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  1. gripper where did you get your flexi pipe from if you dont mind me asking Gordon
  2. beg to differ my 94 disco has immobiliser now bypassed because of problems immobiliser cuts power to starter solinoid ans fuel pump Gordon
  3. my 1994 300tdi went wierd on me last night she was running fine all day, a trip up to dumfermline and all was well but then comming back from edinburgh it started overheating the temp gage was off the scale but no heat was comming through the vents ? so not wanting to cook it it stopped a few times and let her cool down . but about a quater of a mile to the house i thought i would risk it but the temp gauge went back to normal (half way) but still no heat from the vents any ideas what might be causing this, could it be just aan air lock ? has this happened to anyone else
  4. ok have the dash off the disco taday and your right Bogmonster no spider! looks like i will have to try and get another ecu with a couple of pods
  5. Hi Bro finally registered im going to take the dash out today and see whats behind it will let you know how i get on Gordon
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