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  1. 23rd - 24th September - Seven Sisters, Wales Miles and miles of off-roading of all forms, from gentle freelander-friendly tracks & trails to horrible mud bugs, rocks, deep water, etc. A fun punch-hunt to keep you entertained, with punches ranging from easy to eviiiiiil Camping at the excellent Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves campsite September Saturday: On-site BBQ feast and NIGHT DRIVING Just about the biggest & bestest off-road site in the UK for all vehicles & abilities Families & dogs welcome The usual friendly Shire LRC marshals & team on hand Teas & coffees on-site for a donation in the charity box Portaloos on-site For each Seven Sisters ticket sold, £5 will go to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Full details & online booking at www.7Sisters.co.uk Camp site has great facilities, HOT showers, there's an excellent pub over the road, hot & cold running spanners on site, full electric & water hookups available for caravanists. The BBQ feast is a huge all-you-can-eat spread put on by Kim & helpers and includes soft drinks and desserts. You need to book this in advance as we only bring enough food for those who've paid! PLEASE READ: If you are camping, please book through ShireLRC, don't just turn up at the campsite (they reserve a separate area for the event and booking separately confuses everyone) We cannot accept people turning up "on the day" without a booking, either for the arena or for the campsite. We always get enquiries about non-road-legal trucks, quads/bikes etc. so here's the rules. Any questions please contact us! Closing date for bookings is the Thursday before the event (21st Sep) Some flavour from previous events:
  2. 6 speed TDi

    Isn't that a completely different gearbox to the TDCi then?
  3. 6 speed TDi

    Similar gearing to LT77/R380 5th + 1.4 LT230 + Overdrive then.
  4. Calling all 109 owners!

    To be fair no 109 ever left the factory with a timing belt
  5. Anyone have a Defender V8 3.9?

    I've got a Defender with a 4.6 and a 109 with a 4.6 and both go through the MOT, what in particular are you worrying about?
  6. 6 speed TDi

    ajh - depends what engine you're putting it behind?
  7. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    They're always in the best places!
  8. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    They used to do some bright green gear oil to go with them too. Dare say if you got creative with some LED's it could look very bling indeed I would fit one to the 109 if I hadn't gone Volvo.
  9. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    I still want someone to fit the polycarbonate see-thru version for ultimate awesomeness: https://www.hedman.com/product-detail/8401
  10. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    Think they're 3/4" BSPT, very common from any hydraulic supplier. FFS don't fit a plastic one.
  11. Electrical help

    FWIW I think both Zardos and Hoss are taking this way too seriously, it's a shonky old Land Rover and tacky eBay gauge, the error margin on the entire thing is about 200% so pick any old diode and whatever size cap you can find from the nearest dead PC power supply or old telly that you can squeeze behind the dash, join 'em together and give it a squirt. It'll either work or it won't.
  12. Hawkeye Discovery 1

    I didn't realise there was anything on a Disco 1 that could talk diagnostics, you just hit it with hammers until it works surely?
  13. Electrical help

    If it does it from any size battery but not on jump-start I'd ask about your battery-to-starter cable (assuming the ignition feed is from the starter post), if that's ropey or under-sized you'll get voltage drop across it no matter what. The diode & capacitor solution may be as easy as anything, might cost upwards of 50p in parts I suppose.
  14. Can someone identify this Lucas distributor?

    Looks a hell of a lot like the Aldon Ignitor I had on my V8, decent bit of kit.
  15. What hydraulic winch is this

    I think if you fabricated a different bumper you could set it back into the grille by a few inches, the std bumper is very big. On a Series you can get it flush.
  16. I'm back.........why is it?

    Well that post was a rollercoaster but glad you've landed on your feet!
  17. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    The LT77-to-series conversion is spendy compared to just fitting an LT230, only issue in an 88 is length. A lot depends on what you want form it, what you use the truck for, how original it all is, etc.
  18. What hydraulic winch is this

    Here's the manual, full specs etc.: http://fuddymuckers.co.uk/files/Fairey_525.pdf Here's the direct PTO-Driven (drop-PTO) version: http://fuddymuckers.co.uk/files/LR_525_Drop_PTO.pdf
  19. Vague steering advice needed

    I vote swivels too.
  20. 3.9 efi into 110 wiring problems

    In-tank regulator isn't rocket science, it just means there's no return-to-tank line. Chances are the ECU neither knows nor cares how the fuel arrives. I'd still Megasquirt it though
  21. 3.9 efi into 110 wiring problems

    Is this any help?
  22. Adding Toad Immobiliser to Defender TD5

    A lot of insurance companies won't accept DIY fitted alarms, should that be a concern.
  23. Should I buy it?? 😅

    If you're not 100% wedded to a classic motoring experience a used Freelander 1 will haul people and stuff around, do green lanes and be way cheaper, comfier, faster, and more economical. Or an old RR or Disco will do everything whilst still going reassuringly rusty. I'd also take the opportunity to remind you that a 109 has way more space and rides better than an 88, often cheaper to buy too.
  24. TD4 electrical problem, no start, no obd power

    1st rule of electrics: If more than one thing is affected, check your earths. Check the earth strap(s), earth bonding points on the body around the engine bay (square plastic connector with a bundle of black wires, screwed to the body - there's several of them in the bay). If in doubt, try removing & cleaning up to clean metal, then replace & slather with vaseline to prevent corrosion.