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  1. nosnibod

    TD5 woes

    A friend had loads of similar trouble - lack of power etc. Did all of the things described - new fuel pump, pipework, injector seals etc. In the end it was a porous fuel filter housing found to be the culprit.
  2. nosnibod

    Cruise Control

    Just be careful about that. Mate of mine got one for his TD5 90 and it works just fine in every gear - until he puts it in 5th and it doesn't I'm assuming it's the same Swiss seller... Anyway, he's faffed about with all sorts - even putting a set of 205 tyres on it to see if the 265s we're causing the problems but he's now asked for his money back. You are right though - it's just some cables and a couple of push buttons.
  3. nosnibod

    Td5 Wiring Diagram

    No problem.
  4. nosnibod

    Td5 Wiring Diagram

    You have mail. -- Dave You've only got one email... Strange server error and then two got posted Can't delete one of 'em either... -- Dave
  5. nosnibod

    Td5 Wiring Diagram

    You have mail. -- Dave
  6. nosnibod

    Td5 Wiring Diagram

    You have mail. -- Dave

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