember seeing a piccy of (IIRC) the Range Rover Sport intercooler and it was the size of a barn door, twin in & out ports, and about £140 aftermarket
  4. Since Dirtydiesel made the front bumper I don't need to look where I'm going, any problems just put it in low box and push harder
  5. For those in a rush, you can make the video faster: https://bennyhillifier.com/?id=bRs-4AXb9_U Also - half a miiillion views?
  6. You can spend money to improve your 3.5 but IMHO the best value option is drop a 3.9, 4.0, 4.2 or 4.6 in - it will bolt in, although you'll need to sort the fuelling & ignition side depending on which way you go - a lot of folks round here using Megasquirt EFi (from Nige) with distributorless ignition which is an improvement over carbs & points in itself. As others have said, the low-compression 3.5 is a bit limited - you can increase the CR a little, you could fit EFI, you could fit a better cam... although with 35" tyres you might look at lower gearing as well.
  7. Ha ha that feels familiar, although at least we weren't in Jockshire when it happened! Welcome back - look forward to hearing the full saga on Thursday
  8. Important safety note: visibility is reduced when fitting 37x12.50 spare on bonnet:
  9. Off the top of my head totally unsubstantiated RR facts and rumours I've heard down the pub; The RR was exhibited in the Louvre (possibly the only vehicle to have been exhibited with the exception of "art cars") as "La voiture pur toutes occasions", I believe Gaydon museum have a 1/3rd scale wooden model used in the display. Twas an early adoption of discs all round, Bosch EFI, ABS Someone told me the transfer case (LT230) was a development of the Ferguson Formula. One of very few vehicles to cross the Darien Gap The original "In Vogue" was a tie-in with the fashion magazine You've got all the specials - 6x6 fire tenders, armoured ones, police, etc. The LSE's were cut & shut at the factory, if you look in the back door they cut & shut the window winder mechanism by hand too Someone told me the 4.2's were developed (or possibly built) by an actual race engine builder, possibly John Eales? You mention the Defender grew out of the RR drivetrain but remember the RR engine & 4-speed manual were hoiked out of the 101 gun tractor You might find the Range Rover Register would be able to fact you to death if you asked. I've got a big book of LR facts somewhere (60th anniversary book or somesuch) will have a skim through... it does admit the P38 electrics were shockingly unreliable based on the Rover 800 system apparently!
  10. Why stop at lead flashing, stone cladding is a robust and attractive surface finish
  11. Ah all bets off then - I'm sure I've got the sacrificial P38 front cover kicking around still if you wanted to have a look / poke?
  12. Oh now we're talking... T813 would be my "lottery win" runabout... those things just move the planet out of the way
  13. So clearly some sort of fantasist then Also - 370k views, 18,000 subscribers now, that's gotta feel like the hard work was worthwhile! Try not to get champagne in the new welder
  14. Which engine have you got - there's 3.9 serps, plus early & late 4.0 / 4.6, and a variety of front covers.
  15. Hmmm... depending on the front cover I'm not sure if doing that would guarantee the oil actually went through the filter? The 4.0/4.6 front cover I dissected had two sets of valves & springs in the passageways and I'm not 100% sure I understand what would happen in that scenario.
  16. Ex-frickin'-zactly - LR designers have a design life and as long as the car meets that they would be daft to waste time & money on anything else. And I'm pretty sure their design life is longer than a hell of a lot of other cars out there. In fact I'm pretty sure the video I posted, the guy talks about their design life in terms of years & miles and it's plenty.
  17. Yep, I've blanked the ports on both mine now - and one has a spin-on remote and the other is about to. You may need to turn down the blanking plugs & use a dowty washer to get a good fit & seal due to the depth (or lack of) of the ports. The ambulance was a factory stock 3.5 V8 and the 4.6 dropped in with the standard filter and hasn't been clonked yet - but of course it doesn't get twisted up off-road like some others and TBH it's too close for comfort, I've got a remote kit to go on it when time allows.
  18. This is what I've got filed under "stock TDi" And these from International with their development of the 200:
  19. Choose your own reality, the video in question is an interview with a JLR dev engineer who specifically says they run some harder tests / set higher standards than other manufacturers, and gives a clear example (ditch-drop test) where JLR uprate things beyond what would be the industry norm.
  20. Well George has made it to Jalopnik: https://jalopnik.com/this-stop-motion-video-of-a-guy-fixing-his-range-rovers-1837714082
  21. I just did the transmission tunnel to knock the whine of the overdrive down, the V8 is quiet and smooth enough already
  22. I ask myself how many cars that were sold the same year as it are still on the road? Not many 30+ year old classics which are so cheap to own, easy to maintain, and that you can take out and properly USE.
  23. It says it's industry standard testing for cold, heat, altitude, etc., although as one of George's videos shows, LR add harder tests / stronger standards compared to others.
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