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  1. Same here - definitely ON or definitely OFF is my choice any day. Also I find the front locker gets used incredibly rarely so I'd say really not necessary for 99% of the time.
  2. Between the sump, the rockers & the valley gasket you can see nearly everything you'd ever need to see without touching the heads etc.
  3. TBH you can see a hell of a lot just lifting the inlet manifold & valley gasket off, no need to go much deeper than that as a 1st stop.
  4. I'll defer to Bowie's V8 tinkering experience on this but if you're meeting up give me a shout and I'll see if I can jump in the car and pop up to get in the way
  5. Yeah, I'm not a fan of adding fabric to vehicles as I'd much rather be under a rigid insulated skin, but I thought the concept was at least quite neat and could maybe even be made in something more rigid.
  6. That's probably the press release thingy I saw then - I'm sure on the Defender factory tour they mentioned similar stuff as well, I guess the motor industry all follow each other to a certain extent as technology becomes available.
  7. Hey it lasted the design life of the vehicle and it's stronger than a lot of stuff out there. I didn't think you got rust in Aus anyway These days they're using cunning forming techniques on chassis that continuously vary the thickness of the metal rather than add bits in, I'm sure I saw a press release from someone about it - possibly the US pickup sort of market.
  8. It's possible I could get over to you to offer a hand at some point - although no idea what I could contribute by turning up in person
  9. This is an interesting take on the fold-out idea in a 130, better than a lot of conversions I've seen: https://uncrate.com/osprey-1990-land-rover-defender-camper/
  10. You're right about the trim being valuable - friend of mine breaks Range Rovers and reckons he makes a lot more on rare trim in good condition than major assemblies like engines or axles. If there's an LT95 overdrive kicking around I could be interested for my project.
  11. If it's only one cylinder that rules out a few things as the ECU is bank-firing the injectors. Could be a stuck injector or one that a wire has not quite made contact in a crimp / connector not quite home. I'd doubt your fuel pressure theory, the pump can supply enough fuel to turn the air black at high RPM so it's very unlikely to be struggling at idle. I'm not big on the mechanical side either but is it possible it could be one lifter that's not pumped up properly or something like that - there's not a lot to go wrong in a Rover V8.
  12. I mounted a breaker bar to my back door with 3x quick fists and off-road it managed to escape by bursting the clips, I'm quite wary of mounting any heavy lumps of metal in anything less than 100% solid now as I really don't want to be hit in the back of the head by it.
  13. At long last we're back to running events so come and get stuck in - with 1600 acres to play in there's no worries about social distancing but we will of course be following all the guidance. Bookings are now open for Summer Sisters – 26-27 June 2021 at Walters Arena in Glyn Neath. All are welcome, you'll need to join SLRC if you're not a member but it's only £20 for the year, and we're back to Seven Sisters in September. Click here for the full info & booking It's a fantastic site with something for everyone - you can bring an Evoque or a full trophy raid truck and have a
  14. 4 numbers all very close to each other is generally a good sign.
  15. Well that's also a good idea However if this is the only weakness on a reasonably-priced shock it's not so bad - I'm sure back in the day Dirtydiesel was re-welding tops on ProComps before even fitting them as they were still OK for the money.
  16. Worth checking as there are two different ones and they look identical but one is ~5mm longer or something silly - if you get them swapped you either have no clutch at all or clutch permanently held down, guess how we found this out...
  17. Love the "tacti-cool" gear, definitely a certain type of person who has that stuff all over their truck Personally I'd say a seat cover doesn't feel like the place to be storing large heavy lumps of metal like a fire extinguisher... either that or your fire extinguisher is too damn small to be worth bothering with.
  18. Odd, a lot of stepper-driven gauges run the motor backwards for a time at start-up to drive the needle home against the stop. You can see it on a lot of cars, the needles will jump back past 0 briefly before starting to work.
  19. Oh come on - as if no-one has ever got an old Defender stuck in similar or worse situation???
  20. If you measure them nylon top-hat bushings can be had for cheap as a generic part on ebay etc. for standard sizes like M6 or M8 bolts.
  21. Got a photo of the blue knob? Also a piccy of the gearbox/transfer box from underneath and maybe in-cab layout would help as I'm certainly not very familiar with Santanas (others may be?) I think they tended to be "the same but different" to Land Rovers - for example 109's never came with a 5-speed or a 2.5 engine but Santana did. There's a chance that's the same Santana 5sp gearbox used on some Defenders but the transfer case is a mystery to me.
  22. I'd be really concerned about the LR axle ever putting up with that amount of weight flapping around on the ends.
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