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  1. OMG my first LR was series 1 2l diesel gulp should not have sold it the remains of it's original engine is still in the yard, Hmm might put it on Fleabay........must be worth a fortune Ole
  2. Hi I do not know about the price, but they are getting rare, axels do pop up from time to time, in the autumn there was a set for sale here in DK i think they where 300£ engine wise it should be possible to change as to a fourpot series thing,but if it was 6 pot wich some of them was then it is not so easy to find a good engine, given the fact that there was only about 2500 ever made it is rare. Ole
  3. That's gona be good, that paddle shift and the autobox combined with the VNT thats included in his controller is a very good combo though a bit pricey but on the other hand it is plug and play. Ole
  4. ofgear's solution uses bot map, egp, tps and rpm in order to control the vanes and he uses the std actuator worked by vacum, I do not know if that make s a difference Ole
  5. Hi I have been following this tread and it got curious so I started to google and found this http://ofgear.dk/userguide/boostcontrol.html He has made gearbox controller for the Merc box's but it can also control boost, some one must have made the same for just boost using the Arduino Cheers Ole
  6. Mornin- @ Bowie, this is the diagram I have and I do also have the dawnloads, but it is not clear to me how to wire it for a V8 any suggestions!!! is it two injector s in parallel ? @ Boydie, that sounds good I know it is takes time to get it right, especially idle and low throtle angels driving i 1 and secon with almost no load on the engine oh and the there is the warm up sycle have been there a couple off times with DTA systems on warious engines both nasp and charged. Cheers Ole
  7. Hello. I ave been more or less given a Haltech Ecu E6X it is in working order and should be able to run a V8, but I can not find a wiring for it. Has anyone here knowledge about such a think, and also a base map, but that might be to stretch it a bit Cheers Ole
  8. Oh dear me, Soren has gone stiff "Ignition Leads" did not expect that to happen but anyway it is one of them nice builds, loaded with your ingenuity and lateral thinking out of the box, nice one Soren Ole
  9. Hi I do recall that Milner used to respline the input shaft on a ZF box S5-23 they used in the first ones I have got one in the sheed, give then a buzz and see what they say shipping a shaft can not be that bad Ole
  10. Hi That is just great, decoding was the word :-) thnx, but there are not many here in DK that offers that service so I think that I we make use of the link as they do list the mems box. I do wonder why i did not find the tread about your car, but nice it is now :-) to read, I do think "The Kitten" will be pretty quick with 140BHP ish and the max6500 rpm is just great since it runs the low ratio OneTon gearbox, max speed now with the 2,5 4pot is 100km/h so the GPS tells Cheers Ole
  11. Evnin. Here is my input, based on experience with "The Kitten" I use one off the cheap contactles kits in the distributor. Rubber glove on distributor, ties on each finger, silicone grease on plugs and a glove on coil also with ties on. On some distrubutors there are a small hole in the bottom aprox 1,5mm diameter do not forget that one. Float chamber is a pain in the bum it is the thing engine vise that has caused me most troubles as just a tiny bit can get in the float chamber that way and block the jets, I happend to find a carb with a small plastic gauze filter an OE thing that cures that problem. All gearboxes and axles are ventilated with small hoses offcourse the snorkel is also a must. Do not forget to take the startermotor apart and seal it with silicone sealant when you assembel it, otherwise you will get water into it, also use a bit off silicone on mating faces bellhousing/flywheel housing. And then a shield to avoid water is being splashed from the fan into the distributor area. Cheers Ole
  12. Hi I have just spent some hours trying to google some knowledge about the immobiliser issue, but have not been lucky, I might use the wrong phrases, can anyone help? Cheers Ole
  13. Hi That is great news, I do not think MS is an option as it has to be low cost, and from experience with Rover cars using the same generation ECU I have seen how clever they acctually are, and I have a DTA box on the shelf wich could be plan B or the lifeline :-) But I think it would be nice to make it simple just using the OE ECU, I do already have a bellhousing from such a disco so so that will be used for making an adaptor kind of thing to the gearbox I am going to use, and that has not been decieded upon as yet. Since I have the chance of getting everything I want from the car, my next question is what should I get? Cheers Ole
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