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  1. True enough - but for some jobs you almost can't pay someone to do it how you'd like it done.
  2. TBH trying to get the DVLA or VOSA/DVSA to give any sort of a s*** about anything is nigh on impossible - I couldn't get any answers on MOT exemption rules and gave up in the end, I tried my best and they clearly don't care so if it ever becomes a problem my conscience is clear. With MOT class I'm not really sure why anyone should worry (aside from convenience) - at the end of the day the actual test itself is the same, you're not avoiding some vital safety check or any tax by swapping classes.
  3. @maverick the factory had a team of burly dudes whose entire job was to bend doors to fit as trucks rolled off the production line so you're very much not alone. As smallfry says, I'd be interested/concerned that the frames aren't steel that's going to corrode out, and/or that the doors are just really heavy. I'd be interested to hear our resident expert @miketomcat's take on it.
  4. The ECU knows nothing about the pump, as long as it can hit the flow/pressure required it will work. Most EFI pumps will hit 100PSI if you clamp the return - the injector pressure is regulated by the pressure regulator on the fuel rail.
  5. If you had more torque lower down you wouldn't have to thrash it though? Then again, as you've already got megajolt on there it's a small jump for upgrade to Megasquirt and EFI, with an optional 2nd MAP sensor to sense atmospheric pressure it can apply barometric correction for altitude automatically.
  6. Yeah, it's irritating in this day & age that their website doesn't give a comprehensive list, but a 5 minute conversation with a dude who really knows cams is a good 2nd place.
  7. No idea, long time since I bought it - Piper didn't list it, I just phoned them up and said "I want all the torques in a short-nose cam for the 4.6 please" and that's what they sent to me
  8. Stump puller cam for the win - also you can buy direct from piper and cut RPi out of it. This is what I run in the 109 (and I love it) - the cam is short-nose but they sell the same spec in long-nose:
  9. Good MOT stations won't care and will MOT it, it's the picky jobsworth ones that will kick off. Had the same experience with our 127 Ambulance/Camper, one place turned it away (after initially saying they could do it) because it was registered as an Ambulance but didn't have enough ambulancey gear in the back while the two local stations I use regularly happily MOT it with no qualms at all. I assume these days if there was any problem with what they're doing the DVLA computer would reject it anyway so it's just people being awkward.
  10. Given the earlier lumps have a standard feed - regulator - return setup almost any EFi pump that fits in the hole would do, it just wants to be something of similar or greater HP. Or, as said, you can use a plain pickup pipe and an external universal pump/pumps.
  11. It's little bits like that that can really improve a tool - I did the same on my MM chop saw and really should do it on a few other bits.
  12. Porsche have jumped the shark on this: (Jump to 1 minute if the link doesn't work)
  13. Running a few bits of steel pipe rather than all rubber hose helps cooling too, some LR factory "coolers" for PAS/fuel/oil are just a loop of steel pipe.
  14. Is it a GEMS or Thor 4.0 lump, because the earlier GEMS style on can use a stock classic in-tank pump which is fairly easily adapted.
  15. My H14W came with an under-seat hydro tank, they cut a square hole under the driver's seat box and the tank had a flange along either side that bolted up with rivnuts in the remainder of the seatbox - it was quite narrow and you have a fitting sticking out the bottom. Not really sure how much it held, guess maybe 5-10L by the time you've got the clearance for the vent/filler on top.
  16. A cheap 12v solar panel & a PC fan might help circulate some air, keep it less sweaty?
  17. The top arm assembly looks like a less-awful version of my Machine Mart one, there's definitely a range of quality out there even on machines that all look alike or are notionally made from the same patterns. There's an Axminster 2 minutes from me, it's murder!
  18. I spied a Ford EDIS-8 module in one of the photos running the ignition, a decent choice combined with the megajolt.
  19. It's done on modern Fords and probably others for aero, but it's all fairly well hidden and probably quite hard to re-purpose.
  20. Having driven an F350 Super Duty camper in Alaska I have to say I was less than whelmed with it for all manner of reasons, and it certainly didn't feel like it wanted to go any further away from tarmac than I'd take a 2WD transit. What you gain in traction you lose in size & weight & CoG.
  21. Seconding comments above, clear photos from a few angles and the engine number would be of most help.
  22. To some people yes, I just see someone who's probably spent 50k more than they needed to live less comfortably than they could.
  23. The execution is awful but I reckon you could make it nice if you ripped a lot of the added halfords cack out... and the awful GM V8 diesel boat anchor.
  24. There's a couple online who've built a frickin' huge clone of one of those and, much like others mentioned in this thread, I'm not convinced you'd sensibly get it any further off-road than a Merc sprinter on AT's before it either sank or tipped over.
  25. We've found with the ambulance that if it's nice out we just have the back doors open and if it's not... we're not missing much Also windows (esp. glass ones) are incredible heat-sinks, I'm planning on double-glazing the ambulance with some perspex sheet shoved in the window recesses.
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