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  1. spcollins

    V8 into a series 2

    I referred to this thread when doing mine: http://www.orrp.info/smf/index.php?topic=31708.400 When I did my own, i mated the flywheel up and it became obvious home much I needed to cut off. Hopefully this is helpful.
  2. spcollins

    Reciever Hitches on defenders

    That's a great job! Looks strong too.
  3. spcollins

    Td5 Surging

    Will do - thank you!
  4. spcollins

    Td5 Surging

    Well I have changed almost everything else so that would make sense. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. spcollins

    Td5 Surging

    Sorry - its a 2004 TD5 Disco Auto.
  6. spcollins

    Td5 Surging

    I have exactly the same issue. The injector loom was just changed and it had a full service (including all filters) but the problem remains. The fuel regulator was changed too at the same time. Still no better. Also, on startup, it can be "lumpy" for about 5 seconds. I would also appreciate suggestions to help solve this problem.
  7. spcollins

    Alloy wheels for early 2A

    How about something like these? I know they are not to everyone's taste: http://www.paddockspares.com/land-rover-wheels-and-tyres/steel-wheels/16-inch-aftermarket-steel-wheels.html
  8. spcollins

    Door seals, cheap or expensive?

    I bought 2 front door seals recently - one for each side for my Defender project. One came in a Britpart bag and the other came in an Allmakes bag. Neither fitted properly and i had to cut the Britpart one as it was too long and both needed to be bent into shape with a rubber mallet and kept falling back off the car. I eventually got them to fit kind of but the doors wouldn't close properly. I hav=d to use Tiger seal on one of them on one side to stop them falling back off the vehicle. It took me ages (I would guess over an hour) to get them to fit but I really wasn't happy with them at all. They were never going to seal correctly and the wind noise was excessive. I bit the bullet and bought new genuine seals that evening. I fitted them within 1 minute on each side with the heel of my hand (no rubber malle required here!). They are a perfect fit and are formed perfectly to seal. Don't waste your time or money on anything other then genuine seals. The non genuine ones were binned as that is all they are good for! Oh - I was so impressed that I bought the new type genuine lower door seal for both doors and they are a great job too!
  9. spcollins

    Galvanising the Shell

    Hi Shackleton, steer clear of Galco. They're as rough as hell. I used Sprint in Blanchardstown http://www.sprintcoatings.com. They send trailer loads up to the north to get galved every week. They did a very neat job and they are nice to deal with. My chassis was fine but my bulkhead was warped quite a bit. A jig is definitely the way to go. I hope this helps.
  10. spcollins

    What batteries does everyone use ?

    I agree - Numax are great and good value as they are really good quality. We bought them from Manbat but here they are elsewhere: http://www.tayna.co.uk/Numax-CXV24MF-P3126.html
  11. spcollins

    300 tdi chassis loom connectors

    Ralph - you are dead right. I found it on their website. The picture they have of the loom on their website is incorrect but hopefully it is just a sample image. Will call them tomorrow and post here what they say. £68 + VAT quoted on their website is good enough value - especially when you compare against the genuine LR item! Thanks folks!
  12. spcollins

    300 tdi chassis loom connectors

    I may have to do just that, Ralph. Thanks. Is there no way to remove the old loom without destroying it? I have access to a donor 90 with the same loom I need. Thanks Ron! I thought they only made looms up to 200TDi. I just mailed them now. Will post here what they say.
  13. spcollins

    300 tdi chassis loom connectors

    Has anyone any ideas where I might get a new or good second hand chassis wiring loom for a late 300TDi 90 CSW, please? I can't find one anywhere.
  14. spcollins

    Single or double cranked front radius arms

    I would take Gywn's advice but if the steering is fine then I'd buy ones that are cranked at the chassis side only. I bought a set of galvanised ones that Gwyn had cranked at the chassis side only as that's what he recommended.
  15. spcollins

    Will a 1997 CSW top fit on a 1986 tub?

    Thank you lads!

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