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  1. I did a Tdi to Td5 conversion at the start of last year - very pleased with the result! My engine is running a thinned out discovery loom, but you can purchase looms to achieve the same result (likely a bit tidier than mine too!). I've fitted the Td5 in a non-standard location so that transfer box and props remained in the Tdi locations. Essentially the engine sits 2 inches further back than a standard Td5. Defender Td5 hoses can be made to work (small extension tubes in intercooler pipes). Doing this means you can retain the lt77 tunnel and seatbox (probably not relevant to you). I fitted the discovery's r380 using synchro gearboxes quadrant conversion. Tdi diesel tank can be retained, I'm running a sytec equivalent of a Bosch 044 pump with an inline pre-filter and inline filter after the pump, and fuel lines are high pressure fuel pipe. Retained the original dash and instruments, the ECU doesn't need a speed sensor (unless you want to fit cruise control), so Speedo cable can be retained. Overall I found it a pretty simple conversion (first engine swap I've ever done) and the resulting drive is a massive improvement.
  2. I used Polar floor paint from Amazon on the garage floor with good results. It holds up well to trolley jacks and car tyres etc. 5 litres did a thinned prep-coat and then two thick coats on top. Floor is 17m2. I've got a bit left for touchups etc. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PVPGG1R/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_7MA3S7EJ0FYH5TRPK2HX
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a spray over to keep it damp
  4. And done! This is the first time I've worked with concrete at anywhere near this volume, but having get everything prepared and a few people to help wheelbarrow from the truck to the garage, we had it all level in 25mins. Couple of goes with the float and now waiting for it to cure. Very happy! Thanks for the help and advice!
  5. Busy day today, but ready for the next stage. Thanks for the suggestion of a mini-digger, having spent all day digging today I can't begin to imagine how hard it would have been doing it by hand! Next is hardcore, Wacker plate, DPM, mesh, and concrete pour! Just for interest, I've also re-roofed using insulated warehouse roof sheets. What a great and simple roofing solution!
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I'll start pulling the pricing together and will get a mini-digger booked. As always - this forum is great!
  7. Thanks for the comments so far. I think weld mesh is probably the way to go too, I can use a lower grade of concrete then too. We'll not be mixing ourselves, can get a lorry nice and close so should just be a straight pour hopefully! I keep wondering about heating the slab. Might run some pipes as you suggest, even if they just get tied into some sort of back boiler on a wood burner in the future. Cheap to run the pipes while we're in there! Still considering a man&digger - you're probably right!
  8. Need some advice on sorting out our garage (finally) and couldn't think of a more helpful forum than this one! Garage floor is currently concrete slabs laid straight onto soil, the damp is awful and the surface is far from flat! Floor is 4.5x3.8m. The plan is to remove slabs, dig out the floor, then hardcore, sand, damp proof membrane, and concrete. Will be doing all of the work ourselves, not adverse to DIY at all. But I'd like some help/advice with the concrete floor - the garage isn't tall enough for the 110 (or big enough), but I also work on a 1950s Singer and have an eye out for an MG B so I'd like it to be structurally sound enough for axle stands and jacking. I foresee a lathe in my future too... I've seen that concrete can be purchased with reinforcing qualities (ST4/GEN3), but know that steel reinforcement could also be used. Can anyone offer any pointers on which way to go with this? Thanks!
  9. Good find, makes perfect sense when you look at Bearmach's part number for the replacement clips !
  10. A common issue is that the clips in the door card break. Some people get away with putting a screw into the same place and clipping the push clips onto the screw head. But my door cards were missing the clips entirely thanks to a heavy handed previous owner! The good news is that Bearmach are now making a replacement door clip Link here for a few pennies. Only issue with them is that the heads where the push clips clip onto are a bit big, so getting the push clips on is tricky but not impossible. Cleaned up the broken door card today, and glued the clips in with Araldite. Door cards all refitted now and fitting better than they ever have! Very happy! Couple of photos of what I was working with - but none of the finished job, sorry!
  11. 4 years later and I've finally got around to doing this - after the original Land Rover fan died! The Suzuki fan is great, fits perfectly into the housing, I used rivets to fix in place and a plug off an old discovery loom I have to wire it into the 110's loom. Maybe it's placebo effect, but it seems a fair bit more powerful than the old fan (when it was in working order!). Thanks both for your suggestions for this modification.
  12. Thanks for those replies, will get a lever behind those bushes and see what moves.
  13. Hello, Having engine swapped my 110 to Td5 power, I've noticed some wandering when accelerating and braking - I'm wondering if the increased power is showing this up, rather than it being a new issue. Essentially, when accelerating the 110 slews one way, and then when I let off it slews the other. It's not severe, but it's noticeable. I'm assuming I need to be looking at the rear suspension, but some guidance on where to focus my efforts would be great. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I'm looking for information on the thread size of the high pressure outlet on the TD5 pump. I'm converting my 200tdi 110 to TD5 power, the engine is out of a Discovery. I've bought Defender power steering pipes and it turns out the thread size on the pumps are different on Discovery and Defender. Does anyone know what the thread sizes are so I can try and find an adaptor? Or, does anyone have a scrap Defender pump which they'd be willing to unscrew the outlet from? It has a restriction in it and can be unscrewed from the Discovery pump so I assume it can also be removed from the Defender? Thanks in advance! Harry
  15. Looking forward to the next video George - I was just starting to wonder when we'd see the next one 😀
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