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  1. Guess I'm fairly well placed to comment You want the 1.003:1 LT230 if you need to go any distance, even then with the V8 it might feel like you want an overdrive Low range is always the same and will be nice & low especially on those small tyres As lo-fi says, it was only the very early RRC's that had the 1.003:1 LT230 so they're relatively rare but Ashcroft do the ratio for newer boxes - the older ones had roller bearings on the intermediate shaft, the later ones use taper-roller so I don't believe the contents are swappable between casings. Which R380 you choose is fairly academic - later ones are stronger, some have slightly different ratios, but you just need one that bolts to your V8.
  2. Generally I'd think putting an antenna underneath a large metal thing that's grounded to the body is going to knobble your reception quite badly. Then again I've got a windscreen one and that's hopeless too
  3. Jeebus Bowie, you've gotta warn us before posting graphic violence against common decency like that! I threw up in my mouth a bit before I managed to scroll past the horror
  4. What you mean another LR product that was incredibly practical, capable, popular with the public and pooh-poohed by all the longbeards for not being "proper"?
  5. It's used for attempting to drop an anvil on a Road Runner from the top of a cliff I believe
  6. Might just be an Amazingstoke exclusive but I thought it was worth a heads-up, I'm guessing only the bigger stores would have them anyway.
  7. I'm quite surprised they're making those portals from aluminium and using helical gears. They really don't look strong enough for heavy use at supposed rating & power of the vehicle, given that it's entirely possible to burst a Unimog portal box and those are hewn from huge lumps of very German steel. Then again, the whole thing looks like it's going to be an expensive low-volume niche kinda thing only a step up from the average kit car. sounds like they're using the American laws on large trucks to skirt round a lot of awkward safety regs too so it's not going to turn up on European roads in any numbers. TBH I don't really mind the thing that much - it's not a million miles off an Ibex although it makes the Ibex look like a Bugatti in terms of "styling" but at least it's about 500% less ridiculous than most of the current American pickup offerings.
  8. Thought this was worth spreading; for some reason Sainsburys have NEBO "Big Larry 2" COB LED torches in the light-bulb aisle for £3.50, batteries included. I'm a fan of the "little larry" for living in the car, they give a good spread for working on things rather than a beam like a normal torch and seem pretty solid, and have a good magnet on the base so you can stick it at all angles. The "big larry" is just a bigger version, and £3.50 seems so cheap it feels like someone made a mistake - they're currently £14.99 on Amazon and Screwfix are selling another version (no light in the end) for £12.99 right now I've been using mine a lot during the re-wire and it's been excellent. At £3.50 I might have to go back and stock up a few more before they realise their mistake!
  9. Doesn't the TD5 clutch pedal have a helper spring that makes it lighter? Br*tpart were flogging the spring on its own as an upgrade but it wasn't clear if it actually fitted earlier pedals or not
  10. Perhaps a bit late if you've already bought the fuse box but bussed ones exist and are quite handy; Example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153482834535
  11. Video I see in the original post is this one: rotating_wheels_parallel_parking_concept_car.mp4
  12. Similar idea, also CGI but at least it's a Defender: parking.mp4
  13. I'm sure their MOD supply is more tightly controlled than the cack they flog to the general public, and as you say they may well just be a warehousing operation for the MOD to get all their parts from one place. I'm also sure that they're not above using the fact they have some sort of contract with the MOD to make a lot of PR strongly implying that their parts are of unparalleled quality
  14. I have a feeling that's something odd like an armoured car / FFR (radio) one or something... I'm curious as to why anyone would need that though
  15. If it's 3.9 it should be hotwire, so no cold-start injector.
  16. I might be passing that way but not until the end of September!
  17. For better accuracy you could go for actually calibrated industrial stuff but it gets spendy, this is the cheapest calibrated gauge RS sell that looks even close to suitable, claims +/-1.6% accuracy: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/analogue-positive-pressure-gauges/0176208/
  18. If you're planning to use a Webasto to heat hot water, do you need a heat exchanger or could you just heat the water directly? As long as the webasto isn't run dry it should be fine, it's a plastic pump & impeller so you could just flush it before fitting to remove any old coolant residue. The webastos have enough safety cut-outs and things, and if memory serves they cut off at 50-70degcC so should be pretty good for heating "house" water directly.
  19. TBH almost any ECU will run anything if you can mount injectors to it. There's people running Megasquirt on lawnmowers and land-speed record cars, plus I think Nige might've helped one chap fit it to a tank if memory serves.
  20. Quick, fix the spare one before the next thing goes wrong!
  21. Speeduino or a lot of folks here run Megasquirt, which handles fuel and/or ignition.
  22. Only person I've known do alternator bearings is Daan, and that alternator then failed in very short order on the way to a ferry
  23. 1. Yes but a small panel doesn't have the power to drag a car battery up to a bad voltage, a "30W" panel will manage 10W flat out in direct sunlight, so ~1A into the battery. 2. Yes a diode is a good idea, a lot of panels include one.
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