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  1. thanks for the surgestions i have unplugged the dash pod lights and dimmer switch with the loom diconected from front and rear lights but still the same! i will have to trace the wires from the fuse box one by one now i think just didnt know if there was a common fault i dont know about
  2. i need help with a wiring fault i keep blowing fuses for the off side side light with all light units diconected where is the best place to start looking i have a 1980 2 door with an 1989 efi auto engine and loom so any ideas would be great thank you
  3. my muds are radials not cross ply only purchased then 2 months ago
  4. may i ask where you got your cage from and how much as it looks nice and to me does the job from damage to the bodywork
  5. got mine from silverline the cost was about 150 160 with new rims they are for the 37 1350 15 with a 10x15 black mod rim with big off set
  6. bob tailing a range is fine from road porpose this is my one before and after pics
  7. just to let you know i havent tryed the creepy but the mudzillas are what i have on my bobtail and they perform superb in mud since having them i havent been stuck and still yet to break something from standard drive train only done the rear diff but i still had the lead weight in my right foot and the red mist behind me
  8. recent paint job and new panels in gloss black only pics i have are from slindon safariin sussex
  9. hi just to let you know i have a rrc bobtail with a 75mm spring lift and a 75mm body lift with some 37 1350 15 maxxis mudzillas and they do still rub on the foot wells but every where else is clear i think the tyres are supurb
  10. yes it is stones holyzeus and may i ask who you are as nobody has called me thet for a long time, im sure you know me and i know you
  11. great news paul i am up for that. i will speak to you soon and have a chat
  12. as a wheel man myself and a land rover driver i would only get the front wheel balanced as you wont feel anything from the rear and as for the self adhesive wehgts forget it as they will last 2 minutes in the mud
  13. banging a impact socket on works as that is the method i use at work but like whats has been said if they are o/e fitment the dealer will have a master key
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