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  1. On rough roads we found you have to use a breaker and torque the nuts until they squeak
  2. Yes you can drop the whole propshaft & VCU as one assembly and drive it FWD, although it does stress the engine/gearbox mounts more. If it's never had a VCU or it feels like the brakes are dragging when turning sharply at low speed (EG parallel parking) it's likely seized. Bell engineering sell recon units, if you're lazy get them to fit new support bearings before sending it out, saves a job.
  3. Might help your cause if you say "series box" in the title as not everyone knows them as LT76's.
  4. Rivian seem to be attracting a lot of interest and money towards their electric pickup, looks quite funky TBH but it'll just have the same problems as every other EV on the market - batteries still suck.
  5. Just don't buy the cheapest bits - avoid Britpart.
  6. Swap it for that Honda GX in the background
  7. Not much info on the skytag site about how the thing actually works
  8. A whole £2 gets you a waaaay over-rated adjustable regulator that will likely fit inside the old casing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361535175546 Many similar units all over eblag / alibaba etc.
  9. Nice, I'm a fan of the FL1 and my 1800 was a cracking little motor. They're far better than most give them credit for.
  10. Sounds like it's just the one idiot leading the charge... I'm sure most of JLR couldn't care less, as long as people are buying the vehicles it's paying their wages after all! Bear in mind other manufacturers aren't immune - Ferrari sued a guy for vinyl-wrapping his car.
  11. ^ What he said, worry about the big problems before worrying about gearing!
  12. That's classic ignition amp failure - as it warms up, it gets worse and worse - and it's harder to make sparks under load than idling.
  13. When a normal person reviews a "modern" Defender: https://jalopnik.com/the-2015-land-rover-defender-is-so-bad-at-so-many-thing-1834795061 I don't think they're far off the mark really.
  14. 1. Same as choke, if the sensor fails the thing will run pig rich. Beware there's a sensor for the ECU (which has 2 pins) and a sensor for the gauge which as 1 pin. 2. Yes just replace the ignition amp, you can upgrade using a more modern unit from any number of cars (GM unit if memory serves), it's been covered here before.
  15. Yes, the stuff Bowie listed in the order he listed them! TBH the 3.9 is a pretty simple system, nothing to trip you up.
  16. It's not a map you need, if you've got no VR signal something more basic is wrong. Is the board built with VR input connected through as the tach signal source? Is the sensor wired the right pins with the right polarity? Do you get anything at all when you crank it? Have you tried the trigger wheel diagnostics that're in some of the software (tooth timer IIRC)?
  17. You're telling me there are people driving around with non colour-coded dust caps?
  18. Agree 1.4 is a better bet, someone running oversize tyres will rip your arm off for your 1.6 box I'm sure. You might even find a swapsies. Last LT230 gasket set I bought had a selection that covered every variant ever.
  19. neil110 is right, 90% of the public don't care at all, they just want a shiny box that gets them from A to B, ideally fully electric and self-driving.
  20. Oooooh that link should come with a warning... Anyone want to buy a kidney?
  21. I love the truck, especially compared to some of the ridiculous overland rigs you see that never go anywhere.
  22. http://hmvf.co.uk might know
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