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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble finding clear information on the euro emissions classification of a 200Tdi engine? I have heard that it has a non-euro classification, but cannot find anything online to support this, and there is nothing on the logbook that I can see. One person has said that thinksit has a EURO III classification, but I thought that would apply to the 300Tdi? Also does anyone one know how many grammes of CO2 a 200tdi engine kicks out per kilometre? I'm trying to import my Land Rover to Romania and have been using this calculator to work out the importation tax. http://www.depozitauto.ro/taxa_de_inmatriculare.php If it is a non-euro engine, and non utility vehicle with lots of seats (Station Wagon), it is working out at around 20,000 EURO importation tax, which I can't believe is right??! Thanks in advance, Paul
  2. All trapping and snaring is illegal.
  3. It is hard to say. The area we found these was 6 to 7 miles from the nearest settlement. The only sure way to find out would be for a law enforcement agency to leave the traps in situ and set up camera traps. Poachers are often armed, so not really ideal for us to directly confront them.
  4. The Transylvanian Wildlife Project team would like to thank Marcus Taylor for lending us his nicely equipped Land Rover Defender 200Tdi. Marcus (Scotian) is a member of this forum His Defender met all our needs for carrying team members and all our equipment. TWP Team by trackranger, on Flickr Gal Laszlo - TWP tracker by trackranger, on Flickr TWP Team Members by trackranger, on Flickr Forest light by trackranger, on Flickr The TWP team were also involved in anti-poaching activity and found and removed snares and one large serrated leg trap, big enough to trap a bear. Luckily no one from our team stood on it as it was on our path! With no tools it took the best part of an hour to cut the strands of the metal strap that secured the trap to a tree. However, all the hard work was worth it, knowing that there is one less trap out there causing danger to wildlife! Illegal trap by trackranger, on Flickr Illegal loop snare by trackranger, on Flickr Carpathian Deer by trackranger, on Flickr We had the good fortune to also find yellow bellied toads and fire salamanders. The toads play dead when you flip them on their backs! Yellow Bellied Toad - Playing dead by trackranger, on Flickr Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra) by trackranger, on Flickr There was plenty of wildlife activity in the forest and here are just a few photos signs and tracks. Wild boar tusk markings & hair on tree by trackranger, on Flickr Bear Tracks by trackranger, on Flickr Once again a big thank you to Marcus! All the best, Paul & fellow team members http://www.transylvanianwildlifeproject.com/
  5. Thanks guys for all your input and help. I have just had a look on the Surfing Africa site to see that the noise has gone without any intervention, so not sure what the problem was. I am more than a little disappointed that they couldn't be bothered to thank you all for your quick responses and valuable input, but maybe I'm expecting too much http://www.surfingafrica.net/2011/02/01/help/
  6. Thanks John. I have put a link to this thread directly on their blog request for help, so any suggestions should be picked up by Andy and Louise pretty quickly. Cheers, Paul
  7. Yes, I thought it was something binding. I suggested break disc, but thinking about it you usually get a higher pitched noise than that in the video. What about a collapsed bearing?
  8. Hi everyone, I know this is not a Land Rover, but I couldn't think of a better place to get urgent help for Andy and Louise who are travelling down to Africa in a 4x4. They are down in Turkey somewhere and have got a nasty noise coming from their front end and would be grateful for any opinions. http://www.surfingafrica.net/2011/02/01/help/ Thanks in advance, Paul
  9. Hi, just updating this thread as the link to my original blog post has been broken due to a change in domain name. The new address is as follows: http://www.trackranger.com/2009/11/transfagarasan.html Just out of interest has anyone else been over the Transfagarasan highway in a Land Rover? Cheers, Paul
  10. Any updates on the fitting issues, as interested?
  11. Thanks David, I have had the vehicle recovered this morning and I have passed on your comments to the mechanic. He didn't speak much English but I think he understood what I was saying. Cheers, Paul
  12. I totally disconnected the main feed, then managed to get a jump lead properly connected directly from the battery to the starter motor. I could tell straight away that there was a stronger feed, however the starter did the same spinning but not engaging. Then after 6 or 7 attempts all the power switched off once more and came back 10 or so minutes later. As I used an alternative link from battery to starter would that rule out any ignition problem? I have checked the main earthing points as well as the bulkhead one on the engine bay side just below the windscreen. I thought someone told me once that there was also an earth somewhere in the foot well on the drivers side, but can't find it? Cheers, Paul
  13. His reputation lives on on There is a lot to be said for village life where everyone knows each other. The shame factor alone of being caught thieving keeps crime right down compared to what is seen these days in the west.
  14. In Romania there was a guy that used to put a lot more than a thieves head on a post. I think it was called impaling Joking aside, it is pretty tragic that the victim always ends up out of pocket. My personal belief is that community service should be low paid employment that generates an income, such as fruit picking or sweeping the streets. That small income should then be paid in full to their victim until the full sum has been repaid.
  15. It was a shock to see your 90 looking like that Dave It makes you wonder if thieves like these keep tabs of posts on here, photos, reg numbers, locations, activities, detailed spec of wagons etc etc. I doubt whether he will go to prison unless he has got previous history along with firm evidence that he was either involved in stealing your 90 or knowingly handled stolen goods. The threshold from community service to jail seems to be ever widening which completely erodes any deterrent for thieving behaviour like this.
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