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  1. I've only ever heard praise for BFG MT's. My dad has the Colway MT's on his Rangie and you will certainly notice they're on there, but as he says "for £45 a tyre who gives a ...?" IMHO they're no worse than the cheap kwik-fit road tyres that were on there when he bought it, at least with MT's you don't expect them to be any good on the road. If you want to drive like a loon stick with AT's, if you can accept either having to adjust your driving slightly, or enjoy power slides, fit the MT's
  2. No it's not electric - it's a stock defender one. Surely there's no rocket science behind it - and for the fiver you/I paid for it it's got to be worth a prod even if it breaks and ends up in the tech archive as "how not to clock your defender"
  3. As the title says - has anyone got a decent graphic of the RANGE ROVER logo or "word mark" as they're called these days by overpaid people with black roll neck sweaters. Need it for an ad in the Shire magazine, can I find one on Google? Can I b******s!
  4. A Hydraulic PTO - where are they all? Got a pile of cash waiting after NOT finding one at Sodbury!
  5. I thought there was a "proper" rubber belt renewing substance you could buy? Mind you, while you're buying things why not just buy a new belt?
  6. Edited: found a picture of one of those manifolds - holy carb balancing, Batman!
  7. Just came across this on the wesbite of one of our members, made me laugh: www.rikstaboogie.com Anyone in the Shire LRC will recognise the truck, it's a RR shortened with a Zook body on top, and it defies gravity! If you've seen him climb a hill in it it *always* looks like it should roll but doesn't. I also like the various trucks those guys have - none of them are bling but they're all seriously capable and they all know their trucks inside out, would put a lot of challenge drivers to shame if they wanted.
  8. Not yet, I'll PM/e-mither some when I get the chance.
  9. Just because I can: Tacho Vacuum gauge Water temp Air temp Enrichment Injector pulsewidth Throttle position Battery voltage Mixture (exhaust gas oxygen sensed) Barometer Engine run time One box: Oh did I mention I can tune it from this too? This is a better installation although not as portable.
  10. That looks like a great place - loads of bits but no bling!
  11. Surely pointing the hose at the pulleys will remove the carp? That or perhaps holding a small stiff wire brush against the pulley with the motor running (carefully obviously!) Lubricating the belts is not a fantasic idea IMHO as they're designed to GRIP not SLIP - you wouldn't use WD40 to clean crud off your brake pads would you?
  12. Steve - wanna swap it for the fairey 5000? Then I'll have a matching pair FWIW the Superwinch one is almost identical, I think they just carried on making them when they bought Fairey, only differences I can see is details like the fins on the end, red handle, and the name on the side!
  13. I got: Fairey PTO winch - £50 (thanks to Mr Warne for finding that, I take back almost everything I've said about his driving ) Range Rover air suspension compressors x4 - £20 " " " " valve block - £10 Another remote shift unit from an LT77 I think - £1.50 An electric water pump - £40 A defender binnacle and dials for Astro Al - £5 Defender V8 air filter (the f'in big one) - £5 A big sheet of 6mm plate from Dollythelw - £10 A flapjack from Fi - free! and yummy. So come on people, whaddayaget?
  14. Here: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=1314
  15. I hesitate to mention the "M" word, but... it's less than £300 that's for damn sure. Go on Nige, do your worst!
  16. TD or TDi? If TDi, 200 or 300? From a Defender or a Disco? No doubt Tonk will be along in a minute, he's done it more than once.
  17. Ooop, meant to say/add: if you haven't got lockers you'll stop with a wheel spinning and that's where a shaft will break if it's going to. If you HAVE got lockers you'll get further and then break something else in a different fashion Another (perhaps unanswerable) question is how many breakages come from misuse of lockers, EG trying to turn with the front one in?
  18. Not yet... might see if they are interested in advertising, I'm sure H would love a slice of their ad budget!
  19. Rob - you're new to LR wiring aren't ya Jon - have a good look at red relays, some will be what you're after but it's not unknown to have relays, lights-on warning buzzers, heated screen timers, glow plug timers, and missing ECU components housed in little red "relays". Should mention wipers on it somewhere or at least have "timer" or a symbol of a wiper on it... then again, knowing LR maybe not
  20. Yeah - wot Andy said. Don't worry - the forum gets a mention in the next newsletter
  21. Hang the joystick upside-down with a weight on the handle and it'll keep the vehicle level at all times! OK it's of limited use, but would be interesting...
  22. This made me spit tea over my keyboard
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