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  1. Hazza

    Injector spill rail banjo fittings

    Thanks all, I'm hoping that a couple of diesel specialists will be able to help me out. Otherwise I'll be buying a new set of leak off pipes!
  2. Hi all, I've managed to snap the barbed hose fitting off the banjo fitting on one of the injectors on my 200tdi. Numpty. I know that these banjos take a 6mm bolt and the barb fits a 3.2mm or 1/8 ID pipe. But I can't find such a thing for sale anywhere and want to avoid replacing the whole spill rail if possible. Can anyone help with a source for a replacement banjo union? Cheers!
  3. Hazza

    Viscous Fan

    I also bought a replacement viscous unit (the original had seized to the water pump and had to be cut off) and found that it was locked all of the time. I've never managed to get the 200tdi hot enough to lock up the new unit. On a previous TD5 I found (accidentally) that leaving a radiator muff in place then driving along the motorway soon locked up the fan... Maybe try a covering the radiator and going for a drive? Keep an eye on temperatures obviously!
  4. Hazza

    Defender heater modifications

    How are things progressing Maverick?
  5. Hazza

    Improving what is already good

    To prevent the galvanic corrosion: Buy some rolls of rubber approx 2mm thick, eBay will be your friend here. Use it between all chassis brackets and bodywork. I think the roll I have was about 10m long (still have loads left!) and 50mm wide which is plenty and is easily trimmed with a Stanley knife. Also get a load of 6mm and 8mm rubber washers for the same purpose.
  6. Hazza

    Transfer box problem

    You could try pulling the transfer box off and welding the gearbox splines then grinding them back to shape. It's not a long term solution but would get you moving again for very little cost. Mine's done about 2000 miles like this.
  7. Hazza

    Additional Heater Vents?

    I did something similar using the vents out of a classic mini. Still have the ability to select demister or footwell vents using the original lever. The restriction is enough in the demisters that opening my new vents with footwells off gives a good flow of air!
  8. Hazza

    Heated rear screen relay?

    No photos but there is a relay, it takes a feed from a voltage sensing relay before it'll operate. Mine (1990 200tdi) is located behind and below the dash binnacle.
  9. Hazza

    Spotlight fuse keeps blowing.

    I had similar symptoms with the relay kit I used for my headlights. Cheap 'waterproof' fuse holder was letting in moisture and corroding the terminals leading to more resistance and a melted fuse. All replaced now and seems much better!
  10. Hazza


    Seems this is a bit of a grey area! Maybe stick to the rules that best suit you but keep a print out of the .gov we page that doesn't mention MAM to show plod?
  11. Hazza


    .gov website still states MAM: https://www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories That's what I'd go by
  12. Hazza


    I'm pretty sure weigh bridge weight is somewhat irrelevant. My understanding is it's the max authorised mass of vehicle and trailer that are taken into account. The 110's MAM is normally between 3050kg and 3500kg. So no you cannot tow a sankey unfortunately. You are limited to a trailer with MAM 750kg.
  13. Hazza

    Reliable supplier WANTED

    Another vote for Britcar, they've been brilliant with everything over ordered for my rebuild
  14. Heritage were good for me, free skytag tracker too
  15. My experience with the dvla is that if you point out the flaws in their initial advice they will pass it to someone who actually knows what they're on about. Example: I changed a blue, petrol, 110 ambulance into a green, diesel, 110 hard top - DVLA's first response was that in needed a full inspection as I'd made significant body type alterations... I pointed out that the alterations were limited to changing the name on the V5c. Shortly after a new and corrected v5c landed on my doormat.

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