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  1. Hi everyone. After some advice. Looking at buying a Td5 Discovery, ex police with 150,000 miles on the clock. It has the 3 aimgos lit up and the SRS light on. Is it a vehicle to look at or one to stay away from?
  2. Hi Everyone I know this might be a big topic that is always going, but what would be better to have, a 300Tdi or TD5 Discovery? I used my current one for towing a small trailer(one that a quad bike can fit into) and off roading. Regards Jeremy
  3. The starter motor is turning ok, sounds like it could be the heater plugs. Had it connected to the computer at the garage last night and apart from one fault with number 4 injector which cleared, there doesn't appear to be any other faults.
  4. Thanks for all the replys. Will have a look and see if any of these are the cause.
  5. Hi Everyone Hope you guys can help me. A member of my family has a 2001 TD5 Discovery with starting problems. It is hard at starting and there might be an electrial fault with it as in the past it has blown the main fuse under the bonnet for starting. Has anyone else had or heard of this promblem before? Thanks in advance Jeremy
  6. Thanks for the reply Dan. Will try that out. The vehicle is being sold by the goverment here in the Falklands. Jeremy
  7. Hello. I guess this topic may have been covered, but can anyone help me with some info. I have had a look at at 1998/99 diesel Freelander with over 95000 miles on the clock. It blow a hose sometime ago, which led to the engine overheating. The current owner had the engine repaired, but looking at it today it have white smoke coming out the exhust and a knocking sound from the engine. Is this a sign that there is still a major problem with it, or is it a simple problem to sort out? The vehicle hasn't been ran or moved for a while so could it have been just cold for it sound like that?
  8. I fitted a Terrafirma HD 2" lift kit on to my discovery 1, and found that the disco sat up at the nose and down in the rear. The rear shocks looked like they were at full extention and banged over every bump.
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