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  1. The cross beam thing is at the same level as the side runners, so not exactly hanging down much, but yes I think if you braced the sides you could probably delete it, it's only really there to hold the two ends at the correct distance apart as far as I can tell.
  2. They're available as PDF's online for free if you search - there used to be a link in the tech archive but not sure if it's still live.
  3. Looking great! @missingsid I put lights on the wall either side rather than on the ceiling, although you could also string a bar or beam across under the door runners with a light on it if you really wanted to. The tube on the right has died in this shot but it gives an idea... also that I should really tidy my junk up
  4. I'd look at the RAVE manuals to see what Fuse 3 feeds and then have a poke about to see if one of those items could be faulty, or possibly a wire rubbing something etc.
  5. Here's the doc as a clicky link: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/future-of-transport-regulatory-review-modernising-vehicle-standards/future-of-transport-regulatory-review-modernising-vehicle-standards Honestly it sounds like they're more concerned about the cyber-security of new autonomous vehicles than anything, plus of course tampering with emissions equipment post-dieselgate which is totally understandable even if some of us may not agree with it. Combustion engines are going to be around for a long time in trucks & agricultural vehicles long after passenger cars move to EV unless there's some miracle breakthrough in batteries. Laws like this are pretty much never retrospective either - no-one from the government has ever come to take away your old Land Rover or even your old inefficient boiler or fridge by force, because most consumers just move on naturally to the newer cleaner more efficient versions - hell, once it's 40 years old they don't even make you get an MOT so no-one is even ever checking your emissions. The UK has a fair sized automotive & motorsport industry, as well as classic cars and the growing EV conversion business, so I find it very hard to believe the government would blindly screw all those over especially as many of their party donors will likely have a barn full of classic cars. If it kills or greatly restricts the industry of EGR deletes and chip-tuning I'm not entirely sure that's so awful, in a few years it will all be applied to EV's where there's no emissions to get worked up about no matter how much you wind up the power so they'll have a harder time coming up with a good reason to restrict it - and a lot of folks may well look to EV conversions for serious power gains as the prices drop. If I fit MSEFI to an older vehicle I more than likely improve its efficiency & emissions, whereas doing it to a modern vehicle is fairly likely to impact one or both of those and put the vehicle outside the legal limits it was built to. Things I would be concerned about from it are that it could restrict the right/ability to repair (but that's already a problem and not just for vehicles), and as someone else said they pretty much don't enforce anything now so who's going to enforce it in the future? Anyway, here's the important bit - don't whinge about it on here, send them an email!
  6. SLRC are at Aldermaston tomorrow for a play-day, you'd be very welcome to pop along and say hello.
  7. I'd go with the Jocklandjohn approach, fill it up and see what happens - no point panicking and doing a load of work at great expense.
  8. I'd worry that stainless would accelerate the galvanic corrosion on the skin
  9. I must stress this is a very rough interpretation of snippets I've been told by various people across Europe & Scandi - people here like to complain but we've got it so much easier than almost everywhere else.
  10. It's not necessarily the exporting, it's the importing - Germany has strict rules for example, a lot of ex-mil trucks have disabled CTIS because that's classed as a military technology under their rules. I don't know where a Pulse would fall foul - the older models (like ours) were also sold as civilian units and were based on civvy 110's or 127's, while the Pulse is very definitely built on the Wolf platform with MOD-spec chassis etc. so it could be that, or it could just be that you would need to road-register it as an ambulance or commercial vehicle 1st.
  11. Sounds like an exaggeration to me - people import & export cars all the time, I'd guess there's going to be local rules at your end about what you can & can't import or register (age, type approvals, import taxes, military equipment restrictions, that sort of thing) but I'd be very surprised if it's totally unpossible. Nothing stopping you owning & driving a UK registered vehicle abroad for a while
  12. Pretty sure my MOT guys always do a tapley test on anything 4x4 as the rollers can jigger it up... also fairly sure a lot of the time the tapley meter stays in the cupboard and they just check that it stops nicely
  13. It was invented over the pond so I'd guess 3/8" UNC if it's close to M10.
  14. Sorry but nope, you're looking at the later Hotwire EFI system that doesn't have the thermo-time-switch, this is the flapper EFI setup: #12 is the temperature sensor (single-wire) for the dashboard gauge #14 is the thermo-time switch #15 is the ECU coolant temperature sensor #32 is the fan switch for the AC fans Although you may not notice any actual difference, replacing the thermo-time switch with a regular sensor will either stop the 9th injector working during cold-start and/or burn the new sensor out. Replacing the ECU sensor with a thermo-time switch or indeed with a different sensor (EG the gauge one) will just confuse the ECU into thinking it's colder or hotter than it is (so over or under-fuelling). If the old ECU coolant temperature sensor has been superseded it's OK to fit the new part. The sensor you originally removed appears to be the thermo-time switch which would probably test open-circuit at room temp anyway and is probably fine - put it in the freezer and test it again later. Edit: Found it in Ye Olde Almanac of Bosch EFI systems: And you can see the two switches and the 9th injector in this family photo:
  15. Reminds me of those huge Lincoln SUV's you see in the US. They're got a certain presence but I'm not sure I'd call it a good looking or classy vehicle.
  16. As Bowie says, I'm pretty sure I've had the same experience fitting my timing gears.
  17. You don't seem to understand, the "old" brown one is a SWITCH not a SENSOR, replacing it with a sensor will not work.
  18. Wow, 45k and it hasn't even got a bathroom, tch.
  19. Repairing door bottoms is a thankless task that's likely to cost more in labour than a new door if you can't do it yourself. There's Keith Gott in Alton who can do almost anything but their labour rates are high, I've head good things about Pex5x5 out near Goodworth Clatford but not tried them myself. For wiring, maybe start a separate thread for the specific items with a bit more info in it - most garages and even auto sparkys make a right old fist of wiring
  20. In flapper EFI you have two sensors - the one on the left is a cold-start switch ONLY, the one on the right is a resistive temperature sensor for the ECU.... oh and there's one for the dashboard gauge too, that's only got 1 wire.
  21. You can't leave us with a cliffhanger like that!
  22. Definitely not your starter motor then Test #1 is the TSD test - if it fires on easy-start it's not the igntion. If it doesn't, it's probably the ignition.
  23. Just read this on Bad Obsession's Patreon page - if it can happen to them it can happen to the best of us!
  24. I have a 1.003:1 box (in bits) here if you get stuck and fancy yet more work
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