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  1. All of HFH's "I've been a prat" threads
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=4566145031
  3. So all you've done is remove the crank pulley? Unless you've moved the dizzy I can't see how you'd have altered the timing - the dizzy is driven from the end of the camshaft which is driven by the timing chain which is inside the front cover...
  4. I begged the use of a very nice DV camera, brought my digi stills camera... and ended up bitching for Bish so the DV didn't move from the car and the digi cam got used about 5 times! I'm gonna have to add a video camera mount in the cab of my truck so I can enter events and still get video B)
  5. My vote: Galvanising - once.
  6. Loads of different problems... but the answer's always the same
  7. It might be to do with the fact that someone is running a backup of it, just in case anything should happen...
  8. Pulling the remains of my 109 apart so we can fit it in the workshop, and moving tonnes of cr... useful spares elsewhere to create some space. And building a wiring loom and a couple of ECU's.
  9. I'd like to suggest a "swear box" style setup, but for people who post the same questions as have already been comprehensively answered elsewhere. Examples include: - Parabolics - are they any good or what? - My V8 EFi is running rough - Series brakes / lack of - It's making a funny noise - Which tyres should I buy? - Slick50 / Vortex / Cyclone / waving a dead chicken / etc does it really work? And on penalty of death: - galvanising
  10. Play day, open to all: £15 to members extra £10 to join up if you're not a member Site opens at 1000. Map, directions, photos - clicky!
  11. There must be more photos from Slindon that have been posted previously - I saw loads of people with cameras, so where are they all, eh, eh? If you need them hosting just give me a shout. Mine are here: http://juracid.co.uk/gallery/thumb.php?dir=slindon_05
  12. Why - does Chrissboy have one? Just to give it a challenge - I've set my copy of Teleport Pro running on the old forum. It seems to be working, quite how long it'll take to "snapshot" the forum is anyone's guess, but hopefully it'll mean we have an archive of some of the classic threads & tech.
  13. Go on then Nige - start a thread on Waxoyl - I dare ya!
  14. Beats me - they're funkadelic. Perhaps people just feel guilty about taking the angle grinder to something a bit rare? Pete / BathTub has 101 axles, so it can be done - and to great effect I would say!
  15. PayPal is a good idea - you can take credit cards then, which are a lot nicer than real money
  16. Eeeh, it's all light and airy in here. OK we can't directly transfer the posts (think of all that accumulated knowledge lost!) but if anyone feels like having a go at downloading and acrhiving the old site, I can recommend Teleport Pro. Of course I'm unable to recommend downloading a copy and then googling for the serial number You'd need a broadband connection and a lot of HD space though!
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